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  1. BlockParty 2015

    Hi all, it has been a while since I posted in here but since I have made plans to attend the Block Party, I wanted to see who else going. I was going to drive and considered renting a camper for the trip but then decided that the time to drive there and back would take too much of my vacation days so airplane tickets are booked for us, hotel is reserved and I just need to rent a car. If anyone else is going and want to meet up some while there, Brandon & I would love to share the experience.
  2. Need help hosting event for out of towner

    I agree with Dangerkitties... I work too far away so I can't make those events. Looking forward to seeing when it would be.
  3. This weekend...Paul D Rushing Park

    I was typing as you posted that you got your 100. Congratulations!!! It was about at 100 when I got a little crazy about caching.
  4. This weekend...Paul D Rushing Park

    I saw that she posted some caches this afternoon. I hope she liked it. It is interesting to read the thread and hope you all have enjoyed your visits. I was planning to go out and repair one of the caches tomorrow morning. It is still there but much easier than the rating since it what holds the container broke. Glad it didn't fall into the water though. If you decide to go back and continue looking and you see people out there with two big white dogs, it will be me
  5. Look who I bumped into today while caching!

    too cute.. a couple of them have crossed-eyed down pretty good. I hope their eyes don't stick like that!!
  6. Instagram & Trackables

    Yeah, after posting this and reading others replies I realized I really don't care. The person who posted the trackables he found on Instagram is the only one and frankly if that is how they find them no biggie to me. Like mentioned, I have been given lists from people which is easier to enter the numbers. It is so hard to read the numbers on the trackables that I would prefer to get the list but then that might "cheating" if you don't actually see the TBs. I agree cheating on what so I am happy to have a list and go with the few I get numbers when I am out and about. THanks for all your input.
  7. Last Chance Magellan Raffle

    I bought one a few weeks ago. Brandon has been begging me for a GPS so this would be nice to win but I only bought one out of how many sold?!?!

    Interesting that I see you posted this some time ago and there has been no posts. Guess I will start by saying it is a long time between now and then but I would be happy to help. I have organized and helped organize a few events in my volunteer world but don't want to say to what extent I will do what until I know more.
  9. Lone Star Round Up September 14-15

    I have had other things going on and this snuck up on me. It is almost 5:30 on Friday and I am thinking we may load up and leave early in the morning. ahhh, to go .... or not... thinking so... I need to call for some hotels and I guess that will help me make up my mind.
  10. Berty tube caps

    I found that the 20 oz. vitamin water bottles work. They are Kroger brand and were on sale 2 for $1.00
  11. Seen while out Caching.

    I saw that... Think they showed a picture of Beyonce in front of it
  12. Florida Trip

    I wanted to stop by and say just the couple of these suggested we found today we had a great time. We got started later than expected so didn't stop for as many as I had hoped but making plans for them on our way back. Mom has cached with me before but reading about the virtuals and earth caches had her saying she now has time for this, help get me signed up. She is no longer a muggle I suppose!
  13. Houston Control

    Larry, Brandon and I have you in our thoughts and prayers. Hope you are doing better real soon.
  14. August Souvenirs

    LOL, I had one that needed moving so unless someone out there was counting no one knows there is still one to be published. I found a new home last night for it and will submit the new coords tonight.... so you FTF chasers will have an opportunity for another one.... well, depending how long it takes to publish it might count for this month - or maybe not.
  15. August Souvenirs

    It seems the flag series turned out to be something people have enjoyed for this challenge. I enjoy reading the logs and knowing I could help others. I have to drive a bit further on some but we keep finding them day by day.