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  1. I work for a software company that develops property/land management software with integrated GIS. Our company is planning a party (probably ~80 people including employees+families) for the spring (likely on a Saturday in late April/early May before gets too hot). I am thinking of doing a 2 or 3-hour cache event as sort of a team-building/mingling/competitive event. I am looking for a venue where I can hide 7-10 micro-small containers of varying degree of difficulty/evilness 300-500ft apart (so folks don't have to *drive* to seek - this is important due to the next requirement). The venue needs to allow food and alcohol (company-brought or third-party-served would be OK). I will also need to ensure access with directions for a (free?) mobile (Apple and Android) app that can import GPX for seeking waypoints (support for OSM a bonus but not required). I plan to create the caches in GSAK & email a GPX file (rather than posting caches on GC) so folks do not have to register at to participate. I have a handheld GPS (old garmin eTrex legend) & could let a team borrow my phone if needed. Venue ? ? ? Cache Types 5 Micros (1 multi, 4 trad) 3 Puzzles 2 Smalls (1 multi, 1 trad) Mobile Apps Optimally free & supports GPX import/view waypoint details/seek-by-compass - logging not required as I will collect all containers/logs after time expires. Remember, I have to write easy-to-follow directions for the app from Install to Seek! Android c:geo Free version of CacheSense Neongeo Locus I use paid CacheSense as my primary app, but I loved c:geo for a LONG time. I've used Neongeo/Locus a bit, but they don't seem as good. Apple Most apps do not appear to be free based on this article (2009), but what do you expect with Apple apps? What do you think of Looking4Cache Free? It seems like my best bet. Would GPS Hiker do the trick? Geocaching with Geosphere ($7.99) ugh Scoring FTF - 10pt * difficulty rating (+10 for puzzle type | +5 for multi type) STF - 7pt * difficulty rating (+10 for puzzle type | +5 for multi type) TTF - 5pt * difficulty rating (+10 for puzzle type | +5 for multi type) FND - 1pt * difficulty rating (+10 for puzzle type | +5 for multi type) Suggestions for changing/adding? Category | Prize (need a prize for EACH member of team, not 1 prize per team) Top Overall Score | ? ? ? Second Overall Score | ? ? ? ? ? ? | ? ? ? ? ? ? | ? ? ? ? ? ? | ? ? ? Suggestions for prizes/categories? My boss said they will buy prizes, but I don't want to go overboard on the prize budget (for now I'll try to keep it under $500). Cache Suggestions Suggestions for the Puzzle or Multi Caches? Require team to take a picture doing _____ to log find for a puzzle Require team to use navigation skills for a multi (e.g. start point then bear XXX degrees for XXX distance, thence XXX degrees for XXX distance to final) Letterbox hybrid in the small/trad? Virtual/Earth-cache-esque location CITO-themed puzzle (e.g. fill provided grocery bag with trash, take a pic, sign) etc Thanks to all in advance for taking the time to read & provide advice to an event novice! I will provide feedback/lessons learned after the event if anyone else is thinking of doing something like this for work.