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  1. GSAK Use

    Guys, I downloaded GSAK (latest version. 8.X) last night and pulled in my 10 pocket queries which of course has some duplicate caches. My first question is does GSAK automatically delete the duplicate caches as you import the different queries? If not how do you tell it to do that? I can't find instructions online that are clear on this. The second is do you have to tell GSAK to merge the 10 different queries or does it does it automatically export everything loaded as 1 .gpx file? If you have to physically tell it to merge them prior to exporting how do you tell it to do it? Josh
  2. Kayaking on Lake Houston

    Ralph, You saved the day with the camera! I got so busy trying not to burn the dogs I only got 6 pictures. Awesome write up as well! We are already trying to figure out how to do a repeat in the fall on a different section of the lake. Josh
  3. 2017 Texas Geocaching Challenge - Tyler, Texas

    Roundup 2017 is in Abilene and hosted by West Texas....I call that central or north but hey whatever lol. 2018 Challenge is Denton hosted by North Texas.
  4. TEXAS Series in GBP - last winter season

    Mcguyvertwo and I need one on the X (DNF), the A, and the S. I know parking is closed on the east side but is it still possible to come in from the east side? We plan to do them but it will be mid February before I can do it due to moving.
  5. Strange Coordinate System

    Here is a decent and easy to understand article on GPS surveying: Here is a CalTrans document on GPS aacuracy requirements for different surveys. 5 mm is the most stringent requirement and used for monuments, etc.
  6. Strange Coordinate System

    Food for thought: After I saw the accuracy claim I called the surveyor I work with that surveys our deep water well locations (think surveying a spot 10,000' under water) subway tunnels, and surveys in the GPS systems on ships (ie he is one of the best surveyors in the world). He told me 2 things. The first is the most accurate survey possible is about 5 mm by waypoint averaging in 30 min increments over the course of the day to grab different satellite constellations and then performing post processing using tie in points for reference that have been surveyed multiple times over the years. The second is that there really is no "survey grade" GPS. Without the post processing our handhelds pulling off GLONASS, GPS, WAZ, etc are just as accurate if left to waypoint average for the same length of time. Without post processing he says the best accuracy to expect is ~ 3 ft. I confirmed this as he surveyed our farm for us with me clearing survey lines. At the GPS points he waypoint averaged at for 30 minutes and then post processed I can match within 3 to 6 ft if I waypoint average for 3 minutes. Team 150%
  7. Kayaking on Lake Bastrop

    Awesome trip....can't wait to grab the rest at Roundup!
  8. For outrunning gators on CLAPS?

    Kenny....see the max weight capacity limit on it? You and I aint gonna fit hahaha. Its interesting concept but a jet powered aluminum tunnel hull jon boat can do the same and more. Less draft, more load, more stability. The yak is maybe 100 lbs lighter but most arent going to be putting it on their car roof or pickup bed at ~175 lbs so they both end up on a trailer anyway. Josh
  9. Anybody Want to Adopt My Choo Choo Series?

    Thot....if you leave them in place a little longer myself and mcguyvertwo are going to do the series on a Saturday or Sunday soon. Unfortunately I live on NW side of town and rarely venture down town so I couldn't adopt / maintain them. Josh
  10. Strange Coordinate System

    I'm guessing it is a measured distance from a boundary line / point. We use a similar method to describe oil well locations within the lease section. Josh / Team 150%
  11. Repellents

    Thermocell's are awesome if you aren't moving like BB says. We use them regularly on our patio (one hung below my wife's and my chair). I also use them in the deer stand and the deer don't seem to smell them either but they do kick out a visible puff of "smoke" every once in a while. Josh
  12. Marking Caches in High Tree Cover

    Guys, im curious how yall grab your coordinates for caches placed under heavy tree cover? Do you: 1 - Grab one mark and hope for best? 2 - Grab multiple marks and average them? 3 - Grab mark in open area and step off adjustment? <--- What I usually do. 4 - Grab mark in open area and use tape for adjustment? 5 - Other Josh
  13. Oregon 450 or 450t?

    Anybody got an Oregon 450 or 450t they are looking to sell so they can upgrade? Mine just bit the dirt and while I have a 600 as well I prefer the interface and screen of the 450. Josh
  14. Oregon 450 or 450t?

    Bert, its the same one I mentioned in the other post. I had given up and resigned myself to buying a new one but the last try, after writing the above post, fixed it so its back in business. I still want to buy another as a backup however. Like you I have found I don't like the flat screen GPSs. I am constantly forgetting to lock the screen on my 600 and next thing I know it's telling me my altimeter reading or distance to Mt Everest. I rarely have that issue with 450. GASTX PM coming shortly. Josh
  15. Oregon 450 crashing on boot

    Resuscitating (sp) old post as it saved my Oregon 450t. I had tried both methods Bert (computer reboot) and cachestacker (finger in corner reboot) already with no success. I was about to give up when I found this post so I decided to try a combination of the two. Who knows why and I still can't explain how but it worked. Josh
  16. I10 East Caching

    Guys & Gals, Im planning a 66 county cache run along I10 when I travel back home to Georgia in April. Any recommendations for caches along I10 or within 1 county that just cant be missed? Josh
  17. I10 East Caching

    Troglodyte & cachestacker, Thanks for the recommendations and Ill definitely check those out. The Fountain of Youth Earthcache is actually off the same exit I usually make my last stop for gas at. Bert, Since those are so close to home Im going to save them for when I get over in the Baytown area. Ive actually already grabbed one passing through to cover that quad. Josh
  18. TEXAS Status

    Guys, Mcguyvertwo and I hit the TEXAS Series this morning. Biked out to near the top of the T and hit it, the E, and all of the X except the two in the southeast corner. Found all of them in good shape except a DNF at one on the northwest corner of the X. Overall Noble Road is flooded in loose mud, the T is flooded about 4 to 6 inches but clear for easy walking. The E is now a mixture of flood and briars. The X was mostly dry with LOTS of briars. The X took us the longest because the caches were harder to find in all the new growth. This area is going to be near impassable in a couple of years due to the briars. Finished grabbing all the caches back to parking at South Barker Cypress. Left parking near 6:30 AM and got back to truck at 2:00 PM. I left a chain in the tree where we stashed the bikes on Noble Road. If you are interested in using it PM me and I'll give you the coordinates. Josh
  19. TEXAS Status

    FamilieRyan, Wish I would have known. Mcguyvertwo and I are planning to cache the S and A on one of the next two weekends to finish off TEXAS. We could have handled maintenance run for you. Josh
  20. Tarpon 140

    Considering a getting a yak. Out of curiosity when you read the manufacturers max weight ratings do they tend to get them right, under estimate, or over estimate. I've seen comments both ways. I'm particularly interested if you have a Wilderness Systems kayak as it seems odd to me that the Tarpon 120, 140, and 160 all have similar max weight ratings. Yes I know the 120 is 2" wider than the 140 and 160 but still the ratings don't seem to correspond very well to me from a physics point of view (eg. The 140 and 160 have same rating). Josh
  21. Tarpon 140

    Kenny & Windknot, Thanks for all the great advice. As to the paddle I'm picking up a carbon fiber. I HATE a heavy paddle that works against me. Definitely agree on the Life Jacket. As for certification what do the teach other than paddling, reboarding, etc? the reason I ask is I already do water survival often enough for work! I learned long ago that crawling my big rear into life raft, boat, etc ain't easy and I better use all the tricks to my advantage hahaha! Definitely not looking forward to the 5 day North Sea class doing it in a dry suit! Josh
  22. Tarpon 140

    GASTX, Yeah looked at those and even the similar RIDEs that Wilderness had. I have never paddled either but all reports had them being more stable but slower than the Tarpons. Since I already have a fishing boat that will get in wherever I need I don't need one with enough stability to stand in and fish. I plan to only paddle (exercise) and cache out of the kayak so I I felt the Tarpon was a good middle ground between ease of paddling (speed) and stability. Josh FYI....there is a nicely outfitted Wilderness RIDE on Craig's List at a good price if anybody is looking. Josh
  23. Tarpon 140

    Amber, Definitely agree on the pushing to / from beach. I don't want to be toting or paddling anymore weight than I need but I do want a fairly stable ride without paddling a refrigerator. I thought about getting a 16 ft but it basically demands a trailer which makes a yak pointless for me as Ill just take my 17 ft Jon Boat, 24 volt trolling motor, 50 hP Mercury, and a Yeti 110 full of Silver Bullets lol (sorry couldn't resist). a guy what is that? :-) I could do the demo days but without full kit and rigged like I want I figure my past experience's and other peoples reviews are good enough. Just put in order for Tarpon 140 with rudder. Look on the plus side....if I end up not liking it then somebody on here will be getting a chance at a good deal! Thanks for the advice guys / gals. Josh
  24. Tarpon 140

    Kenny, What is "modest stature" to you lol? I go 250 myself and probably 300 with kit. Ive paddled a Tarpon 120 but it's been a while. Im just curious if the 12 is enough boat for me or do I need a 14. The weight ratings say it doesn't matter but my intuition say otherwise. I've read reviews where some 300 lb guys say the 120 is plenty and others sware the 140 isn't big enough. Josh
  25. TEXAS Status

    Tuba Dude, Yeah Ive had my eye on it. Not sure if I will make it. If we do try to finish Texas this weekend we will probably start earlier than the event (~6:15 AM head into park) as we lack more caches than yall do. Also we will probably start on the S and cache going west.