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  1. New Member - Rosenberg

    Will do! Thanks.
  2. New Member - Rosenberg

    lol I would but I can't afford an iPhone right now Thanks TAZ427! I will def try out c:geo's features you mentioned and hopefully that will do the trick. I can't wait to find a TB in my adventures!
  3. New Member - Rosenberg

    Hey there folks! I am new to this site and to Geocaching. I heard of this cool activity for years but never knew how easy it was to get started. I used the free iPhone app initially but had to switch back over to my Droid X, and now I have the paid app as my only option to access cache locations on the go. I have a few questions I need help with in order to get back out there to hunt for more caches: 1 - Is the paid Geocaching.com app really as bad as everyone says it is? I've read a lot of negative reviews in the app store... 2 - Are there other apps out there better than that one? I have also tried c:geo but it takes forever to load nearby cache locations...not very handy when conserving your data usage! 3 - Is there a way to make a list of caches or challenges from geocaching.com I want to find, and once it's created how can I transfer it to my app of choice? I hope the questions make sense..my son and I want to get back on the road asap to hunt those caches!
  4. District Rollcall

    My first official post and it's Scout related! BSA -- Brazos District -- Pack 279 I am a Tiger Cub Leader but will more than likely switch over to the Bear Den. This is my son's second year in Scouting and he has loved every bit of it! I am an Eagle Scout and I think all my tales of adventure and shenanigans intrigued my son to the point of wanting to join up. We have only been geocaching since this summer, but any chance we get we set out to find more!