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  1. Request for new caches...

    See that's not fair at all. You know about a challenge not even published. To be real honest caching is not really on my mind right now. This is.....Just happen to be going with a caching buddy and hosting a few events as well....... Yes, I heard about that today. Congrats. I'd like a nice souvenir (grins)! And isn't there some rule that a caching event has to be more than you & R?! I'm sure you have BOTH already checked out every cache within walking/diving/driving distance of every port of call...hence...THINKING. ABOUT. CACHING. Be safe and see you when you get back my friend! (And, yes, the picture made me sooooo jealous!)
  2. Request for new caches...

    LOL. My dear big Dawg...I believe I'm about up to 21 multis in a weeks time so far for the next crazy challenge. Going for one of yours tomorrow. Please thank TREA for that little bit o'joy!
  3. 300 miles for pizza and a CITO!

    In case anyone is interested, the SETXGang and a few others will be heading down San Antonio way on for 11/17. There's already a few events (including a CITO) - GC40DZB & GC40GDG - planned plus a great many fun caches. If you're interested in the "plan" please contact either Blindzman or Mudfrog.
  4. Kingwood Area

    And another one or two in this series should be dropping any day now...they are building up favorite points quickly!
  5. Request for new caches...

    There is now a new series about that. I purposely did not put out challenge caches over 100 days for that reason. There are now two with more than a year. I felt 100 days in a row was good enough for most. It is a challenge in itself but does not require most to become insane. Trust me I know an insane cacher when I see them. Err, because you're looking in a mirror big Dawg?! I did 366 days in a row and there's now a cache for that simply as a bribe by my kiddos to get me to STOP. You'll not some insane posse people are still going...
  6. Keep Jones Forest Beautiful CITO

    @P - I'm only coming if you bring a case we need one!!! "Boat? We don't need no stinkin' boat!" I swear I'm dropping that cache for you!!! (smiles and hugs)
  7. Keep Jones Forest Beautiful CITO

    @P - I'm only coming if you bring a case we need one!!!
  8. Kingwood Area

    Dawg...I hear tell that blindzman (yah know, the OTHER crazy cacher insanity posse Man) is doing something truly evil for dillyz out this way soon. Come join us for THAT, lol!
  9. Kingwood Area

    You can park at the street end by #1 (nice folks own the house across the way and don't mind as long as you aren't blocking their driveway) and take a pretty straight trail through a lot of the series. There are a few hard puzzles and some nice drgnhntr hides on the same route. (And on the way hit a few of mine like "prototype of a fun guy", smiles.) The only exception would be the two that are off in the Creekwood nature preserve. You can bike IN the preserve but it would probably be better to move your car for those. Now, the greenbelt trails are great to bike (we do it almost every day). Some of these caches, though, will require you to hide your bike off the trails while you make a quick foray down the utility path or into the woods. Doing that during the day is fine, but schools let out around 3pm and there WILL be kids about at that point. I've seen your bike; it could be tempting!
  10. Cruddy, unsatisfying logs

    You are lovingly harassed...but you weren't at THAT moment ya big galute! Have I mentioned how patient that fiance of yours is??? (Smiles and hugs ya both)
  11. FTF / Tribute Caching Etiquette

    NO SOUP FOR YOU! Psssstttt...TexasWriter - I have soup for you!!! Actually there was a tribute cache of sorts, smiles, or maybe more like a "thank you for all you do for the community" cache for The King and Queen of GSAK (come on, you soup nazi, you know who you are). The FTF in real time wrote a log commenting that the honorees had already signed the log in a funnily-intended sort of way. It become...needless drama. "People" felt the need to weigh in. "People" felt the need to defined that thar TINY LITTLE SOUP NAZI's (cuz we've all seen his size, grins) honor. "People" can take the fun right out of the fun game sometimes. Look, if someone signs a FTF then it's a FTF. If someone pre-signs the log, deal with it like a grown up. If someone signs a log and marks it "not FTF" because we were out placing them together, and the FTF space is open, GRAB IT. It's a game, right?
  12. Kingwood Area

    While we're a lot smaller than the Woodlands and far out of for many cachers, I just want to give a nod to the Garden Tool series put out by trea. Starting with GT. 1 Shovel This (GC3X0WM) this mini-series features 9 unique hides ranging from a 1.5/1.5 to 3.5/2. All of the hides are off greenbelt trails. Some of these hides are beautifully engineered and ALL of them are unusual. If you're looking for a nice walk with some fun caches, please consider these.
  13. Dillyz is working on a cache for the "That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind" quote.
  14. Ready for Adoption

    @TheNorman...I have to rebuild the multi from scratch. The final appears to be missing (need to go look again) and several stages have been washed away. I'm looking for folks to come do it with me, truth be told. You up for a workout???
  15. Ready for Adoption

    Just a quick note...skyrookie has relocated out of Houston although kept his house here. I've adopted 8 of the older and more difficult of his caches to keep them alive. If anyone is interested in specific caches he owns, he will likely be willing to adopt them out.