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  1. TXGA President

    We've been trying to get registered. Finally sent an email to the admin.
  2. 2013 Armand Bayou CITO Spring Cleaning Sunday - 4/21/13

    Robert's wanting to attend this CITO even though being in the water with the gators makes me nervous. Guess we'll have to get our sit on top tandem out and make sure it still floats.
  3. Hiding a cache without finding one first

    I've seen this happen a number of times. Of course, if you can't find it you can't see if anyone really signed the log. We looked for this one and I don't beleive that there is a cache at the GZ. The finds only came after someone suggested that the cache be achived. When we suggested that it be archived I mentioned that the finder only had one find and then it was found by someone with more than one find but all of their finds were the day after our log suggesting that this cache be archived. Very suspicious!
  4. First caching trip of 2013 HGS Challenge!

    Me...clearing the trail.

    Congratulations to Kirbydox and Muddy Buddies! It hardly seems worth mentioning when compared to 15,000 finds but we reached 700 finds this past weekend. Mosty due to the my husbands determination.
  6. Here Lay Dragons/Latitude 47 Blog

    This one has been on our "To Do" list forever. Very nice write up!
  7. First caching trip of 2013 HGS Challenge!

    I should have had Robert take a picture of me riding on our tailgate getting the Lazy Z Series out in Katy. It was way too much work getting in and out of the truck. I felt like a kid again.
  8. TX Challenge Registration

    We've registered for this event as attending but not competing. However, we might be interested in competing but don't know what to expect. Would one of you that has attended the challenge in the past tell us what to expect if we do decide to compete?
  9. A $eries of Fortunate Cache$ GC1NCP6

    We're always looking for a good series to do on the weekends. Thanks for mentioning the Mason Creek Hike and Bike's now on our to do list.
  10. New Years Resolutions Caching Style

    In no particular order: Become active in the geocaching community again. Achieve a 1000 finds. We're currently at 634. We went 580 consecutive days with out find from March of 2009 until October of 2010...not sure why we stopped but we did. Revive the 9 on 90 series and actually maintain the caches that we have placed. Happy New Year.