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  1. Road trip

    Congratulations! That is quite a drive for 72 caches. LOL Very cool that you've continued to chip away at it methodically. Next, up you can start collecting countries? Counties?
  2. Virtual Reward :)

    Great news! It’s VERY late in coming, but glad they finally got there on something.
  3. What's With Haunted Hides?

    I recall some folks periodically complaining that they didn't get souvenirs added to their profile after completing whatever task was required to earn it. In most cases, they simply contacted GC and somebody took care of it cheerfully after verifying logs, dates, etc. For my part, I've only had one issue a couple years ago, but it seemed to be related to the way I logged the caches that somehow mucked things up. Basically, my logged date fell outside the qualifying zone required for the award. Once I corrected the find date/time all was good and the award showed up in my profile.
  4. Cachly?

    6s is current. Once they cease to appear in the Apple store they are no longer really current, though perfectly useable for quite some time, years, if they’re cared for properly.
  5. Cachly?

    Now that Geosphere is about to die certain death sans an update before ios11 in September, I would say Cachly is probably your best choice right now. Groundspeal’s own app continues to lack important features and functionality that most experienced cachers would want. Their default app is great for beginners and those non-premium folks that really just want to try it out. Cachly offers to be a complete replacement for a handheld GPSr in terms of functionality. I must admit that on a really current iPhone Cachly is really impressive once you get to know it. A really close runner up that also impresses me at least is L4C Pro. They aren’t quite as slick at marketing, but they have the goods and each subsequent release makes it stronger and better. That’s my take anyway. Good luck, Kenny
  6. Caching with Smartphone / Apps mind your compass!

    Absolutely, yes.
  7. fainter & fainter

    It's not just here Jim. Log counts / cache activity is generally lower to me and event attendance seems much lower right now too, at least on the nw houston area. The hgcs forum format is so useful for real content and archival purposes. I agree with TheNorman about hgcs being a great rally point for significant events too. FB is convenient, but definitely not a terrific replacement imo.
  8. I have seen a plethora of gadgets for smartphones that implement a magnet of some sort. For example, I've seen a number of automobile mounts that involved a powerful but small magnet to stabilize the phone in the cradle. Just know that when you expose your smartphone to such a magnetic force, you totally screw up the internal electronic compass. The messed up compass calibration will manifest itself in some irritating or annoying ways when you are using any GPS app for automobile navigation such as WAZE or Google Maps, etc as well as geocaching apps such as C:GEO or Cachly, etc. The effect is that while you're standing still, on foot or in the car, the phone has no way to accurately tell the software which way you are facing. So it either guesses erroneously or simply wigs out bouncing all over the place. To be honest, I'm not sure that there is any permanent damage to the internal compass, but I do know it sends the calibration out of whack. Recalibration depends on the device, the operating system, and the app(s) used. But if your phone is acting strange sometimes, consider any scenarios where it may be in close proximity with a magnetic force. Even without the aid of a compass, the smartphone's gps functions are unaffected as long as it can "see" satellites and you are moving. While moving your device can accurately detect your position, bearing, and course over ground. Anyway, I just thought I'd pop up and toss that out there in case it solves any mysterious phone app behavior for some fellow catchers. K
  9. Has GC stopped supporting encryption of logs?

    I have not thought of encrypting part of my log in the past, but it's good to know there is an option to do so. I've only ever seen encrypted descriptions or hints. I know how the hints are encrypted automagically when placing a cache, but never thought about the description or the logs. Cool.
  10. Traveling Caches

    Yeah. That was pretty terrible, people taking those traveling caches to events for hand-offs and logging. Really terrible, and bad for geocaching no doubt. More Washington wisdom to help our game grow. (tongue planted firmly in cheek)
  11. Kayaking - Deep Water Re-entry

    Really good article on an important topic if you kayak in deeper water and fall out of your boat.
  12. Longest since last find

    Take a bow Larry. I will miss the publishing of this report for a couple reasons, mostly lazy and selfish. Who knows, perhaps project.gc or someone else will put together a "backend" program to periodically pull a refreshed list and publish online? Software really is taking over the world. Now back to Pokémon GO
  13. Prime Reviewer

    End of an era. Thx Gary
  14. Garmin 64 Series Firmware ver 4.70

    I'm unaware of issues with that HC. Please do tell. Does Garmin know about it? I can bump caches to 62s from my 64st, but I haven't tried to share caches to anything else.
  15. Garmin 64 Series Firmware ver 4.70

    Just a note to let folks know that Garmin has published a firmware update to the 64 series GPSr units. That usually means others too, so you may want to fire up Garmin Express, Basecamp, or whatever you use for updating your handheld units. The 4.7 update appears to have some functionality or fixes related to external sensors used on bicycles such as cadence and wheel speed sensors. There was a fix related to tracking too. Anyway, here is the summarized history of updates and what they fixed or functionality they added: Change History Changes made from version 4.50 to 4.70: Fixed issue where the compass wouldn't work when the bike sensor was on. Fixed issue where track portions were being saved incorrectly. Changes made from version 4.30 to 4.50: Added support for optional interface mode (Setup > System > Interface) Changes made from version 4.20 to 4.30: Added support for Bike Speed Sensor Added support for Bike Cadence Sensor Changes made from version 4.00 to 4.20: Improved Bluetooth pairing. Fixed importing adventures from SD cards. Fixed possible routing crash. Changes made from version 3.90 to 4.00: Improved 'Save Portion' track feature. When saving a portion, the device now remembers that position in the track log so it can be used as a track segment for future portion saving. Fixed possible erroneous track point on power on. Fixed formatting issue with certain map names in the map information list. Fixed output of SNR in $GPGSV NMEA sentence. Changes made from version 3.70 to 3.90: Improved map load times Fixed possible shutdown when scrolling through the waypoints list Changes made from version 3.40 to 3.70: Improved 3-axis compass performance Changes made from version 3.20 to 3.40: Fixed shutdown on charging page when PAGE or QUIT buttons are pressed Fixed possible shutdown in when reviewing a route in Russian Fixed device not reconnecting to a tempe wireless temperature sensor across a power cycle Fixed several track distance statistic issues Fixed waypoint distances being listed incorrectly for Waypoint Averaging Changes made from version 3.10 to 3.20: Improved cartography support (Garmin Hunt View maps) Improved boot time when a large amount of BirdsEye satellite imagery is present Changes made from version 3.00 to 3.10: Fixed issue with power off pressure trending (64s/64st models). Changes made from version 2.90 to 3.00: Fixed issue with geocaching 'Next Stage' feature. Fixed potential issue with geocache filters. Changes made from version 2.80 to 2.90: Added support for Android version of Garmin Connect Mobile app (for LiveTrack). Improved 3-axis compass performance. Fixed missing 'AA Battery Type' option when not using the optional rechargeable battery pack in Setup > System. This only affected the standard (yellow) GPSMAP 64 model. Fixed issue with barometer when auto calibration is turned off. Fixed missing ascent, descent, and elevation statistics when reviewing certain tracks. Fixed possible shutdown when using custom waypoint symbols. Fixed possible shutdown when displaying the option menu in Czech. Changes made from version 2.60 to 2.80: Fixed freeze when 'Geocaches' is present in the page sequence Changes made from version 2.50 to 2.60: Fixed issue causing possible slow boot times Changes made from version 2.40 to 2.50: Improved average ascent and average descent data fields Improved vertical speed and grade data fields Improved transfer speed between device and BaseCamp Mobile or Garmin Connect Mobile (64s/64st models) Fixed potential issue when programming a chirp (64s/64st models) Fixed potential shutdown when using smart notifications Fixed displaying duplicate smart notifications in certain instances Changes made from version 2.20 to 2.40: Added support for additional ActiveRouting cartography Improved display of marine-specific lines in BlueChart g2 maps