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  1. I Just Made a Wherigo Cartridge

    IO never had that problem with Ranger fox's. I moved mine several times til I got what I wanted.
  2. I Just Made a Wherigo Cartridge

    Ok Like HC said on the stages, As long as you dont place anything physical the 528 ft rule matters not. On the emulator that is easy. Just zoom out till you see the icon that kinda looks like munzee thing. < I hate Munzee by the way.> It is green with a person inside it. Move it to the 1st zone and then the action's will take place. I have played with that a little here and there. I am not a professional Wherigo'er like HC I only have created 2 wherigo's. As far as having them get the cache before completing the cartridge I will say you will be disappointed. Alot of them never give codes even after you have completed them. Then when people gwet the code they very rarely imput the code on's site. They are more for the smilely than the completion code, And the way groundspeak is you can not have alternate logging requirements, Hope this helps.
  3. Two Copies of a Travel Bug in Circulation?

    I have released the same trackable of my Columbian mammoth which I have several mammoths I bought clearanced out. They keep going missing. Right now I have not released it again.

    We will water board ya if you stop.

    It is one Place I never wanted to see go. I do not like change. So sad that the rest of the Caching community does not feel the same way, So much easier to find the things you are looking for. If so, it will truly be missed.
  6. Kayackers Alert

    I do not have a seatbelt on my yak. I say not for me.
  7. FTF Promotion

    What is sad is I took NEw Cachers out during the time frame. To find caches I already found. Did I get it??? No!!! Do I care? Not really. They took the WWF one away but yet they Give one for almost any thing now adays they are nothing to be proud of these days. Hate to say it. Just my two cents. I'll go play in my corner of this round room now.
  8. GC6PQZC SETX Gang Octoberfest 2016

    This years Octberfest is here. This coming weekend <Oct. 7-9> if you are looking for 5 different events come on out and join the fun at GC6PQZC SETX Gang Octoberfest 2016
  9. Anybody Want to Adopt My Choo Choo Series?

    LilSpitFire has been wanting to ride the train every time she comes with me to MD An. I have my mind off caching most of the time. This might be a fun little ride. Hope you don't archive to soon.
  10. Death of a Local Favorite???????

    It is sad to say we have lost another Geocaching website. With myself and just a couple more hits a month the SETXGANGs web page was taken down. I hope this one does not follow.
  11. Forum decline

    I like the forums more facebook. I might not respond on here but it is so much easier to find info I need,
  12. Final coordinates for geowyz's 23-SUR

    Yes please PM them to me
  13. GBP TEXAS - soda tubes on tallows

    I have a cache that stays under water 365 days out of the yr and it is still the original soda tube after 4 yrs. Soda tubes do have there place. I would think the pelican case's would be too costly on on a series. My little P&G series in LA is over 90 % soda tubes and it seems like everyone is ok with them. Could be worse. They could have drove a piece of rebar in the ground then put a magnetic nano on to of it. Found one like that in the Angelina National Forest. And at that put I said " who puts a nano in a Forest."
  14. Running Up the Numbers

    Me and PromedRick did the 242 series and I finished the day off with 100 finds that day. Around the lakes THEPASTOR has alot. We did 120 in a day up there and then Promed went back another day and did 180. The ELEMENT series out towards Katy could be done in a day or two Think its like 99 caches but what til it has not been raining. The Claps event on the 12 would be one I would recommend. Wish I could go this year. Depends on where ya live, But Baytown has an nice little series I enjoyed doing another day we got over 100. BaytownBurts .
  15. Search

    Not sure if everyone knows but the old search is back. When you click on play and the new search pops up look in the lower right corner of the picture. A link to take me to old search is there.