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  1. Challenge Caches coming back with changes

    Same here, I kinda like the extra dimension challenges provide. I am, however, also grateful GS has now somewhat regulated challenges, as they got a little out of control. The fact that both the CO has to qualify for the challenges himself and the fact that you need to incorporate a checker has increased their appeal, IMHO.
  2. Longest since last find

    I'd fly in for that for sure!!
  3. Forum decline

    Some very interesting analysis posted by Kenny & Stan. I myself have noticed the decline in activity at the forums as well, and I am positive it is directly related to the creation of the SETX- & Houston Area Geocachers FB pages. It seems a lot of folks were already on FB and with the creation of these specific interest group pages there was no longer a need for them to go to a separate web-entity. Personally I think it's sad th forums aren't as active anymore, even though I have moved out of the Houston area. To me they were a great source of information and above all a place where I felt welcomed when I moved to the Houston area. Above all, to me the Houston forums were a place where people respected each other and shared the love for Geocaching in a relatively respectful way. There is also a Dutch geocaching forum which I've visited a couple of times, but that seems to be a place mainly for people to bicker and force their opinion (about how one should geocache) upon others. Not a very healthy nor desirable environment if you ask me. So, Jason, in short: thanks for all the effort you put in to keep this site alive, and thanks to all you H-town folks for being the people you are!
  4. Up for adoption

    Hey guys! Hope y'all are doing good over there, I sure miss y'alls company at events & on caching-trips. Anyway, I still have a fair number of caches in the Houston area which I no longer am able to maintain. As I adopted some of these caches from someone else I am now considering putting them up for adoption once again (does that make me a bad parent?? :P) Is there anyone who'd be interested in taking them over? If not I might have to archive them once they get too many NM logs. Here's the caches concerned: Guns, guns, guns and more guns http://coord.info/GC4KXYK 5 Simple Puzzles http://coord.info/GC42J6R Basic Ratios http://coord.info/GC36TPT Windtalkers http://coord.info/GC36H9C FTF Hounds http://coord.info/GC36EJ5 Breaking a Teenagers Code http://coord.info/GC2Z3P3 GeoPup Randy http://coord.info/GC28K5E Tuesday Morning (Formerly) http://coord.info/GC22VDD Country Village http://coord.info/GC22K6X
  5. new event idea?

    That's a wonderful idea, Jeff! For some reason though, I think you might have a tough time selling that one to PR.
  6. Change of Scenery :)

    Here's some pictures of my lastest adventure/achievement ;)
  7. Change of Scenery :)

    Thanks Stan, I'll mark it on my calendar! But first I'm going to the Coinfest Europe in my 'hometown' on the 26th, it'll be interesting to see if they can make it as fun as the Texas one last year.
  8. Geocaching Celebrities

    I have already cached with that most famous cacher of all cachers world-wide, he just doesn't like to be profiled
  9. Assistance Request

    I'm willing to check for you, but won't be able to do so until I get back in Houston (which won't be until October).
  10. Change of Scenery :)

    This one is just for you, Stan De Windotter in IJsselstein (where I live), the Netherlands.
  11. Change of Scenery :)

    Here's some more pics I took while out caching. These are ancient burial shrines found in the N.E. part of the Netherlands. The heath was also in bloom, very pretty and something I missed while living in Houston.
  12. Change of Scenery :)

    Y Did you see the video on the US? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASSOQDQvVLU Yea, I've pretty much watched all his videos because they are a: funny and b: cover interesting stuff
  13. Longest since last find

    You forgot to take 'No Picasso Here II' of the DNF list, I have it both on the Not found list AND on the 'found by' list.
  14. Change of Scenery :)

    I've upgraded!! I now own the latest & greatest: a Smart-Phone (I took these pics with them, actually :P)! So far I've only grabbed two caches (both of which were less then .5 miles from my house), but I will keep the pics coming!! Haven't thought about instagram yet, but that might be a good way to 'show you guys around' Today is a hot day...... it's 87-88, muhahahahaha.
  15. Change of Scenery :)

    Hi y'all!! We were deeply moved by all the wonderful comments & kind words that were offered upon our departure of the Houston area. By now we're almost (with emphasis on ALMOST) completely settled into our house in the Netherlands again (watch this video for the difference between Holland & the Netherlands) and enjoying the wonderful summer temperatures! Yes, we rode our bikes already :D! Attached some pictures of our direct surroundings for y'all to enjoy, I sure hope to be able to visit again soon!