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  1. We Got Silver

    I had a TON of fun! Thanks so much to Keely and her team for the leadership and communication during the event. It was the solved puzzle coordinates texted to 2Katz that got our team an FTF chicken! And hey... second place is way better than what we placed LAST year. I was thrilled that Keely beat out her brother, though. Great seeing everybody!
  2. The obligatory Congratulations thread

    A BIG congratulations to TexasWriter for finding his 8000th cache last night! It was his personal goal to get to 8K before his second caching birthday (April 4th) and he did it with five weeks to spare! Great job!

    "Woo Hoo a big ol high five, and congrats to CornDoll on breaking the 4000 finds mark this Thanksgiving Day!!" Thanks Kenny! It was an awesome day with an FTF, 2 earthcaches, a dozen or so benchmarks, 10 virtuals and 67 puzzles!!
  4. ooooo *breaks out the popcorn*
  5. Rum Tasting Event Dec 14

    oooh la la!! That sounds like fun!
  6. Texas Writer's FTF Comma Club Countdown begins

    You're welcome my handsome husband. I'm very proud of you for setting and achieving such a hard-earned goal! It wasn't easy, there was definitely times when you were tired, or injured (or both!), but you persevered because you set a target, and you were determined to make it. That means a lot. I hope that we will continue to have FTF runs together, cuz it is SO much fun, but it will be nice to have you home more often again.
  7. Texas Writer's FTF Comma Club Countdown begins

    You beat me to it, Kenny. I was just about to post it myself!
  8. Junk Swag

    I scored a pocket knife recently from a cache in West Texas, it had the cacher's names embossed on the side. That was pretty cool and opened my eyes to the possibilities of promotional items that might appeal as swag for adults. I tend to like homemade items as well. In Colorado, I recently pulled out a hand-painted "path-tag" of the Colorado mountainside. Probably one of my favorite swag items ever. We have four kids, and the 8 yr old, 10 and 11 yr old dont have a lot of interest in a lot of swag we've seen, and a lot of that has less to do with the condition of the swag in a cache. Maybe other, more arid regions dont have to deal with the humidity and rain we get here, and their swag doesn't get moldy. Little stuffed animals would appeal to the girls, but we usually find those in pretty gross shape. If poor swag really is prevalent here, my theory is its a vicious cycle: cachers here see a lot of degraded swag in containers and it doesn't encourage bothering with it.
  9. Manofsteel73 Countdown to 1000 FTFs

    This is Hysterical! Love it!
  10. What is that person doing?

    ahhhh... memories.
  11. Geocaching pet peeves.

    Heeyyyyy I believe I've got dibs on that

    Ha! I think the site got muggled
  13. 2013 Geocaching Block Party

    When is this Block Party supposed to happen? I'll put it on our calendar if I can get a where/when.
  14. FTF / Tribute Caching Etiquette

    Whaaa??! I've been outed! TexasWriter! You weren't supposed to say I found my tribute before it published! Boo!! LOL. Once its published its fair game, but if the CO wants their honoree to be the first to sign it, being its THEIR cache, thats their prerogative. Yes, the gift of the tribute is that its actually out there long-term for everyone to see and honor that person's accomplishment. However, being most of us see each other at events we should be mindful of snarky logs (a couple come to mind from a few nights ago on a sweet cache a fellow geo-cacher set out for his girl). Its all just for fun, remember? I love me some FTF rights as much as anyone, but no need to draw blood over it - the thorns in GZ do that aplenty.