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  1. I think that this is a great idea.
  2. Just wanted to shamelessly promote. We are celebrating Dangerkitties' birthday at the Flying Saucer in Sugar Land Town Center this Saturday, 6/21 at noon. Hope that y'all can make it! I know that many of you live in/near SL! If you are coming, please log a Will Attend so we can reserve tables.
  3. Wow, thanks for putting this together Keely. I would love to see the spreadsheet for mine. I took pictures of every page of my score card before submitting, so maybe we can sleuth out why there is an 82 point spread from my team! This definitely underscores the need for a new scoring system if teams who cached together have such wildly varying scores. Thanks again!
  4. 2014 TXGA coin misspelling?

    No, honey. They spelled it right. Geocachin' is how you say it in Texas.
  5. Roll Call! Who's going and when?

    We are leaving here Friday by 4:00 and are trying to get the lab caches that night, but will probably be able to meet up at Buc-ee's at 8:00.
  6. So it looks like the Bastrop lab caches are going to be open starting 9:00 am on Thursday, 3/20. Does anyone know when they will close? Will the places you have to go to be open on Sunday? We won't be arriving until evening on Friday, but we really want to do the lab caches.
  7. The obligatory Congratulations thread

    Andrew (@dangerkitties) and I both reached our 1,000 milestone on this vacation to New York / Iceland. Andrew - New York City at the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. He was so happy he got to see the space shuttle and take a picture with his space shuttle geocoin. The cache wasn't all that exciting (it was a piece of paper stuffed under a rock, not even in a container), but seeing the shuttle made up for it I hope. My 1,000 was at a lighthouse on an "island" off of Reykjavik, Iceland (aka the northernmost capital in the world). The island is only accessible for a few hours per day at low tide when a rock and kelp outcropping is passable. Otherwise, you would have to swim. We made it out there at 7:45 am before the sun rose and trudged through the snow to get this cache. This is the place where people go to see the Northern Lights, but unfortunately, we didn't see them on this trip. Oh well, we still had a lot of fun and got in a lot of caching!
  8. New Years Resolutions Caching Style

    1. Get up to 20 states that I've cached in (right now I am at 15). 2. Get closer to finishing Jasmer by reducing the months needed from 22 to 11. 3. Attend a mega event (or two). 4. Go on at least 3 geocaching trips with my husband dangerkitties.
  9. Free Geocoins form GC.com and John Grisham

    TravelingGeek - Great idea for an event! I will try to make it! Dangerkitties and I went to Austin this weekend to get Necropolis of Britannia Manor III and I took a pic while there. (I can't figure out how to put a picture in here. I tried using a url, but that didn't work. I do know how to put a link though!) Link to my picture! If you want.... you can vote for my picture on Facebook! Here is this link!
  10. Congrats to LogDawgs, HoustonControl, and Lost Guys for the win!
  11. Will cache for food #15

    Thank you!!! Ill be glad to see you back at the events now that your play is over!
  12. Will cache for food #15

    Wondering if anybody would be able to host the will cache for food event for April? No date/time/place officially set yet. We would really appreciate it!
  13. Cachers whose name starts with 5 or 6

    GC3C2AT The Geocacher Name must have been registered with Geocaching.com before the hide date of this Geocache, or be confirmed as a bona fide geocacher and not a sockpuppet account.
  14. February 29 Events

    One Leap Day event down, one to go. Thanks TRAVELINGGEEK for modifying the logging requirements so I was able to go. So sad that I missed (most) everybody. I did run into some other guy there that early. He knew the secret phrase, so I allowed him to take a picture with me.