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  1. We need a team captain for 2016!

    Geocaching names?
  2. We need a team captain for 2016!

    Tealcat and I will hunt.  Thank you to the CoCaptains!
  3. I realize that by starting this topic, one might think that I am volunteering--I most certainly am not.  A colleague of mine retired and I am teaching a course this semester that I haven't taught in over a decade.  This means that my always hectic spring semester is busier than usual, and I don't have the time to be team captain.  Additionally, I think it is probably helpful if the team captain kind of lives in the general area where most of the team lives--and we live in Huntsville. We (Tealcat and I) plan to compete and we need a team captain! Is anyone willing to volunteer? 
  4. Denied Cache

    I think the rules vary from state to state.  Some state and local governments are much more accommodating to geocaching than others.  I believe that I have heard that some states have specifically indicated that it is NOT permitted to place a geocache along highway right-of-ways.  Perhaps that is why it was denied.
  5. How to add a picture to a email

    That's in messages, right?  Is there something similar in email?  If so, I didn't see it when I looked.
  6. How to add a picture to a email

    I got two message that have links to images, not the images themselves.  I can past the URL listed into a browser and see the lighthouse, but the image itself wasn't shown in the message.  So apparently my idea doesn't work.
  7. How to add a picture to a email

    I suppose they could have pasted the image into the text box...
  8. Longest since last find

  9. 2katz is a Granny!

  10. The obligatory Congratulations thread

    Congratulations BB!       
  11. The obligatory Congratulations thread

  12. Running Up the Numbers

    There's a power trail along 242 (242 Cache and dash #1) along 242 with around 66 caches or so plus a few that aren't part of that series.
  13. new event idea?

    Clearly one of the traditional Christmas carols sounds like geocaching--you know, "caching through the snow…" I say "go for it".  The purpose for events is for geocachers to be social, and caroling is certainly social.
  14. BlockParty 2015

    Sure wasn't when I was growing up there.  One of the most deadly stretches of road in the country was the Pullman-Moscow highway because Washington State University students who weren't yet 21 would drive to Moscow Idaho where the drinking age was 18, and then attempt to drive back.