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  1. Thank you all for the information. I have been checking the Metro MashUps and will continue to so if I have time to go on a trip with you all I can. I am a premium member on I have not really looked at the weekley news letters guess I should Thanks for the info!!!
  2. Welcome to Houston!!! Especially welcome to the Champions Area!!! I am new to geocaching but have been in this area for a while. If you haven't tried the Warrior series by TexasWriter yet, you should. Its a great series that starts by Willowbrook and goes into Cutten Green. Great little series for our area and might keep you busy for more than one afternoon. CarGuy and I started last week but haven't finished yet. (Off topic I am BedGirl and my Hubby is CarGuy). Maybe soon we can meet at an event around this side of town. Being new to Geocaching myself not sure how to meet or join up with other geochachers in my area. (other than bumbing into one, which hasn't happened yet) Again welcome to the area!!