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  1. August Souvenirs

    Day 2 down. BanditDad & BanditBoy did Day 1 & Day 2 while I was at work. Feel left out. It's the first time they've GC'd without me! LOL Going to get payback while BanditDad is at work & BanditBoy is elsewhere tomorrow! Bahaha! Can't let them out-do me! Happy Caching everyone!
  2. Trip to Hawaii

    Aloha! Well, my trip to Hawaii was wonderful! Thanks for all for all of the tips & suggestions! Grabbed a total of 11 GC's while there. Was able to do (2) EarthCaches also- Nakalele Blowhole (Maui) and Diamond Head (Oahu). Hiked Diamond Head and the view was spectacular! Would have done the one at Punchbowl, but I was on a Tour Bus and didn't have the opportunity to get off and wander around. Definitely have to go back to Hawaii and grab some more!
  3. Trip to Hawaii

    I'm traveling to Hawaii in June. I will be in Honolulu and on Maui during my visit. Have any of you GC'd in Hawaii before and are there any GC's that you would recommend? I was looking at the website and there are so many! Thanks!
  4. Phases of Cache Hunting

    Too funny! I was shaking my head in agreement the whole time I read this! Thanks for the laugh!
  5. Puzzle Cypher Caches

    Thanks! I finally figured it out late last night after hitting Google. Found several sites that helped with different types of Ciphers. Now the puzzle ciphers might not be as hard. LOL
  6. New to Geocashing and Texas.

    Starting off doing the urban caches is good. Me & the Boy do those. We save the bushwhacking ones for when Dad is with us. He's my snake detector! LOL Our dog's pretty good about sniffing things out too. We've only been GC a couple of months and we haven't seen any snakes yet and I'd like to keep it that way! LOL Have seen and come across lots of spider webs. On our last Cache Outing, I found a snake skin on the way back out. That kind of creeped me out, but it was only the skin. We've also found a small animal skull (Opossum?) that the Boy had to have to take back to school and show everyone. We always wear jeans and take lots of bug spray. We also bought gardening gloves to help with the bushwhacking. We've come across alot of sticker bushes and vines. Just ease your way into the harder ones. Once you do one, you'll love it!
  7. Puzzle Cypher Caches

    Been GC for a couple of months now and we've done the "easy ones" so far. After our first cache we were hooked! Found one that we want to try and tackle. It's a puzzle cache. Never having done a puzzle cache before we are kind of at a loss. We've tried the "opposite alphabet" method and that's not it. The puzzle is an "alpha puzzle". Any suggestions? Haven't been able to make it to any Meet & Greets yet. Would love to meet fellow cachers and get some tips!
  8. Premium Membership. We started GC a couple of months ago and are hooked. We "splurged" and did the Premium Membership. I get daily emails about new ones popping up. I think it was only $30/year.