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  1. Longest since last find

    Update for GC22A8Y: It was found today by GeoOtter, WhiteLikesBugs and me. Took a lot of work to solve the cipher, and mostly because I had an extra letter hanging out in my keyphrase I prepared a couple months ago. Container is is great condition, along with the log. Even the camo has held up.
  2. Texas A&M Health Study

    I found mine was able read accurately. I also found out Mende's read 2.5 times as many steps. The difference I found in them is that when you hold it in front of you with the GEAR logo right reading, the round weight should be at the top post. Mende's was resting on the bottom post, so every bump made it count.
  3. Garner State Park

    I've only seen one T-shirt, and it was made by the Friends of Garner. We bought 2 to support their efforts. TxDreamweaver, thanks for talking to Linda. Can't wait to go there and buy one. My sister said she met you today. The other JSchaudt in the family. Same initials made us fight over monogrammed things like the rocking horse when we were growing up.
  4. Garner State Park

    I got to tell some of the background story to keyresults in person last week. This banner is because the Friends of Garner group (which does a lot of park maintenance) was interested in geocaching. Their park store is heavily limited on their sales of key items such as firewood, so I told them they should appeal to geocachers, and inform people about the game in general. Garner is a really pretty place and perfect for a pathtag, but the park headquarters had no plans for one. They are taking it into their own hands and are in contact with Texas Dreamweaver Design. You may not find many items right now, but if you ask about the banner, they have passports and cache info readily available. Just ask one of the Linda's, and they will help you. Mrs. Kirkpatrick is the manager I spoke with first. The banner was a cool surprise to me when I went there last. Can't wait to go back and stargaze.