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  1. BlockParty 2015

    Hi all, it has been a while since I posted in here but since I have made plans to attend the Block Party, I wanted to see who else going. I was going to drive and considered renting a camper for the trip but then decided that the time to drive there and back would take too much of my vacation days so airplane tickets are booked for us, hotel is reserved and I just need to rent a car. If anyone else is going and want to meet up some while there, Brandon & I would love to share the experience.
  2. Need help hosting event for out of towner

    I agree with Dangerkitties... I work too far away so I can't make those events.  Looking forward to seeing when it would be.

    Interesting that I see you posted this some time ago and there has been no posts.  Guess I will start by saying it is a long time between now and then but I would be happy to help.  I have organized and helped organize a few events in my volunteer world but don't want to say to what extent I will do what until I know more.
  4. Lone Star Round Up September 14-15

    I have had other things going on and this snuck up on me.  It is almost 5:30 on Friday and I am thinking we may load up and leave early in the morning.  ahhh, to go .... or not... thinking so...  I need to call for some hotels and I guess that will help me make up my mind.
  5. Lone Star Round Up September 14-15

    I am thinking Brandon and I will be there.  I have to see what we have for camping supplies but we will get it sorted out and looking forward to the fun
  6. Kayak 101 Event

    I have a friend who lives over that way.  I think it is Countryside Subdivision   Just let me know.  We would be happy to come get you all.
  7. Kayak 101 Event

    Not sure where you live but if you need a ride, let me know. 
  8. Kayak 101 Event

    I will be there and am essentially a newbie.  I have been a kayak a few times but I wouldn't count it.  It will also depend on how things go as I will have Brandon with me and I don't expect him to want to get in a kayak so I am hoping to find someone for him to hang out with while I go out ... Otherwise we both will be there for the fun.
  9. 2013 Geocaching Block Party

    Maybe one day I will go to the real block party but will mark down to go to Baytown this year.    Georeyna, just to make sure I am not too confused but did you mean that GW14 (not GW12) would be in St. Louis next year?  I had looked little while back but couldn't find the location.  If it is, if anyone is interested in a combining expenses and doing a road trip I would love to go. 
  10. Welcome to the West Side - Under New Management

    I have wondered about your commute thinking it is similar to mine at about an hour each way.  I am jealous of the job change and bet you and your family are happy!  Congratulations!    I will continue to try to make it to the West Side lunches but it always depends on the work load to get away
  11. T-Shirts Ordering - Last Call

    Your shirts were included in the order.  I will send you a message about payment.
  12. Official Mega Event Photographer Needed

    TXSunflower said she might be intersted in taking photos.  Do you still need someone?
  13. T-Shirts Ordering - Last Call

    The shirts were ordered.    I will be receiving them on the 3rd and will bring them with me to hand out Friday afternoon/evening.
  14. T-Shirts Ordering - Last Call

    Now that you say that,,,, hhmmmm   I have an idea of what he may be showing that to but I leave it to others imaginations. 
  15. T-Shirts Ordering - Last Call

    The shirts are going to be $7.10 each.   I will be working on sending e-mails out this evening with totals and how to get payment to me.  I originally had thought the payments could be sent with out a fee but it looks like they have fixed it so depending on how you pay, you may owe a fee.  Since I am not technically selling these, I would be asking you to send your payment by marking that you are sending to a friend or family member - you would have to pay a fee if you pay by credit or debit card.  If you have an account or it pulls from your bank account then no fee.   The e-mail address for my paypal account is (there is an _ underscore between the chef and kimmo) for those of you who want to pay by Paypal before I can send an e-mail.   I am willing to meet people at 1) near my work which is near 45 and Beltway 8, 2) near my home which is south of 290 and Hwy 6, 3) if you are going to LogDawgs event tomorrow I will try to make it there over lunch.  If it is the last one, please tell me so I can coordinate making sure I get there.