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    Here is a map first. 2,000 FTFs are shown on this map and they were ALL found by one geocacher, TexasWriter. Can you imagine the adventures on some of these FTFs. TexasWriter, shared that some of these Geocaches were VERY far from the published coordinates! Ask him about them, particularly the ones that were in the miles category of incorrect coordinates. A map made by Geocaching Map of Your Milestones and Extremes
  2. My Travel Bug Lifespan Study

    Thanks, I always wanted something like this.
  3. GeoTRIVIA Game Board

    I was waiting for "I am not a lawyer BUT I slept at a Holiday Inn Express" in those two replies.
  4. GeoTRIVIA Game Board

    Thanks May have been fool hardy, but I placed an image copy on the Milestones and Extremes Page. Since then I have had 4 requests if we sell the game or have a list of requests. Placing this for JustKeely and Team Four Paw since you did such a great job. The hard work is making up the question groups. I have sent Keely's GC.COM email to them. Possibly a good fund raiser?! I will be printing the last draft to place on the Trivial Pursuit board and a couple more copies for foam boards along with the question cards this week getting them ready for the planning meeting.coming soon.
  5. I had problems as well and wrote the webmaster, sounded like their server provider had some issues. I was given a temp pwd by email and was able to log in that way
  6. The obligatory Congratulations thread

    Congrats on an amazing milestone. I can't comprehend all the adventures this has.
  7. GeoTRIVIA Game Board

    Thanks for all the comments. I did not mean to say I would not take more feedback. Only that the little rubber band in my brain was in need of winding back up. I'm out of ideas on this item.
  8. GeoTRIVIA Game Board

    I think this will be the final image. I incorporated a texture grey scale background with the geo-G and a GPSr in embossed relief. Providing just enough of a background without being distracting. The image is reduced to half scale for space and downloading ease. GEOTrivia_BOARD.pdf
  9. The obligatory Congratulations thread

    Congratulations BB it would be fun to make a map if you are interested. Let me know anytime you are ready. Same to anybody on these boards.
  10. Looking for a geocaching buddy!

    Look at the difficulty and terrain ratings, as well as the previous logs, on caches that you're considering hunting. If there are several Did Not Find's (DNF's) in the logs, skip them to avoid frustration. If the difficulty level is 3 or above, you can typically assume that it's going to be a bit challenging to find, and for a newcomer it could be downright frustrating. Like most new things, you can serve yourself well by making it easy on yourself at the start, and as you gain experience you can slowly increase the challenge you put on yourself in terms of difficulty and terrain. One other thing. Always try to end the a hunt with a find, this may mean saving a 1/1 or interspersing them in your hunt list.
  11. GeoTRIVIA Game Board

    Here is a tweak, NOT a twerk (lol), on the silver background image. My intent was to make the GEOTrivailPursuit show better in contrast to the background. With this change now I am not sure what version I favor. Before it was the white background. GEOTrivia_BOARD.pdf
  12. 2014 TXGA Membership

    I placed my order to automatically renew.
  13. GeoTRIVIA Game Board

    Foam core would be the way to go for extra copies, I like the idea of the folding travel board that the original game comes with, but not sure how the glue job will hold/wear at the folds.
  14. GeoTRIVIA Game Board

    Thanks for all the comments. They help tremendously. I may have misunderstood some, please forgive, but I think I incorporated almost all. See two versions on this post. I like the idea of making the track show out, so a black outline there. Decentralized the middle area by filling in with plain white. Part of the reason I like some type of background is that I use the background to cut the image to its extent by the color change on paper. That being said, there is something to be said for using a white background to the track area, so I have shown that version. I like the idea of adding a GPSr clip-art, but just have not figured how to utilize it - center, 4 corners, etc. As you can see the suggestions paid off very well. Thanks for that. GEOTrivia_BOARD.pdf
  15. GeoTRIVIA Game Board

    Just Keely gave me an actual Trivia Board, my plan was to print the image and glue on top of the original board. Some concern on how will that will hold but I guess it depends on the type of glue used. I will printing onto regular bond paper the same size as the board. Backgrounds are fully optional. I could make a PDF with several versions of the board with different colors. Did NOT think of it until now. Holidays! mess up the thought process.... Will have anew multi-version PDF this weekend. Thanks for the suggestions I think they will turn the doubts away once incorporated.