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  1. new event idea?

    That's a wonderful idea, Jeff! For some reason though, I think you might have a tough time selling that one to PR.    
  2. Change of Scenery :)

    Here's some pictures of my lastest adventure/achievement ;)
  3. Change of Scenery :)

    Hi y'all!! We were deeply moved by all the wonderful comments & kind words that were offered upon our departure of the Houston area. By now we're almost (with emphasis on ALMOST) completely settled into our house in the Netherlands again (watch this video for the difference between Holland & the Netherlands) and enjoying the wonderful summer temperatures! Yes, we rode our bikes already :D! Attached some pictures of our direct surroundings for y'all to enjoy, I sure hope to be able to visit again soon!
  4. BlockParty 2015

      It's only a 2,300 mile drive.... who needs flying 
  5. 2015 Armand Bayou Spring Cleaning CITO

    I would have Kevin, I I weren't working off my iPad at a school   But here goes:   http://www.austinkayak.com/   Houston:  5822 Bissonnet  Houston, TX 77081  (713) 660-7000 Store Hours:  M-F 10am - 7pm  S-S 10am - 5pm    North Houston (Spring):  23310 North I-45  Spring, TX 77373  (281) 203-0430 Store Hours:  M-F 10am - 7pm  S-S 10am - 5pm    Prices range from $25- $55 / day (and that's 24 hrs!!) depending on model and number of days rented.
  6. 2015 Armand Bayou Spring Cleaning CITO

    If for some reason #4 fails/doesn't strike you as a good option (we've had some issues with Pinkys in the past) you can also opt to rent at ACK. You will have to have means of transportation though, because it is pick-up & return at their location (2 in Houston as far as I know). It will give you more flexibility in doing other/more Kayak caches though.... Just FYI a.
  7. I'm not gonna be there this year... Just too far out there for me
  8. 5th Annual CLAPS Moonlight Paddle Event 12/6

      We just rented the last tandem at ACK, so we'll be there! 
  9. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

      Mustang Joni?
  10. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

    Is that the coin, Bert? Interesting design....
  11. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

    Thanks for the update, Bert!
  12. CLAPS Cachin' on the Bayou Post-Mega Paddle Event

    I reserved mine at Pinky's today and they *said* they were gonna be at Bay Area Park around 8-8.30am to deliver....
  13. CLAPS Cachin' on the Bayou Post-Mega Paddle Event

    I guess PR has decided to make everyone's lives difficult (again).... I think I remember BB's zombie event being a 5/5 not too long ago, IJS
  14. CLAPS Cachin' on the Bayou Post-Mega Paddle Event

    If someone can get me a 'yak (single/double) I'll be more than happy to lead a Kayak Texas Style 101-class. I'm also cool with hopping in the front/back of a newbie too.