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  1. Awesome !! and a great place to have a milestone!!
  2. Scott and I had dinner here last night ...They were very busy had to wait some time to get a table. The Meatballs and the Stuffed onion was wonderful
  3. I'm still debating. I have hotel reservations but haven't booked a flight yet. It's only a 2,300 mile drive.... who needs flying I have done that drive
  4. I have pathtags to trade
  5. Obviously an excellent idea, however next weekend is my wedding anniversary so that was a no go for me. After the drinking "planning" event in Sugar Land on Thursday evening, I will send everyone info on where we might be able to get together in Lubbock on Friday evening. In the meantime, if you have registered to compete, expect an email from me later today. Since this year will be a "fun" I will be hunting I won't be able to attend to the drinking "planning" event in Sugar Land on Thursday (I'm bummed as I like that place )
  6. Now if these were H2O proof ...
  7. Good luck and enjoy your new home
  8. I will miss my neighbors .. Good luck and enjoy your new home
  9. Only did the one lab cache that was at the hotel, but it was super cool
  10. A quick look and I just saw "Pattie Toss?" Why you want to toss me?? But then I saw the Cow part ...whew
  11. I like the purple one too