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  1. West Texas and Cell coverage--

    sweet, lot of great advice, now Mel has some work to do, planning the trip and downloading GPX files and downloads, gather snake repellants.....and well a drone alert app would be even better. MB, we might just take the truck on this run..... Funny story, 2 years ago we ventured out to one of the state parks in the valley and pulled over to grab a cache and well, out of NO WHERE came a border patrol SUV and we slammed the door and keep on, no smiley for us...
  2. Fellow Cacher'ss, anyone gone out I-10 towards El Paso.. did you have coverage, did you have dead spots... concerns on Terrain... critters....speed traps....
  3. We Rock! Challenge Score Information

    I feel much like everyone else, glad to see the scores, but clearly don't understand how the spreads came to play. I know there were 5pt FTF chickens so some teams spreads could be in part to that. but if each team went to the cache and punched the cache.. scores should me much closer for teams.. I am glad you shared with us tonight.....I am very curious to see the cards and then to compare folks in each team to see what was missed....we kept a tally and our team with the value points that were to have been given and the amount we found, should have had 343 322 isn't too far off for us.... I am still very proud of how SETX played...
  4. 12th Annual Texas Challenge Trackable

    Cant wait for the scorecards!!!

    We are not in Favor of GBP either for a Texas challenge- we would not compete in that park....There are a lot of great state parks that could work...and all our state parks could use the boost with the funds that have been cut over the years.... with the amount of geo campers that come and hotels that have been built..Galveston state park could work... it could be a urban/state park combo challenge and if they ever split the challenge into novice and experienced, could be a great venue with beach and woods...... just an opinion....
  6. We Got Silver

    Absolutely had an amazingly fun time at the event this year, our SETX team went full blast, seems like I saw more pink out at the caches and was great to be able to help each other In passing to get more caches and stamp more logs... there was the usual drama from other teams... but we had a blast this year... Thanks Just Keely for a great job!
  7. Trackables and length held

    Well we are guilty of the "every cache dips" and some of that is driven over the years of learning some of the TB's are on races and some just so they can see where the TB's are at and where they end up. To reply to your question, "Move it the next time I go caching if it will fit" generally is applied...while most bring to events to be discovered, we usually do not, we will "discover" the large ones that we have learned over the years we will have trouble re- dropping off at a cache, or will pick others up to help move them along. I cant tell you how many times we get to a cache with that " large" inventory of TB's or coins and find NOTHING...that is one of the reason we have not released any into the wild.... I cant tell you how many times we have found TB's in containers that were never correctly dropped, and we have picked up and moved along. We had one cacher email all HAPPY, he had given up ever seeing his TB and we found it in the middle of nowhere in a cache that rarely gets visitors and wasn't listed to be in that cache. One standard we like are the TPWD caches that are ammo cans and large enough and maintained caches that don't normally come up missing and you will find we will drop off TB's for the next soul that makes that hike, and will gain them a surprise. Overall I agree that TBS are not treated very well for some reason....
  8. Is it time for a SETX Team mascot change?

    We have attended several events and this very topic was brought up. It can be uncomfortable to see the same team divided. As any organization grows in membership so should the group’s willingness to make changes. I have read several of the comments posted and I don’t think 2Kats wrote anything that others have not discussed at different events. I do not know anything about the SETX Board or even if we have one. Is this a topic that can be brought before a board and voted on? I think it would be cool to have members submit team names and logos to be voted on by all SETX members. That way everyone can have a say and the organization can move forward and become a more cohesive team. I did see that not all people embraced the pink shirts. I even seen that the NTN wore there own shirts...So really we had 3 groups out supporting there own cause. Just another reason why the logo issue should be resolved before next years event. I believe that if more people made casual cachers feel more welcome to compete in the challenge and didnt make them feel like they are not good enough we would have more people competing instead of sitting on the sidelines. North Texas truely represents there region and it would be nice to see SETX follow suit!!!! .

    Thanks Parker for sharing....
  10. Who's going to the UnNamed Event on September 15th?

    HC and Georeyna, can i get some popcorn and peanuts to go with all this extra entertainment?
  11. Who's going to the UnNamed Event on September 15th?

    We are in on the shuttle !!!
  12. GPS Adventure Maze Coming to San Antonio

    sad news...
  13. San Antonio and Maze

    wow, thats sad news....
  14. Who's going to the UnNamed Event on September 15th?

    Georeyna, I wish I had a Kayak to bring....
  15. San Antonio and Maze

    The Toliet seat museum is amazing, had a lot of fun, Barney is amazing to just stop and listen too.