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  1. Best TB resurrection story

    I have one TB left that is out in the wild. It had been dropped in a cache on the top of a remote mountain near the Texas/New Mexico border about 2 years ago. Or so I thought. The same person who dropped it there retrieved it last month without logging another visit to the cache and then took it to Greece. It then got picked up and taken to an event in France. My email is filling up today with discovery logs in written in French. It's nice to see it back in action. Maybe it will have better luck in Europe than my others have had here. http://coord.info/TB56Y08
  2. Tarpon 140

    I have a Tarpon 100, Tarpon 140 and Tarpon 160i (Yes, I know that's excessive). All three are great boats. The Tarpon 100 was bought for my wife who wanted something to fish in at the beach. It's short so it's easy to launch and land in the surf. It's as slow as a turtle and a rudder wasn't an option for it at the time but it works great both on the beach and on rivers. The Tarpon 140 is faster than the 100 but slower than the 160. The rudder keeps it going straight and the greater width makes it more stable than the 160. This is great for bay fishing when you don't plan on paddling a great distance. The Tarpon 160i is the fastest of the three and works great in the bay. I can paddle for miles in this. I've used it in the surf but I wouldn't recommend it for that if it is something you do much. It's not as stable as the 140 but it hasn't really been a problem for me. All that said, the last time I took the 160i out I was with a group of people and one of them had a Hobie with the pedal drive in it. After a 1.5 mile return trip against the wind, I was seriously jealous of that guy because he was going faster and didn't seem to be trying all that hard.
  3. How often are your caches found?

    I have a series in KHP that most caches in it haven't been attempted in over a year. It does require some hiking though. I'm planning to make a maintenance run through as soon as the rains stop long enough to let the area drain but I'm undecided on whether I should even keep it going if nobody is visiting them.
  4. attributes

    What android app do you use to find a beacon cache?
  5. I don't think there are any rules against a cache being somewhere that you have to pay to enter. In fact, there is an attribute for that on regular (not Lab) caches.
  6. Two new Souvenir's Coming up...

    Or maybe even the 31st day of the 4th month.
  7. Longest since last find

  8. Longest since last find

    Is anybody working on the puzzle for Blood Sport GC2MEAR ? I was in the location of the final and decided to look to see if it was there since I knew it was on the list. No such luck. If someone is close to working it out I can replace it since the owner looks to have dropped out a few years ago. Otherwise, I can post a NA.
  9. What kind of boots to buy?

    Hiking boots make more sense to me than a work boot like that. Work boots aren't usually as comfortable as a hiking boot so you'll be able to walk much further with hiking boots. These are what I use. http://www.rei.com/product/706762/asolo-fugitive-gtx-hiking-boots-mens. They got me through an 11-day backpacking trip a few years ago and are still going strong. If you're worried about snakes, you could always keep a pair of ray guards in your car and strap them on when you are going anywhere "snakey". https://www.austinkayak.com/products/5453/ForEverlast-Ray-Guard-Shied-Protectors.html Whatever you get, I recommend getting a pair of Superfeet insoles to go with your new boots. http://www.rei.com/product/752125/superfeet-orange-premium-insoles-mens-medium-to-high-volume. Your feet will thank you. When you try on your boots, pick a size that will give you a little extra room for the insoles.
  10. 5th Annual CLAPS Moonlight Paddle Event 12/6

    That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!
  11. 5th Annual CLAPS Moonlight Paddle Event 12/6

    That's no ordinary rabbit.
  12. D Force logging trackables

    He logged one of mine with that same note at GCF. I knew it was probably BS by his reputation so I checked his cache log history. Sure enough, he wasn't anywhere near Texas at the time. He must have a friend that sends (sells?) him a list after events like this.
  13. I'm outa here

    Enjoy it out there. Springhill has some good catfish!
  14. Hey! Where are all the pics from Geocoin Fest ?

    I've got your goodie bag with your shirt, coins and stuff. You've still got time to claim it before the ebay auction ends!