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  1. We Rock! Challenge Score Information

      Larry, if it's any consolation, they scored me almost 100 points less than my wife, and we were together the entire time, found all the same caches, etc. The only difference was that she had an FTF (which totally rocked), and that was a 5-point difference. At the end of the day, who knows what SETX (or any team) really scored in relation to the others. We might have actually been in first place....or last place. We just won't ever know. It's actually kind of funny to me now...
  2. We Rock! Challenge Score Information

    Yep, fun and fellowship is my goal in caching when I'm fortunate enough to be able to do it with others. There's just too many options out there of ways to do that where there aren't so many potential detractors from having that fun. The "competition" part of the Challenge is just not the way I'd like to spend my valuable free time when I have other options. I know I've said plenty about my take on it all, so I'll shut up about it now. To each his own...
  3. We Rock! Challenge Score Information

    If only that fixed the issues with the lack of standarized rules, juvenile behavior by some elements of the competition (e.g. moving caches after finding them, taking them entirely, etc.), wildly varying systems of awarding of points, cheating, etc.
  4. We Rock! Challenge Score Information

    Further great examples of why I'd rather just attend the Texas Challenge as an event and avoid the competitive part altogether. Waaaaaay too much drama....
  5. Lone Star Roundup 2014

    Lots of 100-cache mini power trails around Waco on the way up there for those who want a numbers bump, too...just sayin'
  6. Lone Star Roundup 2014

    Definitely more my style of event. I had fun last year, even if 2katz made me sprain my neck ligaments in Davy Crockett National Forest on the way up there (the 10-week recovery was awesome). I won't even mention her keeping up with her things....oh wait, I just mentioned it. Never mind. Lol. Seriously, though, I thought it was a lot of fun, even if the turnout was kinda smallish (maybe that was a normal size?). Good times. I hope lots of people can make it.
  7. Lone Star Roundup 2014

    Yep, and when you click the link for 2014 there's nothing there. I was going to say something about dues and return on investment, but I didn't want to be provocative.  Lol. Totally kidding, so y'all take your finger off the launch button....
  8. Lone Star Roundup 2014

    Where and when? The TXGA website still says details will be released in Bastrop at the Challenge...
  9. Block Party 2014

      Great info, Larry.
  10. Block Party 2014

  11. Block Party 2014

    I thought Who was on first, and What was on second...
  12. Block Party 2014

    MD, you know where to find him, correct? He's on first...
  13. Block Party 2014

    Greg, great tips you passed along. I would've loved to hear a chicken suit story, but the volunteer story was a close second.   Thanks for taking the time to pass along the lessons learned.
  14. Block Party 2014

      Greg, is there anything you can expand on about "doing it wrong" so that we can cull out the lessons learned and avoid falling into those ditches? Of course, I'm not trying to pry if it's personal stuff (like if you got hammered on tequila and were found running down the middle of the road in a chicken costume or something), but I always like to glean what I can from those who've gone before me....
  15. I'll beat the horse for awhile...