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  1. Travelling with Pathtags

    Thanks everyone! See you soon!
  2. Travelling with Pathtags

    Too funny, cachestacker! The delay is definitely what I am trying to avoid!
  3. Travelling with Pathtags

    LOL, HC! I'll try and blend in a little better tomorrow. We will be passing through TW around 10:15am on our way to IAH if anyone wants us to pick up a TB to go to the Montreal area. I would be willing to stop at TW Mall and meet.
  4. Travelling with Pathtags

    Howdy friends! We miss everyone! Hopefully we will be back around soon, as our boy is 10 months now, and has a much longer tolerance level for car rides. Jeff and I are travelling to Canada tomorrow, so I wanted to ask if anyone else has experience with taking pathtags on a flight. When we went to Wyoming last year, my carry-on bag was hand-searched both ways. The TSA agent on the way home told me it was because I had all of those "little round coins" in my bag. I plan on packing the pt's in my checked baggage this time, but I still don't want to trigger a search of my checked bags. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  5. Coin Collecting & Trackables

    Hey, HC, I would love to discover one of Mou10bikes coins. I hear they are legendary. Maybe at thc next event. Also Snoogans has a full philosophical essay on the issue of travel bugs traveling on has you wish. Check it out!
  6. Looking for a dog geocoin

    Love it! The icon is super-cute! I can't wait to meet Sam!
  7. Looking for a dog geocoin

    I'll keep my eyes peeled for you! I am always looking for anything DOG!
  8. Looking for a dog geocoin

    The only place I have found dog geocoins is on EBay. Do a search for dog geocoins on eBay, and you will see several pop up.
  9. Four-legged friends

    Awwwww...Sam! I am sure you love him already! He is precious! That tongue! Congrats and TFS!
  10. Who's going to the UnNamed Event on September 15th?

    Have you told Jeff yet? LOL!!! He actually said he would be glad to!
  11. San Antonio and Maze

    Thanks for the report Gary! Those darn mummies!
  12. Who's going to the UnNamed Event on September 15th?

    Jeff and I will be there for the day and dinner on Saturday. We are participating in the bake off, with a little help from my geomom. Georeyna, we don't have a kayak, but we have a little aluminum boat we might bring. Maybe Jeff can do a shuttle from the island and back. HA!
  13. Seattle Block Party and Ape Event

    Cool! I kinda feel like I got to go there myself now! Thanks for sharing!
  14. My TB is a TV star!

    That is a fun video! Thanks for sharing! Congrats!
  15. San Antonio and Maze

    The opening of the maze is that Saturday, Sept. 29th, as far as I know. Thanks for the tip with Barney. I was kinda worried about bothering him, but it sounds like he will welcome the company if he is available.