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  1. Running Up the Numbers

    I like to take my time when I cache and enjoy quality of quantity in caches I find, BUT.... I'm embarrassed to say that in the nearly ten years I've been caching I've only found 800-something caches.  I'd really like to join the "comon club" before I reach my ten year "Cacheversary" (I joined and started caching in February 2006,) If I find an average of two caches a day between now and then, I'll make it - but I don't have the opportunity to cache every day, I know people that have found a hundred of more caches in one day.  I don't know how that's possible, but I would assume they're going to areas that are very cache-dense.  Can anyone recommend any of these areas to me?  I need to get these numbers up, and in doing so I'd like to have 10+ finds on days that I can devote to caching. Thanks in advance! Valerie (wowieann)
  2. Where are you staying for GeoWoodstock X?

    I'd love to go, but school ends the following week and I absolutely won't be able to miss. I wonder if I could fly in for the event and fly right back out? What airport is closest?
  3. Flash Mob in the Woods - Cow Tipping Event

    I'm way overdue for an event cache.    I'm going to try to make it, and would be open to the idea of sharing a ride.
  4. GeoWoodstock 5

    I just now saw this thread.  I guess I should have figured there were others that were considering driving to NC!  If anyone still has space, I'd -love- to go, I just don't want to go alone!  I could definitely help with gasoline, and maybe driving...just let me know!  I'll try to remember to check in here, but you can also email me directly at vtaylor at houston dot rr dot com. Thanks! Valerie/wowieann
  5. I've been majorly out of touch lately, with my first year of teaching coming to an end, and whatnot.  I haven't read the forums in months! Anyway, I hadn't thought there would be a possibility that I could go to GW5, but - what's this I hear about a caravan?  Any chance of still getting in on this?  I'm not too enthused about driving (by myself) to NC, but if there's still time and space....I could definitely help out with gasoline, maybe even driving...?  Anyone with any space left, please let me know!  I'll try to check in here to look for responses, but you can also contact me through the GC website, or at vtaylor at houston dot rr dot com.  Thanks!! Valerie/wowieann
  6. ODS: The Prelude, Part Deux

    I plan to be there.  I'll bring with me a bunch of extra plastic containers and miscellaneous supplies to either add to the effort, or donate to fellow cachers to promote placement of more caches!