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  1. New to Geocashing and Texas.

    oh, and you can't stay in your house... hurricanes love to find you there. say, got a bookmark to the beginner's luck series? on edit: nevermind.
  2. New to Geocashing and Texas.

    fire ants. worst. critter. ever. watch where you're standing- even if it's not on a mound. especially if it's wet, or a mnound is nearby, or you're still in texas fire ants. fire ants
  3. LSHT here we come

    Boy, I had NO idea what a day I was in for. 7 miles never seemed so long, and my ankles paid for it!! I'll have to upload the before and after pics of the kids... That said, it was a great time even though the last couple legs were more about getting though it than the beautiful scenery. I'm going to invest in a lightweight camp seat to take along on longer treks like this. WP#2 is as you describe. In fact, after teaching them about the types of trees, I got grief over the tree the WPcache was on NOT being as the hint suggested. Kids. It's close enough since it was leaning on one. WP#2 was by far the roughest of the 4 stops. The recent rain had the ground very soft and there was a lot of sinking feet. And it was a weird GPS deadspot for me and the pointer kept jumping by 50+feet in different directions and the fone had no signal either. Then came the fun lesson with a newish GPS and trying to get back to the trail. I'm now quite familiar with the track feature But on the way to WP#3 the stars aligned, the GPS read true, and all was good. So the kids really liked WP#1, I really liked #3. All of them were nice and dry with plenty of the 'next WP' papers. Oh, and I guess the final hint doesn't make sense to kids these days. I'm NOT that old, I'm NOT that old.... I think newbies should run this loop before placing caches of their own. We spent this morning in parking lots before coming home. I guess if it's a numbers game then spending time going from light pole to light pole makes sense. but the kids even got bored with that so we came on home. But they want to do more like the OCL again. It was simply more fun to find. TFTC!
  4. LSHT here we come

    This time tomorrow I hope to be relaxing somewhere on the North side after conquering the 1 cache with 4 stops (and a couple side smilies). If all goes well we'll try some of the element series on our way back Saturday (though honestly I hate the idea of not doing the whole series at once... a little OCD i guess). Looking forward to a beautiful day hike!
  5. cache supplies store?

    Recognizing I'm still a newb, I have seen several official looking cache logs in sizes that aren't available on the GC website. Is there a place local here in Houston or another online source people frequent for such things? I recognize a simple scrap of paper works, but if there's a place experts like to go for nicer logs and such, I'd love to hear about it. Oh, and apparently Hello Kitty duct tape is NOT appropriate for cache camo unless it's in one of my daughters' rooms. Or so I've been informed.
  6. It 's this coming weekend we were going to try. Depends on how muich whining I get on the LSHT Friday! But I think you can bike on the levees (not on the lsht) so we may bring them along and just get a nice ride of the water is too much.
  7. We're hoping this week sees minimal rain. After the One Cache Loop on the LSHT this coming frida, we were hoping to knock out the elements on Saturday. But MAn it poured hard here in Pearland. Wonder how long it takes the bayous and levee to reasonably drain?
  8. GPS Help!

    several threads on this in the garmin forums. garmin wants you to use basecamp, and that seems to work every time. But there are lots of people having to delete, reboot gps, add, reboot..... sometimes multiple times. I already had basecamp open for adding maps (which the topo still won't show when enabled) and it worked fine. it was a little slow importing the gpx files, but whatever.
  9. Delorme PN-60 or other suggestions for paperless GPS?

    Hey guys, I have the oregon 450 and am considering returning it for the base model 62. thoughts on the 62 overall? The oddities you've found still bugging you? The interface on the 450 is too mickey mouse and half the time I just look at my fone for the details so I don't have to constantly navigate away from the map on the 450. Oh, and the 450 eats batteries.
  10. Society of Better Swag

    Here's a vote for premium membership... did a pocket quiery for caches near me only of the *large* size... in the hopes large would mean more interested swag. I was NOT disappointed. And while I didn't take anything, I felt great about putting in a nice thing of my own. Thanks beinlause!
  11. Society of Better Swag

    Note to self: stalk ALL GC friends of KeyResults I usually tnln when I'm on my own, and the kids have left some of their toys...... I guess the hope would be to swag by example. It's the trash that I just don't get. The log is enough evidence you were there. now for the fone taps...
  12. Society of Better Swag

    Fully recognizing that I'm fairly new to the sport, I'm totally lost on what people think is appropriate for swag. Used bottlecaps? a rock? advertisements? Frankly I'd prefer a TNLN than a penny. So call me a charter member of the SOBS (society of better swag) because if I were to advertise my business I'd at least do it with a bottle opener or pen or some other fun, useful thing. Today alone I CITO'd a 2 year old business magnet calendar, paper straw wrapper, some torn up stick-on letters, and a bent beer bottle cap. I also notice the number of trackables that are going missing. Am I just being a crab? I love seeing the little dinosaurs and other fun things for the kids- though I leave that stuff for the next cacher. Maybe I'm bad at choosing which caches to go after? I have a bunch of fun swag things I was going to start putting out, but if people are going to leave trash in trade, then I'll just be the SOB(s) who TNLN. So all kidding with the name aside, has this always been the way? If not, how can we up the ante on the swagstakes?
  13. Night caches require a lot of maintenance!

    Ha, no good cache goes unpunished. I actually think here in pearland they lurk on GC sites to find all the places that haven't been deforested, bulldozed, rezoned, paved, or otherwise developed. But newbs llike me appreciate all the hard work people like you do so that we will have good, challenging caches when we grow up
  14. Dakota20 or Oregon450 to replace EVO

    I'm rapidly closing on a 450.... now to watch prices. I've heard cabelas will have a sale soon, but they're no where near. Basspro never seems to have competitive prices. Looks like I watch amazon for a bit (which means plenty of time to change my mind a dozen times ) Thanks for the input Katz and everyone