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  1. How to raise the size and quality of your hides

    LPCs do have their place in geocaching, but they are not my favorite type. I will find them in my "area", but generally will not seek them out otherwise. There are so many of them, that personally, I refrain from hiding them. In fact, there is one hider in my area that does a great job hiding a lot of LPCs. Again, just my own personal opinion.
  2. How to raise the size and quality of your hides

    If you really want to increase the quality of your hides I would suggest using quality water proof containers that last like lock n locks, ammo cans, and soda tubes. Better yet make one of a kind cache containers. Refrain from hiding caches in LPCs, electrical boxes, and high visibility areas. Do not use pill bottles or anything that has had food in it for a container. Personally, I would rather find one good quality hide than 10 LPCs. Also, hide several types of geocaches instead of only traditional hides. You should also consider using a theme on your cache page that fits the cache. In conclusion, use good quality containers, hide different icon types, use themes, etc. to keep the game interesting and fun. Just my opinion, but saturation of mundane micros makes the game a lot less fun unless you are focused on numbers and enjoy using you GPS to zero in on a light pole in a parking lot again, again and again, which I am not. Just expressing my opinion.....
  3. Found an assumed archived cache

    I've hidden quite a few caches in that area. Most are still active and are unique containers - not as you described, except for "Got the Ring?" and it was found two days ago. I checked your coordinates on Google Earth and where you found it is a very remote area of the preserve.
  4. Let Me Explain

    My most interesting encounter with a LEO was when I found "End of the Rainbow". Here is the log: Not only was this a fun cache – it turned into a grand adventure of legal proportions. After looking where the final coordinates were at on Google Earth, I thought I could cut the distance from parking in half by parking in at the end of the street in a subdivision southeast of the cache instead of under the Hardy Toll Road west of the cache. My plan was to get this cache and the other three north of it. Besides, this seemed like a safer location and I parked at a barricade at the end of the street closest to the cache. So I got out and the “scavenger hunt” began once again. I parked and bushwhacked about 500 feet to the cache and found and unexpected item at the End of the Rainbow. The log was very wet, but I was able to sign it. I then bushwhacked back to a north/south trail I came across on the way in and went on to find the Fisherman’s Trail cache, which I did with ease. Then it was on to the Trails End cache. At ground zero, I looked around for at least 20 minutes to no avail. Tired, sweaty and wanting to get back home with enough time to take a shower before the Texan’s game, I decided to skip the On the Way cache, log a DNF on the Trails End cache and go back to my Jeep. When I got back to the fork in the trail that lead back to End of the Rainbow, I heard a mega phone in the distance. It sounded like one of those PA systems at a car dealership. I couldn't understand what was being said. Then it dawned on me that I was nowhere near a car dealership. Then I heard it again and understood it clearly “Dennis Tatum come out of the woods! Dennis Tatum, if you can hear me, answer me!”. I though “Oh S”*&^T!”. Evidently, a neighbor had called the cops, the cops were at my Jeep and had already ran my license plate to get my name. I hollered “I am over here I will be there in a few minutes!” I got a response “Okay, we are waiting over here”. I used the track-back feature on my GPS and made one of the fastest bushwhacks in recent memory. I saw the flashing lights from the police car and as I broke out of the bushes, there was a cop waiting for me and about 10-15 gawking neighbors. I smiled at them and waved. They seemed to be expecting a camo-decked out hunter with a rifle straight from Duck Dynasty. What they got was a middle-aged man in a Life is Good t-shirt, a GPS in one hand and a walking stick in the other. We all breathed a collective sigh of relief. I gave the Cop the scavenger hunt angle to explain geocaching. He wanted to know if there would be any more of us out there. I told him it was sporadic and why I parked where I did. I got a good lecture on not parking within 15 feet of a barricade; 10 feet was just too close? Then he asked me how many more were out there. I told him there were a total of four close by, but there were 2 million hidden world-wide and there were over 6 million geocachers. He nodded and said he would look at the website. Maybe I got another person converted to geocaching? Apparently, one of the neighbors took a peak in my jeep, saw the ammo can that I put my geocaching supplies in and concluded that I was an illegal hunter and called the cops. After the Cop got the "all clear" message of the radio, he then let me go and I got home in time to watch the Texans game. Definitely a favorite cache. Lesson learned - park somewhere else (Hardy Toll Road underpass) next time!
  5. Just my own personal preference, but I only log a cache once. As for my own caches, I log a smiley for events that I sponsor. I do not give myself a smiley for the challenge caches I put out. Again, just my personal preference.
  6. Looks like both issues are a matter of personal choice then.
  7. I log my own events - as far as I can tell everyone does that. As for logging your own challenge caches, that appears to be a mixed bag, from what I can tell.
  8. What if you put out a challenge cache and logged it as a find because you did the challenge. Is that a proper thing to do? I have put out several challenge caches. However, to date I have not logged them as finds even though I have met the challenge requirements. Your thoughts?
  9. Whereigo

    I downloaded the Whereigo app to my iPhone a few months ago and was surprised to see a Wherigo cache that I created several years ago listed on the app image - second one down "Got Benchmark?". Got Benchmark? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=d836e90f-8493-498b-b7b1-9a6de0f0086f Wherigo app image is at the bottom of the cache page and on the background section of the cache page.
  10. VIEW CARRE '

    I did that cache twice. Definitely a one-of-a-kind!
  11. How cool is this story?!?

    Here is another cache in Canada that has not been found – since 8/18/07. I’ve met the cache owner before – he placed it on while on a fly fishing trip. I’ve been toying with the idea of taking a fishing trip up there to find it next summer. GC1581A “It’s Up There” by SS D.S.K. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=a126d1c8-15d7-4dea-9caa-047badb35301
  12. Geocaching pet peeves.

    My pet peeve is micro caches that have coordinates consistently off by 30+ feet with no hints. That said, I hate micros in general anyway.
  13. Found a missing cache....question?

    I found that cache too. You should log it as a find also. I would not even attempt to put it back in its original location. Sometimes it amazes me how some people place hides in the absolute worse and illogical places. This cache was tied (not very securely) to a root about a foot or so above the water level. The first big rain we had after it was placed probably washed it away.
  14. Congratulations! I heard there will be no "Log Dawgs GPS" distributed due to the sequester. Can I still get an "Obama Phone"?
  15. TXGA President

    I heard Log Dawgs was offering a "Log Dawgs GPS" for anyone who votes for him - similar to the "Obama phone"?