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  1. Kayak Areas near Baytown/Houston Area

    The series in the Old River area, noted above, still has the opportunity for a FTF at GC4E3JH. Went out in MrB's 'yaght' last year (got a bit shallow at times), very pretty area.
  2. Handy Picture Finding Tip

    After Dhaulaghiri explained this Google function at the 'saucer', I went home and tried it. WOW ! FANTASTIC. I needed to 'snip' the individual pictures since all 12 popes had been put into 1 'picture'. Found all of the Popes, by facial recognition, quick and easy. Now have all puzzles for Vatican City solved, just need to get there to claim the smilies.
  3. Longest since last find

    I parked at N29 43.264 W094 59.045 and just walked in. Drove by there several weeks ago. Terrain I mentioned was a security cars with staging 'pipe trucks'. Will check back again tomorrow morning, before the 'phoon', and see what it looks like.
  4. Longest since last find

    I might be up for it, since it's not too far from the house -- well, only 20 miles anyway. Maybe after BB's Meet and Greet event in Baytown? That works for me. I just RSVPed for Bert's event. Sounds good to me, have been considering going after the Cherry Creek caches for awhile. See you at the 'Phoon', Have also been looking at 'the eye' here in Baytown. The terrain getting to it has changed a bit and not sure how to get in there, but willing to go for it if anybody else is interested.
  5. Wherigo Builder

    Logged onto tablet and WIG accepted the code - no problem. Have had computer issues for several days. As of this morning I get an error message and can not get onto GC with my laptop.
  6. Wherigo Builder

    I have the completion code, computer does not want to accept it. Will try again
  7. Wherigo Builder

    Was down in that area, around noon, and after a bit of shopping for a new embroidery machine headed over to save the chicken. Had a plan of action and luckily it was right. Took less than 15 minutes to complete Cartridge ran perfectly but could not get the 'save' file to upload. Neat WIG. Kudos to the CO
  8. Butch and I just got home Sunday from a cruise to Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. We went with Royal Caribbean and followed a Carnival Ship to each of the same ports. A few easy caches are located near each port. There is a 'dive' cache in all three ports-easily assessable from the ship. I really wanted them, but my right hand is in a cast (geocaching has turned into a 'contact sport') and could not get it wet. We 'hired' a cab in both Roatan and Belize for a tour of the city and a ride to several other caches and cold brew. If you have not seen Mayan ruins, there is a cache at the top of one of the 'temples' in Belize and an easy one at the ruins in Cozumel. Rented a jeep in Cozumel last year and drove around the island for caches and brew on the beach. Settled for a few caches in town this time. For the Ms. there is a really neat shop that carves 'cameo' pendants, and other jewelry out of conch shells. Beautiful work and VERY inexpensive (of course there is also all of the highly advertised gem shops as well). Did the Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel trip last year with similar activities. Be brave, have fun and go for it!!!
  9. So is that how "Talon Trouble" (GC58E73) can sit right next to "into the Wild Black Yonder" (GC11qr9) multi. Was wondering how that happened?
  10. Post IN THE QUEUE teasers here

    Hmmmmm !
  11. Longest since last find

    "Cows Donkeys and Poo" and "Over The Rainbow" can be taken off the list - found in good shape this morning. Both in Highlands Reservoir
  12. ! Rambetta's Regatta !

    Save the date: Saturday, May 17, 2014 Load up you raft, canoe, kayak, scuba gear, boat or barge and take a scenic "3 mile tour" of Baytown's Cedar Bayou. A Hot Dog Picnic will follow....

    My thoughts and prayers to the family.
  14. Surface RT

    Thanks for the feedback, however, I realized when I bought it that the RT would be 'limited', but I wanted something strictly to travel with (cheap, small and lightweight) that I could check email and find/ log my caches. I got a 64GB with the keyboard for $300, and the ONLY thing on GC.com that it will not let me do is download individual caches from GC's map page (It does download pocket queries from the USB port (same as my home PC, and I do not use GSAK while I am traveling). It also provides a 'safety net' for storing my PQ's while out of town, just in case I have issues with the Garmin. For my purposes, I really like it, but thanks again for the input. It is definitely appreciated.
  15. Surface RT

    Bought a "Surface RT" and am able to get pocket queries thru GC.com and download them from it to my Garmin Oregon 450. Am also able to get the field notes from the Oregon 450 back to the Surface to log, but when I try to download individual caches from the map, I get a message that the software is 'not compatible' with my computer. Any suggestions