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  1. Want a Pi Day Souvenir? How about two of them? This is some early news from Eric at Groundspeak which I read on last nights' Geocaching Podcast Live Show and I thought I'd share it with everyone here. On Pi day (3/14/15) if you Attend an Event you'll receive a Pi Day Souvenir. This includes CITO's and Mega's. But wait there's more... If you log a Mystery cache on Pi Day you'll receive another Pi Day Souvenir. There will be an official Announcement on this from Groundspeak on Friday and they'll start putting it on their social blogs starting Monday, but asked us to start spreading the word. Enjoy your Pi and Souvenir's
  2. external GPS devices?

    I've got some thoughts on this, even though I haven't used more recent Bluetooth devices for this. The first GPS device I used w/ a cellphone was a Holux M1000. It was primarily because the Blackberry I had didn't have an integrated GPSr chipset. That said, I did some experimenting with it early on in my Geocaching carrier (probably around May of 2011) with my T-mobile G2 (HTC Desire-Z) to see what kind of improvement I could get by not using the phones GPSr. The results were only a moderate improvement. Maybe on the order of 10-20% decrease in battery consumption. More important were the impact of the screen brightness and data access for maps, especially popping up Satellite maps. The 3G data was much much more of a power hog than the GPSr. We are a few generations newer on the chipsets in the devices, And the power consumption of the GPSr end of things, I believe should have gone down, this even includes while going to grab both GPS and GLONASS (and in some cases Galileo and BeiDou.) The big power drains are the 3G/4G data for maps and the screen. This is one of the reasons Ingress is such a power hungry beast, it's both receiving and transmitting bunches of data (especially on the transmission side - lots more energy is used to transmit.) The display is also a very big consumer of power. Try turning it down to the lowest setting that's acceptable to use and make sure you turn the display off when not looking at it. Another factor, is going into areas were data connection is limited, and you're phone is constantly trying to connect to get data service (it may not be for geocaching, but sync'ng all of your apps - e-mail, facebook, linkedin, ....) We are consuming more data in the background syncing of tasks today than we did in regular data access in the past, and it's much less efficient to do on older data technology such as 2G and early 3G (Edge) than it is on newer data connections, and there's a lot of power consumed on just trying to make the connections when out of area. So, what's a person to do? Use offline maps and put the device in Airplane mode when out in the middle of nowhere with limited data connection. Try not to use Sat maps unless absolutely necessary. This is going to be a lot more beneficial than using an external GPSr One other thing to do is buy an external charger. You can get 3000mAH+ USB chargers in the $5-$10 range which can give you a full charge on a standard smartphone (plug it in while going to keep up the charge) or opt for something in the 10,000-20,000mAH range for $20-$30. I've got a 5400mAH one that's light weight that I keep in my caching bag in my vehicle. Easy to grab and go. Got another one that's 12,000mAH that's great for trips keep a tablet and a phone charged up for a few days. Note I'm not saying geocaching with a SmartPhone doesn't take your battery down quickly, it's just that the belief that it's the GPSr chipset being the main culprit isn't really all that true.
  3. CLAPS Cachin' on the Bayou Post-Mega Paddle Event

    Kevin, Do you know if Pinkies is going to deliver Yaks to the park this time? I'm going to need to rent one if I can't borrow one, and since I no longer have my truck it's hard to pick one up and transport. I'm thinking other out of towners are going to have similar concerns.
  4. WWFM XI - Hermann Park - 6/7/14

    Bump! We are getting closer to the date, only 5 weeks to go. Right now it only has 22 will attends. I'm hoping to have a lot more show up for this one. I've purchased 40 WWFM XI pathtags, plus I have a WWFM XI Geocoin that we'll have a drawing for. I'll probably toss in a couple TB's tags as well. If you're planning on attending and have logged a will attend, now's the time to do it. Remind your caching friends. See You All There.
  5. I'm not sure it truly deserves this but my recent Puzzle Cache 'Wet Sweater - Bras Stuck!' got selected as the Puzzle Cache of the Day. http://geocachingpuzzleoftheday.blogspot.com/2014/03/say-what-31614.html I didn't even know about it until someone from out of state sent me a question on it an congratulated me.
  6. WWFM XI - Hermann Park - 6/7/14

    The event has been published. I've ordered a couple WWFM XI Geocoins today. One for myself and one as a giveaway prize for the Event. I also plan on giving out pathtags, one per caching group. This is coming out of my own pocket here so that's all I'll be able to provide. If others want to offer up some more prizes your more than welcome. I've noted a cuttoff of May 7th, for signing up if you want the free pathtag. I need to order them with enough time to get them (plus a little spare time.)
  7. Latest take on flashlights?

    I missed this when it was originally posted. The Ultra Fire C8 LM-X 1300 Lumen that I bought on eBay has awesome throw but doesn't poor flood capability as expected. I compared it with a few friends flashlights and I'd say they 1300 Lumen rating is a little bit high, it's closer to somewhere between 1000-1100 Lumen, that said, that's very bright especially for the $26 price I paid for it w/ a pair of 18650 batteries and charger. The biggest complaint is really on the batteries, they seem to have a much higher self discharge rate than typical Li Ion batteries, though that could just be the batteries that came with the flashlight, so I need to remember to charge the battery every few months even if not used. I did also buy another Flashlight that uses the 18650 batteries that has a 'focusable' head that allows it to go from a long throw to a short throw flood. This is better for walking in the dark, or searching an area with multiple eyes than the long through. It was about the same cost IIRC. Both of these are much stronger than my 100-200 lumen flashlights w/ AA's, but I constantly worry about them being out of charge as I have been out in the field a couple times when after a few minutes they just dimmed away. I keep at least one of the little guys in my pack as a just in case.
  8. BBQBOB2 on the Mend

    Sending out my Prayers, Vibes and Karma. Get well soon BBQB.
  9. Archiving a 10 year old cache

    I grabbed it a year or so ago, and it wasn't restricted at that time, and I don't see why it would be restricted now. Just because it didn't effectively go anywhere and was seldom used, doesn't make it no longer a public access road.
  10. Archiving a 10 year old cache

    It's a DPS office (i.e. drivers license shop) not a police department.
  11. Archiving a 10 year old cache

    Rice street is a public street. I don't care if the DPS decides that's where they want to do their driving tests. Driving tests are done on public road systems and not private systems and they have no rights to tell anyone to get off the street as indicated in the cache log. I'd not pull the cache. In stead I would file a complaint about with the police department about security guards at the DPS harassing people for using the public street.
  12. Oregon 650 and GSAK

    It can be handy to have some filtering being there while out on the road. I've used it for locating Events for example while at Geowoodstock last year. I just wish it wasn't so easy to accidentally change the filtering for the D/T portion, it's really easy to do if you go into the filter window and brush the screen unlike the UI from the 400/500 series. I'll take this bad with the vast amount of improvements that the new UI brings.
  13. Lab Caches?

    So you're saying the finder can be a non-premium member? According to a groundspeak person answering questions on a discussion board on gc.com ONLY the hider/creator of the lab cache has to be a premium member but anyone can find it. My understanding (based on what Bryan said on a GeoGearHeads podcast) is that the finder must have an account - doesn't need to be premium, but they need to have one. I tried to make one for lilspitfire and my wifes account and would not work. Didn;t see a need for them to be premium members. The creator of this lab cache must be a premium member. When you make it you will get a Tiny URL. The targeting of the recipients is up to you (i.e. you can e-mail out the URL to as many people as you want), but for the recipient to log it, they have to have an account. It doesn't have to be premium for the logger.
  14. Oregon 650 and GSAK

    No problem, glad it was only that, and not something else.
  15. Lab Caches?

    So you're saying the finder can be a non-premium member? According to a groundspeak person answering questions on a discussion board on gc.com ONLY the hider/creator of the lab cache has to be a premium member but anyone can find it. My understanding (based on what Bryan said on a GeoGearHeads podcast) is that the finder must have an account - doesn't need to be premium, but they need to have one.