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  1. Just wanted to shamelessly promote.  We are celebrating Dangerkitties' birthday at the Flying Saucer in Sugar Land Town Center this Saturday, 6/21 at noon.  Hope that y'all can make it!  I know that many of you live in/near SL!  If you are coming, please log a Will Attend so we can reserve tables.
  2. Wow, thanks for putting this together Keely.   I would love to see the spreadsheet for mine.  I took pictures of every page of my score card before submitting, so maybe we can sleuth out why there is an 82 point spread from my team!    This definitely underscores the need for a new scoring system if teams who cached together have such wildly varying scores.  Thanks again!
  3. So it looks like the Bastrop lab caches are going to be open starting 9:00 am on Thursday, 3/20.  Does anyone know when they will close?  Will the places you have to go to be open on Sunday?  We won't be arriving until evening on Friday, but we really want to do the lab caches.  
  4. Will cache for food #15

    Thank you!!! Ill be glad to see you back at the events now that your play is over!
  5. Will cache for food #15

    Wondering if anybody would be able to host the will cache for food event for April? No date/time/place officially set yet. We would really appreciate it!
  6. February 29 Events

    One Leap Day event down, one to go. Thanks TRAVELINGGEEK for modifying the logging requirements so I was able to go. So sad that I missed (most) everybody. I did run into some other guy there that early. He knew the secret phrase, so I allowed him to take a picture with me.
  7. February 29 Events

    Dang it.
  8. February 29 Events

    When will TravelingGeek get there for us to sign the log? Before 7:00?
  9. February 29 Events

    Me. I will be there early.
  10. Phoenix Lady's Play Opening Soon - Meet the Cast Event

    Kianlos, Dangerkitties, and I will be going. We won 2 free tix, but we need 2 more. Also, I believe Squirreltrappers might be coming as well? You might want to reach out to them to see if they want the discounted tix too.
  11. Will Cache For Food #13

    Got a message this morning from linwoodloon concerning "D.D. the Parachuting TB". Apparently it was brought to Will Cache for Food #13, and whoever picked it up hasn't logged it yet? Anyone know anything about this? It's TB33P68. Thanks for the help!
  12. Will Cache For Food #13

    There will be CUPCAKES!! Two kinds!! (Chocolate peanut butter and strawberry cheesecake)
  13. Will Cache For Food #13

    Yes, I did take out the LIES. We have enough TRUE crazy stories!
  14. Will Cache For Food #13

    Come celebrate the one year anniversary of Will Cache For Food! Will Cache For Food #13 Willie's Grill and Icehouse 945 Highway 6 Sugarland, TX January 9th, 2012 6 pm until 8 or so Come meet those you know and those you don't know. Swap stories, trackables, and outrageous accounts of past geocaching experiences. Most of all, have fun! We hope a lot of people from the southwest area of Houston will attend but EVERYONE is invited!
  15. CLAPS: Down "Colorful Creek" - With a Paddle

    gonna be just a bit cold