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  1. FTF Trophy

    I'm doing other caching related things nowadays. I still go out for FTFs here and there, but I've had the FTFC and NTNC trophies before, so nothing very inspiring there for me anymore. And I'm too skeered to venture into the eastside hoods....I stay in the Fourth Ward where I can get my range practice in while caching.
  2. The obligatory Congratulations thread

    Bert, some of us do a lot of work with newbies without calling a ton of attention to it....I know several like that. Just sayin'...
  3. The obligatory Congratulations thread

    Thanks, Kenny. You're a true friend...
  4. Critters seen while caching

    With a very discerning eye by cachestacker to identify that it was a snake that was photographed, and then a resident snake (series) expert like Jayhawk stepping in to confirm the specific breed, I think this mystery has now been solved.
  5. Critters seen while caching

    I do believe you're right.
  6. Kayak 101 in Baytown June 7th

    I thought the horse was beaten completely to death and should've been buried long ago, but others kept giving it mouth-to-mouth and bringing it back to life because they needed something to give me crap about. So, I thought I'd go ahead and get it out of the way before someone else threw it out there.
  7. Kayak 101 in Baytown June 7th

    How long is your 12-ft kayak, Bob?
  8. After-work Geocaching Adventure

    The coyotes ate all the dogs.
  9. After-work Geocaching Adventure

    I've done those caches before, so I know which ones you're talking about. It's like a miniature George Bush Park out there. And the coyotes were everywhere...
  10. Longest since last find

    What's a ladder?
  11. FTF Ups and Downs

    Today I loaded up my kayak and drove 101 miles to go hunt down a cache (http://coord.info/GC3W2Z3) that had been published 20 months ago and had never been found. The journey and hunt were successful, so I was feeling a nice sense of fulfillment in making the trip. As I was driving home, I was thinking about the many ups and downs I’ve experienced on the FTF scene. The experiences have been all up and down the scale of fun, scary, dangerous, frustrating, baffling, hilarious, etc. I’ve driven, paddled, climbed, slid, jumped, and crawled for new caches for various reasons, and I know many of the experiences will stay alive in my memory for years to come. I thought it would be fun to hear some of the stories of others about things you’ve experienced when going after FTF’s. Found one cache recently that was over 20 miles off coords, 2 - 3 others that were over a mile off coords, and (in these days of geocaching intro apps and “smart” phones) numerous caches that were 50 – 600 feet off coords Triggered property alarms twice (ironically on caches by the same CO) Totally pissed off a Copperfield police officer who threatened to take CornDoll and I to jail, and when I hastily left I realized my GPSr was still under the bridge where the cache was, so we had to sneak in again later to retrieve it Had dozens of other encounters with police and security Did a 3-stage multi by the light of my GPSr in the woods of a park to avoid detection by a po-po who just knew someone was out there and kept circling and shining his 2-billion lumen car floodlight into the tree line Rode my bike in the freezing rain (28 degrees) for 2-1/2 hours chasing down four new caches (and had to knock the ice off my bike three times throughout the night) Hiked in a torrential downpour for .23 mile, with the last 450 feet being solid bushwhack from hell, then had to climb a slippery tree for 15 – 18 feet….all to get the NTNC trophy for my wife J Managed to get about 18 feet up into a tree for a cache where the tree had no limbs for the first 15 feet, was too large of diameter to scale, and I had no ladder (the CO called me the next day to ask WTH?)….came home with the FTF and bruises from groin to knee on both legs Flushed feral pigs, almost stepped on snakes too many times to count, and had a coon drop out of a tree right behind me while squatted down signing a log Been stung by spiders, bees, and ants Encountered all kinds of night time wildlife (owls, rats/mice, skunks, foxes, armadillos, etc.) including getting T-boned on my bicycle recently by an armadillo Encountered two separate packs of coyotes with CornDoll while FTF’ing in San Antonio at the start of our honeymoon, and the second pack was bedded down and didn’t move when we walked up on them….which is not a good sign for the humans Came upon a young couple in a park who hastily pulled their clothes back into position…..ahem! Was sent a nasty-gram from a Dallas area FTF hound for grabbing FTF’s on his turf in the middle of the night Watched CornDoll do a total face-plant in a stream up in the Woodlands when we went after a new 9-cache series (she didn’t make it across the washout), and was equally impressed that I only came out of it with a “You suck” comment when I joined her on the other side (hats off to CornDoll for laughing it off) Scaled a 10-foot wall to drop over the other side into a gated community in Oklahoma to grab an FTF on a cache that the locals had torn the CO to bits over for the previous 3 weeks (it was archived a couple weeks later) Did a 6-cache off-trail bushwhack in GBP with with a caching buddy during the peak of the Ice-pocalypse (or Ice-mageddon, whichever you jokingly called it) and had a great time chatting along the way Found some very nice (and sometimes cute) notes from kids for the FTF (one of those was on the trail with a rock on top of it in the cache above where the coon dropped out of the tree behind me) Picked up all kinds of fun, cool, surprising, and odd FTF gifts from geocoins, pathtags, and travel tags to money of various denominations ($20 was the most) Had the privilege of hunting down many new caches with other cachers all around the Houston area, many of whom I’d never met until I met them on the FTF hunt Realized when my fiancé (and now wife) was with me in Addicks Reservoir (swamp) in the rain at 1:00 am to get some new caches that she was definitely the one for me Yes, many of these things could've/would've happened whether it was an FTF run or not, but in many cases I wouldn't even have been there if it wasn't for a new cache publishing nearby. How about your FTF stories? Do tell...
  12. FTF Ups and Downs

    Ha, that's funny. With the bizarre behavior I've seen on parts of the caching scene, I could actually see that happening. Hopefully you banked it all for retirement.
  13. Longest since last find

    You must mean your other foot...
  14. Longest since last find

    Doesn't each brave soul need to make the climb to claim the find? Is it really any different than someone going after a puzzle cache that they haven't solved themselves? Just messing with you. Yes, it's totally different, because Bert would never do that. :-)
  15. Longest since last find

    Doesn't each brave soul need to make the climb to claim the find?
  16. FTF Ups and Downs

    That's okay, because it was a thread about FTF ups and downs anyway...
  17. Floating ant bed George Bush Park

    It looks kind of like the Texas Challenge...
  18. FTF Ups and Downs

    Yes, I seem to remember driving 40 miles down south of Houston one night to grab a new series and seeing two of them hanging on the fence in a gap on the cache map. For whatever reason, PR delayed the publishing of those two a few hours behind the others. The cache logs on those two were obviously offended even more than you were, Brian, because they were screaming at me for a signature as I rode by. I couldn't help but respond to the screams. If you think that's bad, I saw a small group of folks sign FTF on an entire series of 22 caches four days before they published. C'mon, Brian, you're an FTF hound. Surely you've had some interesting ups and downs to share with the rest of the class....
  19. Embracing Geocaching App - Multi/Inputting Coordinates

    Interesting that the Geocaching Live app (also from GC.com) for the Windows Phone is super easy to add waypoints for multi stages, finals for puzzles, etc. and it saves them on the app (they're not a one time thing).
  20. Longest since last find

    CornDoll and I knocked this one off the LSLF list today. GC12T2R FTFC #37: DETOUR - HORSEPOWER or BRAINPOWER It had been almost 39 months since the last find. Booyah...
  21. A humble request - vote for me!

    I'm trying to reconcile this picture with the original subject line of the post...
  22. Let's go!

    Or sticking out of the mouth of one....lol
  23. Let's go!

    I've been eyeballing Cypress Creek. Might just throw my kayak off in there and see if I can survive it....
  24. Longest since last find

    I know this discussion thread is about the Longest Since Last Found list and not personal cache maintenance disciplines, but since there has been so much discussion about it, I thought I'd mention this cool geocoin that someone got for me recently. It's actually one of the nicest coins in my collection of 100+ coins. Nice layout, nice finish, and nice theme. I liked it so much that I got one for someone else because of their diligent cache maintenance habits. They make lots of other cool coins to celebrate other accomplishments of our fellow cachers. Hook a brother (or sister) up! I like recognizing my fellow cachers for their contributions to the game. Everyone has their own unique walk in life, and different people bring different things to the table (like Houston Control bringing the LSLF list to us every month...great job, Larry!). I have personal preferences about my own hides, so I keep all but a few of my 273 hides close to home so I can uphold my own preferences on my own hides. (On the other hand, I really suck at puzzles, so I don't imagine I'll be getting any geocoin gifts anytime soon for my puzzle-solving prowess.) There are personal disciplines of other cachers, actions taken by other cachers, etc., some of which I like, some I don't. Since geocaching is a game, and I don't want to get my knickers in a knot about anyone else, I try to just gravitate toward the things I like and away from the things (and people) that I don't. That's the beauty of living in a free country (and this was a good day to celebrate the ultimate sacrifice that so many made so we can all do that). Along the way I just want to have a positive impact and leave things at least as good as I found them...if not better. I see it as a positive thing that so many cachers have given us so many cool hides (and yes, including puzzles ) in our area, and I also see it as a positive thing that Bert and others are seeking to keep things in good operating order. Here's to all of you for the positive things that you've brought to the game....past, present, and future.
  25. Longest since last find

    Larry, I could've sworn you liked slugging it out with PR. If I had a nickel for every time I had to pull you off him...