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  1. FTF Trophy

    I'm doing other caching related things nowadays. I still go out for FTFs here and there, but I've had the FTFC and NTNC trophies before, so nothing very inspiring there for me anymore. And I'm too skeered to venture into the eastside hoods....I stay in the Fourth Ward where I can get my range practice in while caching.
  2. The obligatory Congratulations thread

    Bert, some of us do a lot of work with newbies without calling a ton of attention to it....I know several like that. Just sayin'...
  3. The obligatory Congratulations thread

    Thanks, Kenny. You're a true friend...
  4. Critters seen while caching

    With a very discerning eye by cachestacker to identify that it was a snake that was photographed, and then a resident snake (series) expert like Jayhawk stepping in to confirm the specific breed, I think this mystery has now been solved.
  5. Critters seen while caching

    I do believe you're right.
  6. Kayak 101 in Baytown June 7th

    I thought the horse was beaten completely to death and should've been buried long ago, but others kept giving it mouth-to-mouth and bringing it back to life because they needed something to give me crap about. So, I thought I'd go ahead and get it out of the way before someone else threw it out there.
  7. Kayak 101 in Baytown June 7th

    How long is your 12-ft kayak, Bob?
  8. After-work Geocaching Adventure

    The coyotes ate all the dogs.
  9. After-work Geocaching Adventure

    I've done those caches before, so I know which ones you're talking about. It's like a miniature George Bush Park out there. And the coyotes were everywhere...
  10. Longest since last find

    What's a ladder?
  11. FTF Ups and Downs

    Ha, that's funny. With the bizarre behavior I've seen on parts of the caching scene, I could actually see that happening. Hopefully you banked it all for retirement.
  12. Longest since last find

    You must mean your other foot...
  13. Longest since last find

    Doesn't each brave soul need to make the climb to claim the find? Is it really any different than someone going after a puzzle cache that they haven't solved themselves? Just messing with you. Yes, it's totally different, because Bert would never do that. :-)
  14. Longest since last find

    Doesn't each brave soul need to make the climb to claim the find?
  15. FTF Ups and Downs

    That's okay, because it was a thread about FTF ups and downs anyway...