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  1. 6th Annual CLAPS MoonLESS Paddle Event 12/12/15

    Ohhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! ALL IN!  My favorite geocaching event of all in the whole universe! The BFF Caching Buddies are coming with MORE WATTS, BIGGER WATTS, FASTER WATTS than ever before! We'll be seen from the International Space Station Baby! Rumor has it that the BFF's will need so much juice they'll need a blood transfusion from Mark McGuire (I'm not going to explain that bad joke). Seriously, the BFFs will need so much power that they've hired a barge to tow the 10KW diesel generator (2katz will be pulling that one!)  And another barge to power the full size hot cocoa and Popcorn machines (courtesy of Silverado 16 IMAX Movie Theater (we know a guy)) In short, you guys better be picking up your kayak lighting game! Cuz you're gonna need SPF 30 and good Sunglasses to look at the BFF's Yaks! WORD   The may be some slight exaggeration in some of the above text, but it's the thought that counts.        
  2. TEXAS CHALLENGE 2016, Now it's published! Woo Hoo! From what I've heard so far, I'm thinking this is gonna be a really fun MEGA event that Texas can be proud of.

    Well, it has shown up on the official MEGA bookmark list even though it still shows unpublished... Official MEGA Event Listing
  4. In assessing an optimal way of distributing GPX file(s) from a single USB Memory stick, or thumb drive, it will be essential to know how many devices, what make and model, and if they require a special cable to connect to PC. Smartphones and tablets prove very useful in urban environments for sat views, problem solving, lookups, road directions, etc., and for many the phone is all that is needed. Because data connectivity is expected to be excellent, GPX files can and should be distributed via email and/or shared cloud drive such as Google drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, etc. for greatest efficiency and speed.Team members need to be honest about their ability to comfortably load GPX files (Pocket Queries, or PQ's) without supervision, however. This isn't the time to admit you don't know how to... Hopefully, the Sugarland meeting can get a better and more accurate count on devices, and phone apps along with full contact info. I'll try to come, but it's dicey for me. I feel like we'll have way more than 11 hunters by game time
  5. What's in Your Caching Kit? - Event - Tues, Jan 27,2015

    A quick bump. If you can make it, please consider bringing one or more of your "caching kits" along. The BFFs have heard mentioned special kits for: - All Day in George Bush Park - Bicycle caching (on and off road) - Everyday in the pocket/car caching kit - Curse You Aaron Barbee kit - Tree Climber Kit ( 4.5 Terrain Sugarland ) - Power Trail kit - Evil Cache Kit (unfound many DNFs, 5 Diff low T, and High T - Underwater Kit (fresh and salt) - Kid caching kit We hope to see you there if you can make it.
  6. What's in Your Caching Kit? - Event - Tues, Jan 27,2015

    Wow, published already. Here's the number:
  7. What’s in Your Caching Kit? The BFF’s will show you theirs if you show them yours…   Bring your caching pack, big or small, and share how you roll when you hit the parks, or urban caching scene, for those smileys.   Come learn how others do it, and share your ideas about the stuff you choose to keep in your geocaching pack(s) or kit(s) More than one? Bring em! Are you an evil cache specialist? Come and share what you consider essential equipment for finding those nasty 5-Difficulty hides. Different kit for Bicycle Caching? Kayak Caching? Are you just a minimalist Geocacher who doesn't even carry a pen (sign in blood?- Epithelial Deposits?)?    We can almost guarantee that nearly everyone will discover at least one really cool or useful tip or gadget at this event. But hey, the Burgers are great and the Cokes are fizzy   Newbies, 5 finds, or 50,000 are all invited to have a burger and visit at Fuddruckers - Willowbrook in NW Houston. Tue Jan 27, 2015 from 6:30-9:00 PM   We'll post the event GC code as soon as it publishes, but wanted to get the date reserved in your calendar right away! The BFF Caching Buddies need Y O U !   Save the date and C U there!
  8. 5th Annual CLAPS Moonlight Paddle Event 12/6

    ...with the top down, in parade configuration suitable for heads of state and BB!
  9. 5th Annual CLAPS Moonlight Paddle Event 12/6

    Too bad you'll miss it. Barring bloody breaking news...I believe the local and even national news media are getting PR releases and sending camera crews to cover this year. Hopefully Kevin is practicing up for his interviews
  10. 5th Annual CLAPS Moonlight Paddle Event 12/6

    BFFs may need outriggers this year

    Cow Pattie Toss?
  12. Come play w BFF's in NW HOU Thu Eve!

    Sorry you all couldn't make it. It was a real fun time. Maybe next time! Here are a few snapshots that don't really do the event justice. The first photo is of one of our newest members, McGuyverTwo, who attended his first event, and shown here having his first Trackable Discovered. How cool is that?!
  13. Come play w BFF's in NW HOU Thu Eve! Park n Gab 74 at Willowbrook Fudd's Good Food, 2katz, Famous People, 2katz, Fanfare, 2katz, Aircraft, 2katz, Libations, 2katz, GSAK hints, priceless prizes, and, oh yeah, 2katz will be there. Come alone or with your BFF's. Hope you can peel yourself away and come play. You will smile a lot. Like really a lot!
  14. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

    As usual, it was an adventure, and the second funnest yak event of the year !   One of these days we're gonna knock out Mud Lake, dammit   Many Many Thx for puttin' em out, and keepin' em up Kevin.