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  1. I would think that climbing on a fire hydrant should get more than 1.5 terrain rating. I often find D/T ratings that I consider to be "off". This one looks like the default was not changed.
  2. Well, in the guide D/T guide "small elevation changes" gets a 2.5 T rating.
  3. And other archived caches can, on occasion, still be found.
  4. It is the "thin red line of courage" flag representing firefighters.
  5. Got mine!
  6. I didn't know about the county version, and the one in Plano sounds like it might be the one I remember--much appreciated!
  7. That certainly matches the name, but I must have the wrong name. Perhaps it is a name like Texas Alphabet Challenge. The idea was to find 26 caches around the state--such as a cache in Abilene to count for A, a cache in Bedias to count for B and so on.
  8. I seem to remember a challenge cache with a title similar to the title for this topic, but I don't remember all of the details. It was a challenge to find caches in towns throughout Texas that begin with each letter in the alphabet. I also seem to remember that a cache in Mexia would count for X. We were caching in Mexia today. And the search function at has changed, making it more difficult to find caches by name. So…does anyone know about the cache I'm describing and have a GC code?
  9. Thank you for sharing.
  10. I generally refer to "it" as "asocial media".
  11. I'm certainly not one who would have an idea of how to do this in an elegant way. Key Results and Team Four Paw occasionally check in--perhaps they will have an idea. My only other ideas would require accessing old logs.
  12. It does seem to be getting rather echoey in here. I think some people have moved…some have retired…I'm not sure what has happened to everyone. Perhaps some have gotten burnt out. In regard to your question, I don't know the answer. I suppose if you had a history of the bugs (and I don't know how one gets that), you could look at the history of the individual TB to see if they ever were dropped off.
  13. I had seen hints that it was gone, but since the only time I have ever used it is to check just a couple of puzzles, it wasn't something that I thought I should repeat.
  14. This sounds like a job for Team Four Paw!!! (cue appropriate super hero music)
  15. Welcome back!