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  1. Texas A&M Health Study

    I got my survey today, too.
  2. Texas A&M Health Study

    Jon got his but I didn't get mine.
  3. Texas A&M Health Study

    haha! "log your steps and stop asking questions!" is what i'm getting from this. that's cool, we can handle it
  4. Texas A&M Health Study

    I agree. According to what they are saying, this is the first study of it's kind so they have to start somewhere. i would expect more studies coming in the future that are more inclusive of other activities (methods of caching besides walking).
  5. TGA just posted the email on their fb page so i'm copying and pasting in here in case anyone else wants to read it: Texas Geocaching Association WE have deleated the contact info...My name is Bryan Daniels, and I am the Greenbelt manager/resource specialist for Ray Roberts Lake State Park. I would first like to thank you for your involvement with geocaching in the park, and for following the regulations (filling out application to place geocaches). However, our park has a new policy on placing geocaches. We are only going to be allowing 20 geocaches at each park (Johnson Branch, Isle du Bois, and the Greenbelt) in order to reduce the impact on our natural resources from trails going to/from caches. At this time, you have 20 geocaches set between FM 428 and HWY 380. To get to the root of my e-mail. We are going to need you to remove all but 3 of the geocaches. Our policy is going to be 10 caches between 455 and 428, and 10 caches between 428 and 380, so you will not be the only person having to remove caches. At this point in time, there are 5 other people with caches set between 428 and 380, totaling 7 caches. We are asking you to remove all but 3, so that other people have the same opportunity to place caches in that region, . We would like to provide equal opportunity for everybody to participate in placing caches. We will give you the option on which geocaches you would like to leave, and which geocaches you would like to remove. I realize that yours are probably placed as part of a geocache challenge. My files indicate that they were placed in march of 2012. Is there a time frame for your geocache challenge? If so, let me know and we will discuss options.
  6. I hope someone will post the email if they get one, I'd like to read it.