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  1. KeyResults added a post in a topic Rite-In-The-Rain InkJet Paper   

    I didn't even know there was such a thing as ink-jet WITR paper... 
    Once upon a time I actually tried to make my own, but it was an epic failure.
    A cost-effective alternative to the high-$ stuff would be quite welcome indeed!
  2. KeyResults added a post in a topic Suggestions for South Padre trip   

    While we were down there for TXC we sorted local hides by favs and attacked em as we could and we were not disappointed. In fact we learned some new tricks from the clever folks down there. 
    I strongly recommend some paddling in the Aransas Pass area, specifically Lighthouse Lakes. TAke some binoculars for birds, and a fishin rod for Specks/Reds  fishing the Flats is terrific.
    Love that area all the way to Port Mansfield. 
  3. KeyResults added a post in a topic Garmin Oregon 650 problem   


    It may not be important on the new Garmins, but during the Texas Challenge this year we had the devil troubleshooting why one of the units we loaded was unhappy displaying the caches. We determined that it was the version of GPX exported from GSAK as the culprit.
    Honestly, I know of no consumer equipment that requires the 1.1 format though after querying Clyde (GSAK Guy) about why it's even an option. He just said "if you need it, you'll know it" - I'm a lemming.
  4. KeyResults added a post in a topic Garmin Oregon 650 problem   

    Thought #1) I wonder what happens when you use Garmin's Bootcamp to generate the route and load caches etc.
    Thought #2) I believe there are limits on Routes one can generate on or at least there was when we taught our GSAK classes. I don't recall right off what the limits are, however. 500 sticks in my mind. Which meant that multiple routes had to be created by splitting up the trip and then loading it.
    Thought #3 ) the SD CARD thing...
    Thought #4) Be sure you are not using version 1.1 GPX when exporting for a Garmin unit from GSAK. It needs to be 1.0 (not to be confused with PQ ver 1.1)
    Thought #4) Profile used. The profiles have a profound effect on the units. When using "routes" for example, the Garmin may behave differently by assuming "route by road" vs as the crow flies. I'm not sure how to explain what I'm thinking here...but maybe it'll jiggle something free.
    Thought #5) I think there are limits to Waypoints on routes, on the new units that support GGZ compressed format. Whereas there are no limits on geocaches. They essentially flipped I believe, waypoints we unlimited on 62s but caches were limited to 5K. I haven't tested this, but perhaps this might be biting you if there are a bu-coup waypoints. 
    I hate it when stuff doesn't work. GL 
  5. KeyResults added a post in a topic The obligatory Congratulations thread   

    That's cool Kevin. Congrats to you both and thanks for gives hope to all geocaching parents who've got kids (you know who you are)
  6. KeyResults added a post in a topic J. Henry's Draught House + Kitchen: Clear Lake   

    Now that's a restaurant review!
  7. KeyResults added a post in a topic Critters seen while caching
    Birds obviously trust Toyotas with their young
  8. KeyResults added a post in a topic EveryTrail   

    It's kinda Garmin specific, but Basecamp has some seriously powerful stuff built in that works with track files recorded on your garmin gpsr. the kml/kmz files as well as the gpx formats are fairly interchangeable with nearly all services or applications both import and export. Google Earth is a great match with Basecamp and you can do some pretty slick stuff.
  9. KeyResults added a post in a topic Is it just me or   

    Tis true! Engineered obsolescence...It's too hard to make money on reliable and long product life-cycles. We the consumer have been accepting the practice so enthusiastically that now the notion of built to last is a thing of the past.
    In Google's case it's even more complicated than that, but no less frustrating. 
  10. KeyResults added a post in a topic Harbor Cam Cache - Galveston   

    ThaChoppa goes Sandin' !  
    4x4s always look proper when just off a play session, IMHO.
  11. KeyResults added a post in a topic Challenge Coins   

    Awesome! And, a huge thank you for your service!
  12. KeyResults added a post in a topic Critters seen while caching   

    Jason, those are some wicked sharp photos! Wow. You've certainly got your camera focus and metering figured out. Well done.
  13. KeyResults added a post in a topic How often are your caches found?   

    And, well deserved of the distinction it was too! STR was among my all time favs.
  14. KeyResults added a post in a topic My tags :)   

    Finally breaking down and doing it. Looking forward to "giving back" to those who've shared with us.
    Whatcha think?

  15. KeyResults added a post in a topic How often are your caches found?   

    I second all of the above. The key, in my experience, is to strive for creating a geocache hide that people will find so cool or interesting they fav it, or place a cache in an extremely interesting place that people will want to visit, so they fav it.

    The ultimate: hide one that encompasses both awesome hide and awesome place (s) and you're email inbox will runneth over. I promise.

    There's so many ways to accomplish the above: think challenging, unique, fun, scary, HUGE, crafty, theatrical, technical, artsy, memorial, smelly, gross, historic, alien, ancient, emotional, cute, wild, clever, etc. We all want to share when we log a truly unique geocache...we are looking for something every time we go out. That something is different for us all and changes with our mood and the weather, but awesome is something we all know when we experience it.