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  1. How to raise the size and quality of your hides

    LPCs do have their place in geocaching, but they are not my favorite type.  I will find them in my "area", but generally will not seek them out otherwise.  There are so many of them, that personally, I refrain from hiding them.  In fact, there is one hider in my area that does a great job hiding a lot of LPCs.  Again, just my own personal opinion.
  2. How to raise the size and quality of your hides

    If you really want to increase the quality of your hides I would suggest using quality water proof containers that last like lock n locks, ammo cans, and soda tubes. Better yet make one of a kind cache containers. Refrain from hiding caches in LPCs, electrical boxes, and high visibility areas. Do not use pill bottles or anything that has had food in it for a container. Personally, I would rather find one good quality hide than 10 LPCs. Also, hide several types of geocaches instead of only traditional hides. You should also consider using a theme on your cache page that fits the cache. In conclusion, use good quality containers, hide different icon types, use themes, etc. to keep the game interesting and fun. Just my opinion, but saturation of mundane micros makes the game a lot less fun unless you are focused on numbers and enjoy using you GPS to zero in on a light pole in a parking lot again, again and again, which I am not. Just expressing my opinion.....