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  1. Cyborg_TEK added a post in a topic Adopt-a-Dog   

    There's been a few who have offered to take some, or even the majority, which is very relieving to know that all the hard work won't go to waste.  I'll be flying back and forth for a couple months and we plan on making another round to make sure they are all in good shape before the final trip.  Putting it out for discussion this early helps to make sure we hopefully find enough people or right person to keep it from going to the dogs (pun intended). 
  2. Cyborg_TEK added a post in a topic Adopt-a-Dog   

    Thanks guys!  We'll have a bit more info on dates and such soon. Need to run the dogs again and make sure their all in good shape before we sign the papers.  Don't want to dump an ill pup on someone.  Will let everyone know when they're all ready to adopt out. 
    @Log Dawgs - Thanks!  Just saw your email as well.   I know it's quite a large series for someone to take on themselves but will be in touch once I know all the pups are in good shape.
    I had a feeling we could count on our geocommunity!
  3. Cyborg_TEK added a topic in General Discussion   

    Hey folks, while it's said to be true that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.  It's never mentioned of the associated shock waves for each action.  While accepting a promotion which entails relocation, brings ultimate satisfaction in many ways.  It also brings about the equally opposite feelings in as many aspects.  One such ripple is that of geocaching. 
    We're relocating to Orlando at the end of the month and between Wildbabe and I, we have a total of 87 caches.  The majority of those are the AKC series in the Woodlands which totals 51 hides.  They have been very low maintenance and only a handful of cachers have completed the series so far.  But with more tolerable temperatures for making the rounds on the bike trail, they've been seeing a bit more activity again.  We are hoping not to have to euthanize the dogs and find them a forever home as they will undoubtedly need someone to drop by to change their papers from time to time. At last pass, the logs seemed to be holding up very well and we already have prepared replacement containers for most of them.
    We will wind up nuking most of our caches but if anyone, or group, would like to adopt the AKC series as they need maintenance, we would be more than happy to provide complete descriptions and even photo's of current placements.  We would even go as far as handing over and/or sending them replacement containers for some of those unique hides unless the pups new owner(s) want to use their own creativity to add to it.  
    Adoptions don't necessarily need to take place immediately but as time progresses it will become a necessity or they will need to be archived.  Just hit up either one of us either now or later as they need some maintenance.  Any other of our caches are also available.
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  4. Cyborg_TEK added a topic in General Discussion   

    Race Fans and Gear Heads
    I know it's late notice but I have 2 tickets and pit passes for tomorrows (Friday) Grand Prix in Houston to give away.  Who better to ask for first dibs than our fellow cachers.  The seats are on the straight just short of the finish line.  Grandstand 1X  - Row 3  - Seats 11&12..  I have other commitments for tomorrow and will also be going on Sunday for the final races.
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  5. Cyborg_TEK added a post in a topic Groundspeak Update   

    @HC, I finally went through that code and no real differences from what I see.  All of the content looks the same as far as what would display on your page other than a couple small oddities... but nothing more than a couple of js links I cant pull up.
  6. Cyborg_TEK added a post in a topic Groundspeak Update   

    Hey HC, open a page that has the new box and hit F12, copy and paste to a text doc and send to me...  I want to check the page code..
  7. Cyborg_TEK added a post in a topic Groundspeak Update   

    @HC  Street View script is working for me on FireFox (Greasemonkey) and Chrome (Tampermonkey) and it's 1.0   Sounds like you have something setup a bit different.  Still not seeing the new boxes on any of my 4 browsers though.
  8. Cyborg_TEK added a post in a topic What is that person doing?   

    Be sure to smile for the camera next time so we can send it to AFV     >>>>>   
  9. Cyborg_TEK added a post in a topic newbie profiles   

    Personally I think the option to post a cache should have a minimal find limit of 250 at the lowest and only to premium members unless they have hit the 500 for non premium members.
  10. Cyborg_TEK added a post in a topic newbie profiles   

    That makes sense with someone logging with GSAK from a PQ.  That was one I hadn't tried,  I had tried many mobile apps from my phone and those only showed a visit when I looked at it but not logging it later as it was already saved in the phones cache.
  11. Cyborg_TEK added a post in a topic newbie profiles   

    Another flaw I've found even with verified members is how someone can log a find without showing as even viewed the cache on the audit log.  I can grasp the idea of even getting the coords from another account but I even went as far to test it from several different mobile apps to see if the view was logged and each view was accounted for.
  12. Cyborg_TEK added a post in a topic What is that person doing?   

    Fortunately we've only had a couple very brief encounters with security and an officer who were very understanding and OK with Geocaching.  Although it is true that it seemed when we first started placing caches out, we were setting up Texas Writer for encounters of the alarming kind.  First there was the one he posted a link to and within a very short time later, there was a second instance with the same "Intruder" alarm.  Can only think of one more in which the security guard thought is was "Really cool" that someone put a cache there.  
    I know he had to think we were trying to set him up.. in fact I recall him posting it on one of the logs.   
  13. Cyborg_TEK added a post in a topic Longest since last find   

    I kinda typoed that one.. the sig I was referring to was "How log" is a...  instead of how long.
  14. Cyborg_TEK added a post in a topic Longest since last find   

    Quick question.. it's "How 'log' a 12' kayak is"  from previous signature
  15. Cyborg_TEK added a post in a topic Google Maps Shows Home Depot Store layout   

    I'll take 5 10' 2x4 and a 3/4 lb burger with cheese