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  1. Do you have a good explanation?

    Or there are times when instead of "high-tech treasure hunt", I say "high-tech Easter egg hunt".
  2. Hello I'm a Newb!

    Welcome, as they say, to the obsession!
  3. Anybody Want to Adopt My Choo Choo Series?

    Sadly it isn't convenient for us to adopt since we live in Huntsville--otherwise we would.
  4. Strange Coordinate System

    This page mentions it. I googled "northing and easting".
  5. Which GPSr to buy?!?

    I'm still using a 62--no help here.
  6. Forum decline

    I always stop by to take a look at what people are posting, but I don't start too many new topics. It would be sad if this disappeared since this is one of the main ways that I can keep in touch with people about the Challenge and other events--we just don't make it down to Houston very often.
  7. Appealing a Reviewer Decision

    I found this link.
  8. Lake WHAT?!?

    Is there some historically noteworthy event associated with the lake in question? I am certainly not suggesting that "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" be rewritten or edited to remove offensive language. To do so would remove some of our history. That novel is a product of its time and the time that it depicts. I am not upset about (but admittedly have not read) "Go Set a Watchman". From what I have heard about the novel, it describes how Atticus Finch is a product of his time. I can understand how people are disappointed with the character (and have transferred that disappointment to the author)--I think they attributed something to this character in "To Kill a Mockingbird" that isn't actually there. I wouldn't suggest that either novel be rewritten or edited. If I am correct that the name of this lake was changed in 1962 by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names because it was offensive, if people are now offended by the "improved" name, I see no reason not to change it again.
  9. Suggestions?

    I got an additional nudge and finally smacked my forehead when I realized that I misunderstood something earlier. I finally got it sorted out. I'm hoping eventually to be able to figure out ecrane puzzles without asking for guidance.
  10. Lake WHAT?!?

    But sadly in the area there are places that are named "negrohead" hill, mountain, lake and so on, and those names were probably changed in 1962. I doubt that they were originally named just for the dark color of the ground or the rock formations. I think it is likely that they were named to be descriptive primarily of shape and the people that named them for the most part didn't mean anything bad by the name. However, word connotations change in a living language. There are people who are offended by these terms. Our country has a history of changing geographic place names that people find offensive. I provided a link in my earlier message. Sadly, to me, there are those that want to belittle and make fun of individuals' sense of being offended by overtly racist terms. This thread started with yoraffetto's observation of a surprising name on a geographic feature, and it prompted a defense of the term with a statement that "The word negro is not a derogatory term" and a quote from a dictionary. However that dictionary entry was labelled as "dated offensive". From there we launched off in a number of directions mostly addressing how people respond to offensive language and how we respond to people who are offended by something. I affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and justice, equity and compassion in human relations (among other principles). This is why I felt that I should not remain quiescent. I will repeat once again--If someone tells me that they are offended, I'm going to believe them. I don't get to decide what offends them; I only get to decide what offends me. By the way, the United Negro College Fund have considered changing their name--they mostly no longer use the actual name and instead they use the acronym UNCF and have since 2008.
  11. Suggestions?

    I got a nudge from someone on a FB geocaching puzzle page noting that there is a common theme--they are all James Gandolfini movies. The names of the movies, followed by the name of the character he played are: Lonely Hearts, Det. Charles Hildebrandt; New World (actually the French film Le Nouveau monde), Will Caberra; Killing Them Softly, Mickey; Not Fade Away, Pat; Down The Shore, Bailey; A Civil Action, Al Love; She's So Lovely, Kiefer; All The King's Men, Tiny Duffy; 12 Angry Men, Juror No. 6; Italian Movie, Angelo; Night Falls on Manhattan, Joey Allegretto. The original coordinates are N 38 33.111 W 121 44.111 If I use, for example the first letter of the character's first (or only name), I don't get the right number of digits, nor do they seem at all close.
  12. Suggestions?

    I finally figured out this one--the guy shifts the numbers which I wasn't expecting. Now I am working on a different puzzle by a guy in Davis that puts out a LOT of puzzle caches. This one is called arrivederci. It starts with a text encryption which I decoded, and I now have names of 11 movies. Based on a comment that for a title that has been made twice it is the most recent title that matters, I assume that the titles aren't the issue. In Davis, the W coordinates are 8 digit, so one needs 15 digits for coordinates if you assume nothing. Needless to say at this point I am stuck. Any ideas to push me along?
  13. Lake WHAT?!?

    I started to write a response to this. Then I thought perhaps I shouldn't--it might just be fanning some flames that will otherwise die down. But then I decided that I need to respond. Given the level of racism in this country recently, I'm not about to suggest that those who are offended by racist comments are out of line, overly sensitive or whatever. As I said earlier, if someone says they are offended, I am going to believe them. When making statements on social media (which I often refer to as "asocial media"), I tend to soften my language. I tend to qualify things by saying "I think" or "In my opinion". But this is one that I am not going to soften. Using racist terms to describe geographical features is offensive.
  14. Lake WHAT?!?

    I suspect the name was changed in 1962 by the U.S. Board on Geographic names. I still think if a name offends a group of people, it ought to be changed. Besides, what is the down side?
  15. Lake WHAT?!?

    If someone tells me that they are offended, I'm going to believe them. I don't get to decide what offends them; I only get to decide what offends me. If that, in turn, means that it is appropriate to rename something (because a group of people are offended), then so be it. I would just hope that as people decide to rename things that they pick new names that are likely to not offend someone in just a few years.