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  1. GBP TEXAS - soda tubes on tallows

    I have a cache that stays under water 365 days out of the yr and it is still the original soda tube after 4 yrs.  Soda tubes do have there place.  I would think the pelican case's would be too costly on on a series.  My little P&G series in LA is over 90 % soda tubes and it seems like everyone is ok with them.   Could be worse.  They could have drove a piece of rebar in the ground then put a magnetic nano on to of it.  Found one like that in the  Angelina National Forest.  And at that put I said " who puts a nano in a Forest."  
  2. Running Up the Numbers

    Me and PromedRick did the 242 series  and I finished the day off with 100 finds that day.   Around the lakes  THEPASTOR has alot.  We did 120 in a day up there and then Promed went back another day and did 180.   The   ELEMENT series  out towards Katy could be done in a day or two  Think its like 99 caches  but what til it has not been raining.  The Claps event  on the 12 would be one I would recommend.  Wish I could go this year. Depends on where ya live, But Baytown has an nice little series I enjoyed doing another day we got over 100.  BaytownBurts . 
  3. May the 4th Be with you. GC4V331

    People who show up monday at 6 with star wars related things might get a treat.  
  4. I might be a little lost but is gz at a fair ground? How close is camping?
  5. SETX Gang Octoberfest 2014

    Did you order them through the link on this thread or the gang's facebook page?  If so you have to pay for them then.  I'll try to get with the T-Shirt Lady and find out.
  6. CLAPS Cachin' on the Bayou Post-Mega Paddle Event

    Ok but what if it was a GSAK class and the people knew nothing about computers.  Then I could see it the other way  T 1 / D 5.
  7. CLAPS Cachin' on the Bayou Post-Mega Paddle Event

    Congrats cachestacker,  You are now in my club.  After I had PR over turned by Groundspeak < Which they told me they didn't over turn PR's decisions when the letters started>  Now PR just archives/ disables everyone of my caches before he publishes them and I have to email back and forth with him so he will publish them.  So I have started hiding in LA.  
  8. . Now, now. If I was to hide and evil hide it would have to be under some chicken poo. Who would look under all that. Are you strap the evil hide to the back of a fighting roster and let it just walk the streets with the rest.
  9. Texas Challenge 2014 - Private board access

    It's so when they try and figure out how to cheat the system the other teams don't know.
  10. CLAPS Holiday Lights Nighttime Paddle Event & CITO

    Note to self. Before driving from beaumont to do more Claps check the tide report.
  11. CLAPS Holiday Lights Nighttime Paddle Event & CITO

    Even the Cap'n showed his face.
  12. CLAPS Holiday Lights Nighttime Paddle Event & CITO

    The cap'n is just crazy enough to show up.
  13. CLAPS Holiday Lights Nighttime Paddle Event & CITO

    I was going to paddle behind all of you but I am not that good at dodging things in a yak.  
  14. CLAPS Holiday Lights Nighttime Paddle Event & CITO

    Bert will be  pushing us of after he partakes in some rum.   How many turtles will be at the launch spot?
  15. CLAPS Holiday Lights Nighttime Paddle Event & CITO

    From what I have seen at a minimum you have to have a white lantern or light so as to avoid a collision from another craft.  This came from TXPW website.   Paddling at night: Remember that you must carry one bright white light that can be exhibited in time to prevent a collision. It is recommended that you carry a lantern, flashlight, or other attached white light that will be visible from 360 degrees. Regulations state that canoes, kayaks, and all other manually driven vessels shall exhibit sidelights and a sternlight, and shall exhibit at least one bright light, lantern, or flashlight from sunset to sunrise when not at dock.