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    Brenham sound like a great idea, especially when you have the Chamber of Commerce buying into the Challenge. 
  2. Block Party 2014

    Linden isn't short.
  3. Block Party 2014

    Houston Control is probably blocking the approval of your visa. 
  4. We Rock! Challenge Score Information

    Maybe some caches that the group found got disqualified.  That's still a huge discrepancy.  There shouldn't be this big of spread in a team, especially as long as it took the scorers to go over the scorecards. 
  5. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

    It's not only in a kayak or canoe...

    That might be a good place.  Do they have any kind of pavilion there? 

    We like GBP but not for a Texas Challenge.  Just as soon as you planned an event there, the whole thing would be under water...much worse than when we had it at Brazos Bend SP. 
  8. Lab caches in Bastrop?

    We did do all of the lab caches.  I think they are a good idea, but you are only going to get something out of it if you stop to interact.  The one that I was looking the most forward to was the Sugar Shack just because I love sweets.  I was highly disappointed in that one.  We came in the middle of the afternoon and went into the store really planning on buying something.  We looked around and I thought the prices were high but I probably would have splurged a bit and still bought something, but the person behind the counter never interacted with us at all and spent most of the time on the phone taking care of an order, but even when she wasn't on the phone, she didn't seem to care that we were even there or might need some help.  We decided that since we had just eaten lunch that we weren't really needing any fudge any way, so we decided to just leave and let it be their loss.   We loved the tour at the Rainwater place and I talked Stan into going into the Rock Shop even though he hadn't initially wanted to go, but we both ended up really enjoying the visit.  The lady was very nice and informative and ended up inviting us to take a lucky rock out of her basket which we both carried with us on the challenge....I guess it worked.  LOL.   Neither one of us are wine drinkers, so we just got the code off of the brewery one.  We visited the place with the bronze statues and I don't think that they really had anything officially set up for the geocachers other than the code, but we ended up being mistakenly directed to see a large bronze statue in their workshop area down the hill because they thought we were part of what was probably a veteran's group that was seeing the military type statue.  I think that stop could have really been a good one if the business was willing to be more interactive with the geocachers.    For the geocoinfest, I don't really have any recommendations for places, but I would make sure that the businesses are excited about the opportunity to interact with the public if the lab caches are centered around businesses.     One of the things that I think is interesting in Kemah area are all of the pelican sculptures.  However, these may be better suited for finding them with a Wherigo rather than a Lab cache.   We had fun taking a walking tour in Bastrop of the Historical homes following a Wherigo and the same type of thing could be set up following pelicans in Kemah.
  9. Revise Memorial Mob?

    If you do it at the arboretum just make sure everyone has moved their cars out of the arboretum by closing time, which I think is 5 p.m.   I would hate to have some people go off group caching and forget to move their cars and then get locked in.  
  10. Revise Memorial Mob?

    I've never known the arboretum to be in need of a CITO.  It seems to stay pretty clean.  I'd say to keep the event in Memorial Park rather than the arboretum.  You have a bigger playing field to sent cachers all over the the park in small groups to cache.  Another chance to be in a mob again.
  11. Revise Memorial Mob?

    When we first started caching it seemed like most of the caches were placed in Memorial Park because it was so central in Houston. There were complaints by geocachers as to "why do all of the caches have to be hidden in Memorial Park?"  Geocaching has come a long way since then and has really expanded.  We do still have 4 caches ourselves in Memorial Park but we rarely make it down that way because like Baytown Bert says, it's too crowded and we are usually going a different direction for our caching.  I do like caching in Memorial Park though once you are parked and into the woods.  It's only light bushwacking and usually not thorny.  
  12. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

    That's kind of what I was hinting at.  However, I don't plan to host a CLAPS event that far from home.  We like to be able to back out if the weather conditions are not good and if you are hosting, it's harder to do so.  We are still pretty much rookies when it comes to kayaks, so we like to pick our ideal conditions.  We definitely appreciate those that have hosted the events that we've gone to, but if we are going to organize something ourselves, it will probably be more of a mash-up so that we are closer to the day to watch what the weather is going to be like.    We still haven't made it to Horsepen Bayou, and have been waiting for a group for safety reasons, but I'm not sure that I want to go during alligator mating season. 
  13. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

    For those of us that would like to keep Sunday in church, maybe we just need to come up with our own meeting time on the water on a Saturday. 
  14. SETX Hunt Team T shirts 2014

    Put me down for a gray shirt, XL.   (Kathy)
  15. Here Kitty, Kitty - 01/26/2014

    I struggled trying to figure out how to do the link this morning and get it to have word other than the web address.  What's the actual way to put in a link now and have it say what the link is to?