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  1. Ecto1 added a post in a topic Cache of the Week June 10, 2013 - SETx   

    Easy as Pi is my favorite cache I have found.  It is a premium only cache and My wife and I found it with my son we all dropped our jaws when we put one and one together.  Bear in the Woods is equally amazing tough call for me.
  2. Ecto1 added a post in a topic Snake encounters of the scary type   

    Ran into this sucker in The Woodlands just about 6 inches above a cache.  The scary thing is i did not notice him/her until i placed the cache back in its original location.

  3. Ecto1 added a post in a topic I would like to "adopt a spot" for Houston Geocaching Society...   

    If it is a Highway here s the link
    Here is for Harris County parks I think this one is cool
  4. Ecto1 added a post in a topic Caching on business trip in Houston   

    Everyone is going to have their opinion on where to shop for computers.  Right now Best Buy has that model on sale.{adtype}:{network}&s_kwcid=PTC!pla!{keyword}!{matchtype}!{adwords_producttargetid}!{network}!{ifmobile:M}!{creative}
    You are going to look to pay about 8% in tax here in Houston.  I would not expect there to be any great deals in June but there will be some sales because of all the High School Graduations.  I worked in Electronics retail for some time and can tell you from experience the best month to buy a laptop price wise is August due to the back to school sales.  But all summer there will be some kind of sale going on.  I am not sure on how shopping is in Denmark but here in Houston be prepared for the salesman trying to add on a lot of accessories and warranties because that is where the profit margin is.  In some cases a store will make more money off of the USB cable than the laptop.
    Here in Houston I would shop at Fry's, Best Buy, and Microcenter.
  5. Ecto1 added a post in a topic Keep Jones Beautiful II and Herman Little Park Cito   

    Pretty Sure I will be at Herman Little with the dog and kid
  6. Ecto1 added a post in a topic Longest since last find   

    Is it me or does a majority of these seem to be on the south side of town?  
  7. Ecto1 added a post in a topic General opinion on new container/"find" etiquette   

    Cool topic I contacted the owner of a cache a couple of months back and offered to replace the caches because he was no longer active.  
    My sons cub scout den made the replacements and placed them in the area.  He then contacted us and asked if we could just adopt the caches but has since stopped the communications.  I know number wise I am new to caching with only about 170 finds but do you see a lot of people with less than 10 finds put out caches and then just forget about them?  
    Sorry if I hijacked the tread a little. 
  8. Ecto1 added a topic in General Discussion   

    Could it have been a geocache?
    Saw this article...

    It looks like it could have been geocahce that has been discovered by muggles.
    here is the map from the article.  

    Here is the GEOCAHCES in the area...a couple of puzzles

    It also could be archived due to muggles...
    Just a thought on a slow day at work........
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  9. Ecto1 added a post in a topic Houston GeoCaching Society Geocoins   

    I would be interested in a couple
  10. Ecto1 added a post in a topic Found a missing cache....question?   

    Whoops downstream.....but I have meet somepeople in the woodlands who would tell you they can make water go upstream.
  11. Ecto1 added a post in a topic Found a missing cache....question?   

    Thanks for the great caches that led us to this location.  I did mark it as a find after all it was found.  I am going to go look at the location is was at and use common sense when replacing it.   
  12. Ecto1 added a post in a topic Found a missing cache....question?   

    You did call it a regular Nostradamus of the caching world.  I am going to let it dry repair the cache and attempt to place it back in a spot close to the original location as I can...paying attention to it not getting washed away this time if possible. 
  13. Ecto1 added a topic in Geocaching   

    Found a missing cache....question?
    Yesterday my daughter and I were out hunting for some of the new caches in the woodlands that had popped up in the last week.  We had a great time finding the Got Artifact series and were headed to the got Animal series off of Gosling.  Instead of walking back to the car we decided to bushwhack it.  We had to cross the creek and after walking up and down the creek we found a spot that a tree had fallen perfectly over it.  While crossing the creek I spotted this container out of the corner of my eyes.

    I took out the IPhone and searched but there was no geocache hidden at this spot.  The container had hooked itself to the fallen tree so my first thought was it was attached to the tree when it fell down.  When I get home I take the log out and let it dry.

    I can just make out Team Trog with a find date of 8-27-12 so I go and look up the date in his logs (thanks to CARMOPAL for the tip) and discover that this cache had traveled about 2.5 miles upstream.  The person who placed the cache has not been very active so I wrote them a note and left one on the cache as well.
     Does this count as a find?
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  14. Ecto1 added a topic in Scouting   

    Pack 262 Wolf Den Lake Houston Wilderness Park
    My son's cub scout pack had a great camp out this weekend at this cool park.  For those of you who have never been to this one it is a great camping destination with lots of trails and wildlife.  We set out two new caches as well as adopted and repaired two others.  There is a ton of things to do at the park the only down side is there is a 3 dollar per day use fee to walk the trails.  But if you are into camping you can get a great site for only 7 dollars or rent a whole area with 8 campsites for only 40 dollars a night.  
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  15. Ecto1 added a post in a topic   

    Google 5 - Bing 0