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  1. Alright, I am jumping on the camping bandwagon now that I am confident I can. Can anyone spot me a place for 2 or 3 people, one tent? Naturally we'll chip in fees. I am sure we'll do Friday night and potentially Saturday night as well.
  2. Hunstville State Park home of TC2011

    Neat! Usually the challenges are too far for me to make a weekend trip to. Last time I went was the Brazos Bend event. Looking forward to being able to make it to this one.
  3. Club UFO: Fiddler's Elbow

    I need a good beer. I think this lunch doesn't work with my work schedule next week, but will join if I can. ...I could really go for a good beer.
  4. NICE. I have only been to one, and we certainly didn't win that. We hadn't won in some time, had we? I went when it was at Brazos Bend. SETX seemed more interested in hanging out and chilling, rather than being all uptight about winning. I preferred that, but figured we'd never win with that attitude
  5. Texas State Park Geocache Challenge

    Nov64, I don't think I could devote myself to a park at this particular time, as I am about to graduate from college, but if they have you do any activities in Hunstville SP in the coming months, please give me a shout. I am happy to assist the Huntsville portion and would gladly participate in any presentations if there were any. -Cameron
  6. Astros Game Anyone?

    I could go any of those days. Chose the 1st though, cause its sooner -Cameron 
  7. Kingwood Library Geocaching Introduction Seminar

    We had a good turnout, Thanks everyone who was able to attend, -Cameron
  8. Introduction To Geocaching Seminar 11:00 am Saturday, December 9, 2006 Kingwood Public Library Welcome new geocachers! Several Kingwood geocachers are hosting an introductory seminar on Saturday, December 9th at 11:00 am. There will a presentation about geocaching, samples of geocaches to view, and afterwards we will take a short walk and find some actual geocaches. Bring a GPS unit if you have one. There will be a few GPS units available to borrow. The presentations should take less than an hour. The introductory caching event afterwards will take about one more hour. ------------------------------------------------- Waypoint and Link. GCZ5MV We of course are trying to get a good turnout. Any help with that would be great! -Cameron
  9. Texas Challenge

    Hate to have to ask as I didnt prepare quickly enough: Can anyone here afford a few extra cachers at their site? I have now seen that its all out of reserved spots, and am in need of one(it will be 2 to 3 people from my particular party). I know Fenris Wulf is in need of camping area as well and should have 2-3 I do believe. Hopefully he doesnt mind me asking for him Shoot me an email if you can help us out. Thanks, -Cameron
  10. Frio Grande Weekend!!!

    I'd be interested. Should be able to make it most anywhere this weekend. -Cameron
  11. Blanco's First Event

    I will be there and hope to finally meet some of ya'll there. -Cameron
  12. 2006 Texas Challenge Strategy Meeting

    I can say that I should be able to go to the meeting on the 12th. I see their is two different REI stores in Houston though. One near the Willowbrook mall and the other in the vacinity of 59S and 610... -Cameron
  13. Assault on Memorial Park

    I am a go for this as long as I am still unemployeed at the time.  Same for the Texas Challenge. -Cameron