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  1. Claiming an FTF

    Taz, one more thing. On the postdating/predating issue as mentioned in the poll, I don't see the problem. The cache was published on the 18th and she logged it on the 18th. I don't understand why your post is dated the 19th.
  2. Claiming an FTF

    This is difficult since I know both parties, but I do know that she got there first but couldn't reach the cache. Not her fault that she's short, right? I bet she carries a step ladder and tweezers from now on. But consider this Taz, what if you had arrived while she was still struggling with the container and you, being the chivalrous guy you are, helped her with it? Would that have been a FTF or a co-FTF? She mentioned that she waited around for another, perhaps taller, cacher to arrive but no one did. Hard to find fault in that. Is it your fault that you didn't arrive soon enough to help with the find? I think not. All things considered, I'd call it a co-FTF And above all, we must remember that it's a game and supposed to be fun. Right?
  3. Sharing of accommodations

    Thanks P+ I'm glad that you and teamCull can use it. I know that rooms must be scarce in the area. Have fun at the Challenge. I wish I could be there.
  4. Sharing of accommodations

    Well darnit, circumstances prevent us from attending. Way back in October, we made a reservation at a pet friendly motel nearby in Port Aransas. They told us that if we find someone to take our room, we will get our deposit back. We have the room for Friday and Saturday nights and the cost is $95 per night. If you take a pet, it's $25 more per night. Send me an email if you are interested.
  5. Is there something wrong with me?

    Sorry for your loss Taz/Chad. Wow 99 is a very good run. I just wanted to weigh in and agree with all that's been said and add that you are lucky to have such an understanding wife, even after she had to make a "key run" to Clear Lake one moonlit night last December. Hugs all around!
  6. UFO: Who's this Splky Bulba for?

    I think I need a definition for "Spiky Bulba"...
  7. At least the maps on the cache pages is still google, for now... Cache Control, have you tried send2cgeo? http://send2.cgeo.org/
  8. Compared to the previous Google map, in my experience the road map opens quicker in the MapQuest version and I like the "layers" button in the upper right. But when you want to see a satellite image, you're in for a looooong wait. I hope they get the bugs worked out soon. We've got a busy caching weekend planned.
  9. Geocaching can save your life!

    Please share their story here (with their permission of course). Sounds like we all need to do more evangelizing about geocaching, especially among law enforcement and emergency response personnel. DirrtyHarry are you listening? :-)
  10. Merry Christmas to All

    Merry Christmas everyone! Pam and I are having a relaxed morning sitting around with newspapers and laptops, listening to seasonal music and waiting for our young adult children to awaken. Our gift exchange is scheduled for later this afternoon. I am reflecting on a great year of geocaching and meeting lots of nice folks with similar interests. Looking forward to much more next year! All the best to each of you in the coming year, .jpeg (formerly teacherstuff)
  11. By now we've all heard about the family from the Houston area being trapped in their GMC Yukon SUV under snow while traveling to New Mexico for a ski trip. They were able to use their cell phones to call 911 but since their vehicle was completely buried, it took a long time for rescuers to locate them. Meanwhile they were running out of air. My first thought was that if they were geocachers, they could have used that same cell phone to determine their coordinates and send rescuers to their location quickly. Glad they made it out OK though. I'm sure there are many stories of lost or trapped geocachers being able to send for help by using skills gained through geocaching. -.jpeg (formerly teacherstuff) PS: Merry Christmas everyone!
  12. How did you get your geocaching name?

    Mrs. T was our founder and set up our account as a family activity. She's absolutely brilliant at coming up with those. She was a teacher and was often cruising Craigslist and other sites for bargain educational material. She used the name "teacherstuff" on those sites, so naturally it became our geocaching name. We've been using it for five years so why change now?
  13. Absent owner, missing caches

    That's a temporary solution and only for one user at a time. It's literally looking the other way. It doesn't help new users warm up to the game because they probably don't know about that option. It doesn't help you when an ignored cache eventually is replaced. Isn't it better that these caches be either repaired or archived? That's why the archiving process was invented. Can anyone comment on the etiquette of reporting these missing caches to the reviewer?
  14. Absent owner, missing caches

    I've been seeing the same non disabled caches without a smiley on my map and it's almost as annoying as searching for a cache that is no longer there. I've created a public bookmark list to keep track of them. http://www.geocachin...90-6c42e396cd69 I tried to introduce geocaching to an interested muggle and unfortunately took him to one on this list. This doesn't do anything to help the game. If you know any of the cache owners, please ask how you can help. Maybe if enough of us place "needs archiving" logs on them, we can rid the area of dead caches.
  15. Good caches to check out for kids?

    We have a new cache for kids of all ages. It's called HEAR IT IS! http://coord.info/GC33854 and it's located in Bellaire at Russ Pittman Park. Also in the park is the Nature Discovery Center http://www.naturediscoverycenter.org/ where they have all sorts of educational and fun nature-related activities for kids. There's another cache in the park, MeteorologiCull http://coord.info/GC1N7WD and many others in that part of town. There's also a playground adjacent to the park at Newcastle and Evergreen.