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  1. Cache Control added a topic in Software Search
    Not sure if everyone knows but the old search is back.   When you click on play and the new search pops up look in the lower right corner of the picture.  A link to take me to old search is there.
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  2. Cache Control added a post in a topic Geotour rape by GS   

    What I find sad about it is that I only see tours that within 3 hours of my home. Brenham and Homa  are the only two that show in the little window of advertising on .   So they pay the money to advertise to what I would call locals.   Why waste the money.
  3. Cache Control added a post in a topic Houma GeoTour or Trinity Trails GeoTour   

    I have done neither one but have heard this.      
        Tiffany Hamilton Doyen with Deborah Buswell May 22 at 4:25pm Just wanted to pass on some words of wisdom about the Trinity Trails Geocaching Adventure GeoTour in Fort Worth. If you have your sights set on that tour, take the time beforehand to check the logs. It requires you to find at least 25 of the 30 caches to receive a geocoin. DJBTex and I attempted this tour while in the DFW area last week for my work conference. At this time, there are less than 25 good caches available. Many of the caches have multiple DNF's, and they aren't being maintained. It's really a sad situation because this tour has great potential. I've never attempted a geotour that was in such bad shape - and this one is brand new!
  4. Cache Control added a topic in Events   

    May the 4th Be with you. GC4V331
    People who show up monday at 6 with star wars related things might get a treat.  
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  5. Cache Control added a post in a topic Challenge Cache Moratorium   

    Would challenge cache that require you to find 1 of seven types in a day up to a six of seven types be the types you consider a bit far fetched? Guess a puzzle that published 8/11/14 that has yet to get a find on is as well. Lol
  6. Cache Control added a post in a topic S P A M arrrrrrrrrggggg   

    Does that mean I'll be able to Email ya for a hint on GCNP2K
     East Texas’ Hardest Mystery Cache
      I mean you did say I could not get help from other finders.  Didn't see anything about help from the cache owner.
  7. Cache Control added a post in a topic External GPS signal booster   

    I know its not the same but for those that have the I-Pad <my i-pad mini>  with out GPSr I use this.     I used it alot.   Even makes Wherigo's easier on the bigger screen.
  8. Cache Control added a post in a topic Wherigo Builder   

    Just built one this weekend.   Went out in the rain with Mudfrog for him to try it out before I publish it.    He used my Oregon 550 and had no problem but one.   I used my Ipad mini with out the built in GPS but I did have the bad elf plugged into it   Had a little lag on the zones but it worked good.  I like this builder so far.
  9. Cache Control added a post in a topic Two new Souvenir's Coming up...   

    Having fun with PR.      "
    Cache Control
    Premium Member

     Post Reviewer Note 03/01/2015 Ok per your request I have changed the difficulty rating from a 1.5 to a 1 which I do not agree with since it will be a crowded area and new cachers will not know for sure who we are. As far as naming where it is I am following the rules set forth in " It contains the name of a business or commercial product. Examples include: "Check out Mac's Beef house nearby, my favorite local BBQ spot!". There for I have chose not to list the name. Please inform me if I need to change anything else. Thank you Cache Control.
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     Temporarily Disable Listing 02/28/2015 This appears to be inside a mall. You might want to name the location. Also, why is the Difficulty > 1?
  10. Cache Control added a post in a topic Bogus TB Discovery Logs   

    That's like all the pics I have taken at the last two texas challenges bet yet to log. By now I figure what's the point they will think I just found a list. But what is real funny is when a tracable that has only left my house once gets looked every couple months a while back by the same cacher in our area. I just laugh every time I see her in person.
  11. Cache Control added a post in a topic Team Captain for Texas Challenge 2015 - just a few months away!   

    I might be a little lost but is gz at a fair ground? How close is camping?
  12. Cache Control added a post in a topic Cost of Ammo Cans   

    Had a friend a while back with a 50 trailer said he would go to the dallas one and back to bmt for 400.  I thought about it. But like you HC where would I store them??
  13. Cache Control added a post in a topic Houston Arboretum Event 1/10/15   

    And does anyone know if they have a cache in the parking lot so I can find the place? Gc#
  14. Cache Control added a post in a topic Houston Arboretum Event 1/10/15   

    Rain or shine? Hummmmmm. 31 degrees freezing rain. Sound like my type of caching event. I might have to sign up for this.