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  1. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

    So I bought one of the packages (T-shirt, coin, event pathtag, 5 set of pathtags..) Are there any pictures of what any of those items look like??
  2. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

    I am not only disappointed at the webpage but also the GC.com page.. I mean there is zero information on it and it doesn't make me excited about the event. It's a friggin MEGA for cryin' out loud!!
  3. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

    Yes, thanks Bert for posting this. I cannot seem to find any information on the GCF website...

    I would definitely come if it were in Brenham!
  5. We Rock! Challenge Score Information

    I wonder for future scoring if it would be a good idea if once the host region scores all of the score cards that all of the region team captains go behind them and double check all of the score cards. So maybe that can help with deter cheating and also have a representative from each region making sure the scoring is fair...??
  6. Lone Star Roundup 2014

    One of those power trails Kalvey and I FTF'ed by total luck. It was after about 60-something we decided we do not like power trails...
  7. Lone Star Roundup 2014

    What exactly is the Lone Star Roundup? Is it another competition like the TXC or completely different?
  8. Need help hosting event for out of towner

    Anyone else joining tonight?
  9. Need help hosting event for out of towner

    I just posted my will attend. I thought I had done it already but I guess I didn't. Hopefully others will join!

    Just throwing the idea out there. I know there are camp kiddie cachers but what about camp doggie cachers?? 
  11. TXC2015

    Has anyone else seen this? http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=0045c8ed-3264-461c-982e-252931737834 It shows 2015 TXC in Lubbock???
  12. Need help hosting event for out of towner

    I would definately attend. All of the saucer events are at noon while I am at work but one in the evening would be fantastic ;-) **hint hint**
  13. Here Kitty, Kitty - 01/26/2014

    Do you want to meet at the event coords at the early time?
  14. Here Kitty, Kitty - 01/26/2014

    I solved this one a while back but have yet to go find it. Maybe I can meet you when you arrive and we can go find it??
  15. I have been waiting for months to buy a coin/pathtag/t-shirt set for the Challenge and last night the online store became a reality... Needless to say I did not jump right on it and worried all last night and today that I would be the only one to think certain feelings about the design. I am happy to see I am not alone. Hmmm this makes me feel like I am in a support group :-)