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  1. Sunday's Drag Races - Extra Tickets

    I am not, sorry. Driving in from other side of Houston. If you feel you'll come, I can place the tickets in will call. Just PM me your info.
  2. Sunday's Drag Races - Extra Tickets

    The first round of top fuel is at 11am. Finals are at 4 pm.
  3. Hey all, I've got some extra tickets for Sunday's top fuel drag races in Baytown. At least 2. Just trying to give them away. Anyone planning on going or want to experience that for the first time? It's pretty incredible, even if you're not into cars. -Cameron
  4. Is this THE Cache?

    It's been quite some time since I've been on the forum, but figured I show off my recent find I need to catch up on some logs, but this was my 500th find, too! Got a nice tour of the HQ by a friend who works there -- Neat place, neat location. Really enjoyed my time in Seattle. -Cameron
  5. Alright, I am jumping on the camping bandwagon now that I am confident I can. Can anyone spot me a place for 2 or 3 people, one tent? Naturally we'll chip in fees. I am sure we'll do Friday night and potentially Saturday night as well.
  6. AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM technology, requiring SIM cards. Verizon and Sprint, CDMA. If the phone is unlocked, it will work between carriers, but not necessarily perfect. Different phones, even using the same technology, can use different bands of that technology. So at most, you can't use 3G service. But 2G and Voice should work (Google's own Nexus One had this problem. Worked great on TMobile, but there was no 3G on ATT as it used different bands and Google/HTC didn't include it). Depending on whether this is a Smartphone, that can kill the idea in my opinion. Being its a flip phone, I assume not. If it's a Verizon and you are on ATT or TMobile, you have no chance. Totally different technology between Verizon and ATT/Tmobile. If you find you have to pay to have it unlocked, I can't imagine it will be cost-effective (specially if it used, worn a bit). It is too easy and cheap to get a brand new, unlocked, yours-outright cell phone for your service. Then have no hassle of unlocking.
  7. Great Geocaching Flashlight

    Majority of my Fenix collection right there. Have since added a Stainless Steel version of whats on my keychain My newest Beaster there in the middle. The TK45. 760 lumens 8 AA's haha! Thank God for Eneloops... Big Fenix fan. They make pretty good lights. 4sevens makes great stuff too. Check them out if in the market for a reasonably good, bright light.
  8. Favorite Android Apps?

    Sounds like I'm going to get whooped if I play her.
  9. Favorite Android Apps?

    Another new one: Wordfeud! It's Scrabble. Play against a friend or against a randomly chosen person. Push notifications telling you when its your move. Chat between players. You have 72 hours to make a move, otherwise you forfeit that game. You can play up to 30 games at once. There is a free version with ads, or $3 for the no ad version. I imagine if I continue playing it like I do, I will pay the money for the no ad playing. Ads arent that intrusive, either way. If anyone here gets it, let me know your username. I'll set up a game.
  10. Favorite Android Apps?

    Tasker Nice Let me know if you need any help. It is a little confusing till you get the hang out it. But there are countless profiles out there already. All you have to do is download it, or follow the steps someone gives. Totally worth the few bucks.
  11. Favorite Android Apps?

    Glad to hear you find Glympse useful. I don't use any particular QR reader. Just the included one. Seems to work just fine. I too, don't use it too often. But when I do, it is almost always for apps, not actually scanning products for prices. Works well.
  12. Favorite Android Apps?

    A couple news ones since last post. Once the full blown version comes out: Angry Birds. Just the beta is available for Android, but not long from a full release me thinks. Great game. I still LOVE my Tasker. What an incredible and powerful application. I am very conscious about my battery usage and percent. I made a 'program' that, only when I am near home, it will turn on "wifi near" which looks for my home wifi router. Once it does so see it, it automatically turns on wifi and connects. Battery power is way better when simply connected to wifi rather than using 3G. Even when sitting idle, battery life is better. And when I leave home, and the surrounding area, it turns wifi back off so that it uses no power at all. Using the network's triangulation, I can use almost zero power to find my general location. Very cool that GPS isn't needed or turned on. I have also added Dolphin Browser HD. A web browser that is 10 times better than the default browser. Has tabbed browsing, an easy to access bookmark section, plugins, gestures. And most of all it has on demand flash. So, by default, mine doesn't load Flash files on a site. I have to select to load it. Saves time loading, faster browsing if a page has several flash elements, and just cool. Glympse - A neat app that tells friends your current GPS location in both a useful and creepy way. So you send a glympse as a text message or email to a friend. For YOUR specified time, it refreshes your location and speed on either the recipients Glympse program (iphone and Android) or on a web browser, both via Google Maps. Great for meeting someONE somewhere, so they can have a really good estimate of your arrival. You are not broadcasting it to everyone and anyone, just your recip. And you can kill it at any time. Kindle - Recently picked up a Kindle, so I got the application. Syncs up with your locations on both units, the phone and Kindle itself.
  13. Nissan GT-R and GPS

    Very good episode. Way hot car! I recall them saying that the tires are filled with Nitrogen, as air isn't good enough. Haha! Nice.
  14. I mostly listen to Rock. Progressive Rock in particular. I worship the ground that Dream Theater walks on, but have gone been on strike of their music for the past week, as their drummer up and quit the band. Otherwise though, a lot of non-radio bands for me. Porcupine Tree is in the top couple, as is CAKE. Tool, Joe Satriani, Liquid Tension Experiment, Rush, Slipknot, Symphony X, round it out. -Cameron
  15. Sept 6, 2010

    Pretty big change to Google's interface was announced today, so the logos represented it was coming. Now, if you go to and start your search, as you type you are seeing instant results. For example, start typing Geocaching, you are going to get your "results" for g, then ge, then geo, etc, if you type slow enough for it to load. It seems useful in that you really don't have to type a lot of your search anymore. Keep in mind though, these arent the actual results of what you would get if you hit enter, only having "geo" in the search. It attempts to figure out what you are going to type based on location for sure. Works really well for that. Being in College Station, if I get to "geo" without hitting enter, I see George Bush Library as top result. Once I hit enter, I see Gene Expression Omnibus. Sounds interesting... Most have it by now, but not all. Should be finished updating on all their servers by later today they said. You can also turn it off if you don't like it. I am really looking forward to it on cell phones. That'l be way useful when implemented later this year.