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  1. Running Up the Numbers

    I like to take my time when I cache and enjoy quality of quantity in caches I find, BUT.... I'm embarrassed to say that in the nearly ten years I've been caching I've only found 800-something caches. I'd really like to join the "comon club" before I reach my ten year "Cacheversary" (I joined and started caching in February 2006,) If I find an average of two caches a day between now and then, I'll make it - but I don't have the opportunity to cache every day, I know people that have found a hundred of more caches in one day. I don't know how that's possible, but I would assume they're going to areas that are very cache-dense. Can anyone recommend any of these areas to me? I need to get these numbers up, and in doing so I'd like to have 10+ finds on days that I can devote to caching. Thanks in advance! Valerie (wowieann)
  2. New Years Resolutions Caching Style

    2014 Caching Goals: To be more active in the Geocaching community by attending a Geocaching event at least once every other month. To reduce my date grid zeros by half by caching on at least 60 new calendar dates. To get within 200 of that elusive 1,000 found by increasing my "Found Its" from 681 to 800 or more. (I've been at this entirely too long not to have a comma in my total found at this point.) To meet as many new cachers and get re-aquainted with as many "old-timers" as possible! -- wowieann
  3. 31 Days of Geocaching NW Houston

    I'm going to try to cache every day this August. I just (finally) filled in a month on my grid (July). I haven't been very active lately - just a few here and there, so there are LOTS nearby that I haven't found yet. I'm trying to gear up for August by making a list of nearby LPCs I haven't found yet (in case of emergency). Is there a current Phone-a-Friend list for the NW Houston area? I'd be glad to be on it in the event that someone needs help on a cache that I've found. I'd also love to have people to call on if I find myself in a similar situation. wowieann (Valerie
  4. Cost of Ammo Cans

  5. Cost of Ammo Cans

    What do the 7.62 sell for these days?
  6. Where are you staying for GeoWoodstock X?

    I'd love to go, but school ends the following week and I absolutely won't be able to miss. I wonder if I could fly in for the event and fly right back out? What airport is closest?
  7. Ammo Can Source?

    Hi all. I went to the Army Surplus Store near my home the other day to pick up some ammo cans and was shocked to see that the 7.62 ones were priced at $12/ea. It's been a few years since I last bought any, but I know I didn't pay more than $5-6 for the ones I bought back then. Is $12 the going price for ammo cans these days? And if not, can someone point me in the direction of a cheaper source? I might be looking for some of the larger ones as well. Thanks in advance!
  8. Flash Mob in the Woods - Cow Tipping Event

    I'm way overdue for an event cache. I'm going to try to make it, and would be open to the idea of sharing a ride.
  9. Goodby Gustav, Hello Ike!

    A friend of mine sent that second image to me. She must have checked at just the right time.
  10. Goodby Gustav, Hello Ike!

    Nothing here yet (Hwy 6 and West Road). The wind seems to have picked up a bit, but so far no rain, no flickering lights. Two months ago I went caching in Galveston and did one of the webcam caches (the Surf Cam cache). I just went and updated the cache page with an image captured on the Surf Cam at around 10:00 this morning (so about 8 hours ago). There's quite a contrast between the image captured this morning and the one from two months ago. I just tried to upload the images, but it didn't take. I'll see if it will take the links: Two months ago: Today:
  11. Caching Canada

    Thanks for the very helpful information. One more question - is there a good chance that there will be snow on the ground at that time of year? I've never really driven in snow/ice before, and I have a feeling it wouldn't end well...
  12. Caching Canada

    Please excuse my total ignorance of geography. I have a trip to Detroit, Michigan scheduled for mid-late October. I just did a search of the zip code of the hotel I'll be staying at and realized that there are caches IN CANADA a mere 6 miles from where I'll be staying. Holy cow, Canada! I've never been there before. I've never cached outside the United States before. And here I thought it would be exciting to cross Michigan off my list! However, there are a few logistical problems. I have questions for which (I hope) somebody here has answers... I'll be flying in, and won't have access to a car while I'm there. What are my options? I know I could rent a car, but if I did - would they let me drive it over the border? Also, I'll need a passport...won't I? I had one years and years ago but I wouldn't even -begin- to know where it is now. And I'm sure that it would need to be updated, as I haven't used it in at least 5 years... If I find it, what do I do? Just show up at the post office with it and pay a fee to have it renewed? How long do those things take, nowadays? Could I have it renewed and reasonably expect to have it back before mid October? How practical would it be to drive over, grab a few caches and drive back? Is it just going to be like driving to another part of town, or am I going to be stuck in long lines to get into Canada and then back into the United States? I could probably spare a few hours from the function I'll be attending, but if getting 1-2 caches would be an all-day affair, I probably shouldn't try to do it (much as I'd like to). Advice? Thanks in advance! wowieann
  13. Adopting Geocoins

    Aha! That did it - I was entering the GC number. Thanks, HoustonControl. Mystery solved!
  14. Adopting Geocoins

    Yes - they're all activated.
  15. Adopting Geocoins

    I know there's a process by which people can adopt geocoins (and put geocoins up for adoption) but so far, I haven't had any success. My online inquiries took me to a page on the GC website: where the person putting a geocache or trackable item can type in the GC or TB #. I've tried entering the tracking numbers of several of my geocoins, but it invariably comes back with: "We could not find the listing from the code you provided" I know these are valid tracking numbers because I have the coins in front of me when I attempt it (and because if I try to look up the same coins on the "trackables" page, there it is!). Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Thanks! wowieann