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  1. CLAPS Cachin' on the Bayou Post-Mega Paddle Event

    Kevin,   Do you know if Pinkies is going to deliver Yaks to the park this time?  I'm going to need to rent one if I can't borrow one, and since I no longer have my truck it's hard to pick one up and transport.  I'm thinking other out of towners are going to have similar concerns.
  2. WWFM XI - Hermann Park - 6/7/14

    Bump!   We are getting closer to the date, only 5 weeks to go.   Right now it only has 22 will attends.  I'm hoping to have a lot more show up for this one.  I've purchased 40 WWFM XI pathtags, plus I have a WWFM XI Geocoin that we'll have a drawing for.  I'll probably toss in a couple TB's tags as well.     If you're planning on attending and have logged a will attend, now's the time to do it.  Remind your caching friends.   See You All There.
  3. WWFM XI - Hermann Park - 6/7/14

    The event has been published.   I've ordered a couple WWFM XI Geocoins today.  One for myself and one as a giveaway prize for the Event.   I also plan on giving out pathtags, one per caching group.  This is coming out of my own pocket here so that's all I'll be able to provide.     If others want to offer up some more prizes your more than welcome.   I've noted a cuttoff of May 7th, for signing up if you want the free pathtag.  I need to order them with enough time to get them (plus a little spare time.)
  4. Taking another look at events and stuff and I think I want to hang out at the pre-event on Friday night, I'm thinking about doing the CenTex prime run on Saturday night.  That should take most of the traffic out of the equation too.
  5. Here Kitty, Kitty - 01/26/2014

      I think you did everything correct, but you copied the URL of this page instead of the cache page, and then pasted that in as the Link URL by mistake.
  6. Here Kitty, Kitty - 01/26/2014

    Looks like your link, links back to this thread.  Here's a corrected link to the GC3KBE5 The Food Guide Pyramid Challenge.   Personally my diet is a bit too unbalanced to complete this but I'm hungry to work on it.
  7. I planned on taking 21 down to San Marcos, shouldn't have any impact from Austin.
  8. I know many folks here have CenTex Prime, but many don't.  For those that don't it's one of the oldest caches in Texas (first in central Texas if I'm not mistaken.)  Placed in 12/17/2000 for those that need 12/2000 for their Jasmer challenge.   Given that, I wanted to find out if there would be a lot of interest and what time people would want to do this before I set up an event and then what time to leave to go to CenTex Prime.   I was think maybe setting up the event in Bastrop for dinner before taking the trip to the other side of San Marcos (about 1hr10mins drive there according to Google Maps.)   Could possibly even setup a flash mob event at CenTex Prime.
  9. Here Kitty, Kitty - 01/26/2014

    Yes, let's meet at the event coords about 12:40ish.
  10. Here Kitty, Kitty - 01/26/2014

    I'm showing up early to make a run for it about 15-20mins before the event.  I believe Mustard Devil is going to show up early too.  We can all make a run for it together.
  11. Here Kitty, Kitty - 01/26/2014

    Bumping this up as a reminder to all of the event this Sunday.
  12. SETX Hunt Team T shirts 2014

      As a proud father of a Dyslexic child, I'm fine with SETX Team.  I'll do anything to bring a smile to my son's face.
  13. SETX Hunt Team T shirts 2014

    I forgot to mention color preference.   I prefer grey, if it turns out to be a hot sunny day, I don't want to be running around in a black shirt.
  14. SETX Hunt Team T shirts 2014

    Looks good to me 
  15. WWFM XI - Hermann Park - 6/7/14

    That sounds good to me