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  1. However, if everyone made all of their caches Premium Member Only, there would be very few caches out there for newbies to learn on. One would hope that newbies wouldn't be rude though.
  2. Sad? This is something that has gotten my teenagers to go out for walks while we are on vacation! Let me repeat--they are voluntarily going out and walking around so they can build up mileage to hatch pokemon eggs! This is wonderful!
  3. You wouldn't happen to know who to contact to make that happen would you? The Normettes are all over Pokemon Go.
  4. And I assume that the same can be done now. But perhaps someone has already grabbed the location. It couldn't hurt to try.
  5. Surely it shouldn't be difficult to recreate the archived cache and submit it as a new cache. I did something similar up here in Huntsville when a cache hand-off get slightly messed up. I called the new cache: (whatever the original name was) Again! I had no problem getting it approved.
  6. Since there are additional checks on a multi (since the way points have to be checked to compare to other caches), I expect that the change would have to be approved.
  7. Welcome to the "obsession"!
  8. Or there are times when instead of "high-tech treasure hunt", I say "high-tech Easter egg hunt".
  9. Welcome, as they say, to the obsession!
  10. Sadly it isn't convenient for us to adopt since we live in Huntsville--otherwise we would.
  11. This page mentions it. I googled "northing and easting".
  12. I'm still using a 62--no help here.
  13. I always stop by to take a look at what people are posting, but I don't start too many new topics. It would be sad if this disappeared since this is one of the main ways that I can keep in touch with people about the Challenge and other events--we just don't make it down to Houston very often.
  14. I found this link.
  15. Is there some historically noteworthy event associated with the lake in question? I am certainly not suggesting that "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" be rewritten or edited to remove offensive language. To do so would remove some of our history. That novel is a product of its time and the time that it depicts. I am not upset about (but admittedly have not read) "Go Set a Watchman". From what I have heard about the novel, it describes how Atticus Finch is a product of his time. I can understand how people are disappointed with the character (and have transferred that disappointment to the author)--I think they attributed something to this character in "To Kill a Mockingbird" that isn't actually there. I wouldn't suggest that either novel be rewritten or edited. If I am correct that the name of this lake was changed in 1962 by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names because it was offensive, if people are now offended by the "improved" name, I see no reason not to change it again.