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  1. If only we could have stayed naive.
  2. Unfortunately, after the fire in GBP, I think it's the thorns that grow back the fastest.
  3. If at all possible try one out before you by to figure out what you do and don't like about a kayak. We tried out Cachestacker's before we bought ours and realized that what he had was too short for Stan to stretch out his legs, so when we bought ours we sat in a few in the store and decided which one would work for him. My legs are short enough that probably just about any would work for me, so I wasn't the issue. We purchased good seats with good back support. We also got good advice on picking out a paddle at the store. I also got a very comfortable PFD that had no price on it and it was the last one, so they sold it to me for $8, which was a steal for the type that I have.
  4. I think most of the geocachers that do kayaking have the sit on type. If you have the sit in where you are enclosed, you need to be able to roll the kayak.
  5. HC has 9K of cache finds and over 10K of posts. Maybe now that he's retired, he can do more caching and less just talking about caching. LOL. HC, we still want you posting though.
  6. Cotton tails are much nicer than cottonmouths.
  7. I'm frustrated by the new search in I had the old one figured out. It might have had flaws, but this one is horrible.
  8. I could sit and watch prairie dogs for hours. I love them.
  9. I wonder what all is considered the fairgrounds. Would it just be the carnival area or the area where they have the food too?
  10. i was looking at my TBs that I released and found several that got picked up by geocachers that had found less than 10 caches and quit, so those TBs are most likely history.
  11. Go work on finding them. LOL.
  12. That seems a bit high for an intro course, especially since there are volunteers in our community that have and will do them for free.
  13. So was the 4th time a DNF?
  14. The Croatia one is very pretty.
  15. One summer my Dad had gotten me a pair of snake chaps and I felt very protected. However, since it was summer I felt like I was going to die of heat stroke wearing them.