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  1. I'm also still a member of the group - since May 1, 2014.
  2. We have three reviewers in Texas now, it seems. Two to publish new caches and one to archive.
  3. Looks like we'll be cancelling the 'Caching with an Android device' seminar as no one has stepped up to host. Too bad, so sad.
  4. Come on SETX, we really need someone to step up and help host this session!!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. I sure would like to come along!! I need 1/2 of the X, the A and the bottom of the S as I got the top portion of the S last year. It was brutal as I had my daughter (an adult, but not a real hiker) and my sis who isn't used to bushwacking. I was the only one with flishlights, so we had to stop and head back to our vehicle via the creek (thank goodness it was dry!) or we never would have made it out before dark!
  6. So very sad, but I believe the right call. Looks like I'll place our new 'decor' in the yard prior to the rain hitting today. No photo's from me to keep our newest addition(s) a surprise for the makeup paddle. All is not lost as KR may have a different idea/opinion!
  7. Remember the day you were that confused person who scratched his head and didn't have a clue?!
  8. Wrong side of town or I may consider.
  9. Oh man, wish any of these were even remotely near me or I would take some (up 249/Tomball area).
  10. How cool is that???!!!!! I want on too!!!
  11. I suggest renting (there are a number of kayak rental facilities around town) a sit in and a sit on top, then determine which one YOU like better. For me, it's a sit on top.
  12. Eeeeewwww! I'm ok with bugs, but that is just creepy and neat at the same time!
  13. That was a really cool house!