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  1. I know that if you select one of the options like "Cache might be missing" the log that it generates is a needs maintenance log. I didn't realize that "other" disabled that feature.
  2. Geocaching merit badges.

    Here's a quote from the BSA Merit Badge booklet: Do ONE of the following: If a Cache to Eagle® series exists in your council, visit at least three of the locations in the series. Describe the projects that each cache you visit highlights, and explain how the Cache to Eagle® program helps share our Scouting service with the public. Create a Scouting-related Travel Bug® that promotes one of the values of Scouting. “Release” your Travel Bug into a public geocache and, with your parent’s permission, monitor its progress at for 30 days. Keep a log, and share this with your counselor at the end of the 30-day period. Set up and hide a public geocache, following the guide- lines in the Geocaching merit badge pamphlet. Before doing so, share with your counselor a six-month maintenance plan for the geocache where you are personally responsible for the first three months. After setting up the geocache, with your parent’s permission, follow the logs online for 30 days and share them with your counselor. That would confirm it!
  3. I have disabled most of my caches because Sam Houston National Forest is officially still closed for business, and I cannot legally check on them to make sure that they are still there.
  4. While some newbies post Needs Maintenance logs when a DNF or note would do (and that is true for regular members as well), I think it is short-sighted to suggest that they (newbies and regular members) have nothing to offer with regard to recognizing that a problem exists with a cache. After all, for older caches, the "more serious players" have all found it and aren't likely to check on it two years later (unless they are the CO) to make sure that everything is ok.
  5. It has always been rare for me to start topics on this site. I think at the time that I joined, I probably lived the furthest from "GZ" for this group. Of course, since then some have moved away, so I'm not the farthest any more.
  6. Or is it that the State Parks haven't put out new geocaches for several years, and we found the old ones? I think the "newest" ones were placed in 2013. We are one of the teams that submitted completed passports. It helped as we were gathering counties for the Texas county challenge. So I don't know if there is a general decline in caching, but there is certainly a general decline in traffic on this site. I see lots of posts on FB about geocaching. Locally our caches haven't seen much traffic in a while--I'm contemplating archiving them--but I think that is a local issue. The geocachers here have already looked for them. To our north, someone has recently put out around 50 new caches close to Madisonville, so I think it depends. Oh--I should add that if they put out new caches in the parks, we would probably go find 'em.
  7. What's With Haunted Hides?

    If I remember correctly, this isn't a souvenir but is a badge, and after we qualified we got a message (or email?) or saw on a blog what we had to do to get the icon. The details are now a bit vague. It's the kind of thing that I don't see any reason to remember, so I'm now fuzzy on the details.
  8. International Geocaching Day 2017

    I have added an event to the calendar. I neglected to include the GC code. Here is a link GC7A20A.
  9. Lunch Anyone? International Geocaching Day!


  10. until
    August 19 is International Geocaching Day. Join us for lunch in Huntsville at Rodeo Mexican Bar & Grill.
  11. fainter & fainter

    On the puzzlehelp site, people ask for help as well, so it can lead you to interesting puzzles. If I'm working on a puzzle, and have hit a wall, sometimes just a nudge in the right direction is incredibly helpful. It seems like half the geocaches in my wife's home town are puzzles, and this has helped a lot.
  12. fainter & fainter

    I think there are still some useful things that can happen here, but I agree that the day to day communication has dropped way off. In the past I found that this was the best forum for our Texas Challenge team in the years that I could participate. For day to day stuff, what I see on FB is and The local groups don't seem to be too active. I used to be a member of the Geocaching Southeast Texas group, but I guess I got kicked out. (I suspect that there was some FB glitch, and the group got killed, and then re-started, but there are only 4 members currently and no posts since May.)
  13. Has GC stopped supporting encryption of logs?

    In the newest form, it seems to be gone. On the website, you can opt for the older version, and there is a check box below the text box to encrypt the answer. Anything in square brackets [like so] will not be encrypted.
  14. How much climbing

    I would think that climbing on a fire hydrant should get more than 1.5 terrain rating. I often find D/T ratings that I consider to be "off". This one looks like the default was not changed.
  15. How much climbing

    Well, in the guide D/T guide "small elevation changes" gets a 2.5 T rating.