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  1. In a Groundspeak Video

    Nice. Wow 90 TBs and geocoins! Congrats!
  2. Better than a pill fob?

    The competition: $4 cheaper Fair fight?
  3. Better than a pill fob?

    These are some really nice looking micro containers. They are a little more expensive but with the o-ring inside to protect it and the threads screwing into the cap so water isn't wanting to sit on the o-ring logs should stay dry. I think these would be great caches. There is a video in the first link for a look. Anyone use these? What do you think?
  4. Latest take on flashlights?

    As an update to this older thread I found a pretty good place to buy some fancier led flashlights. They don't take regular batteries but you buy rechargeable lithium batteries (18650 or cr123) that they sell on their website or you can find a good selection of batteries on amazon. I have a couple of their flashlights and I am very happy with the products. You can also buy different led "drop ins" for different brightness, color, and battery voltages. I have a red "drop in" that has five modes (3 levels of brightness, flashing, and sos.)
  5. cgeo open source ... problems?

    My co-worker-cachers and I use this app and don't normally have issues with it. updates tend to mess up some features but the guys seem to stay on top of the app compatibility. I also want to point out that some phones work better than others at the whole phone as a gps thing.
  6. Geocache Calculator for android

    There is an app for Android phones called GCC (geocache calculator) C:Geo provides a limited amount of support for GCC via menu -> navigate -> GCC This app has promise and I have used it with limited success because of the copy paste limitations.
  7. I really have not been too excited to do the challenges yet. It just seems gimmicky. Of course when we run out of lunch caches in Clear Lake we may have to resort to gimmicky. BTW thanks for the new caches Cachestacker!
  8. "OFFENSIVE" cache?

    There is not a limit as far as I am concerned, but off subject - there was a co-worker that came in with a cooler in the back of his truck and he was boasting of the fish that he caught the day before... Basically when you opened the lid there was a rubber snake tied to some fishing wire that was attached to the lid so that it "jumped out" at you when you looked inside to see the whopper fish. It was pretty lols.
  9. pathtags

    Pathtags are really exciting to find in caches in the wild. They are also easily overlooked. I keep hoping to find some when I go out of town. P.S. welcome to Geocaching!
  10. Greasemonkey and some scripts

    None of these scripts were affected by the update as far as I can tell. In face GC little Helper updated twice since the update.
  11. C:geo the beginning of the end?

    I think they just need some time to update. They are pretty good about it.
  12. Greasemonkey and some scripts

    I guess it depends on how many features your script has. The more features, the higher the likelihood that they will change something related to your program. It is definitely not something I would like to take on but some of these scripts have pretty good support and are updated regularly.
  13. Greasemonkey and some scripts

    I did see some old topics for Greasemonkey but did not see it listed in the app index so I thought I would make a new post. I have been using Firefox and recently discovered the Greasemonkey add-on. There are some really cool scripts out there related to Geocaching for Greasemonkey and thought I would share some that are currently working. The script in this topic took me a few minutes to understand what it really does but I really like it: I just used the link in the first post and really like the script. This script allows you to modify the drop down tabs on the GC homepage by changing the titles and adding more useful links to them. It is easy to modify to my liking and is pretty useful. I like this script for some of the features: . This is a really useful one as it does lots and is pretty customizable. I like the circle feature in the menu and the auto load comments feature. I also like this script: It adds a couple more maps to the new beta map list. There are a ton of scripts out there: