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  1. Trackable Event Wed May 25th, 2016

    What a treat it was to see so many at the Trackable event last night including Houston Control (Best Collection winner) and the esteemed Mr Parker Plus (Best Trackable winner). Even the sandbox got some love by some of the kiddos. I posted a few quick snapshots of some of the folks and their trackables, I only wish I could post my EPIC photo of Parker Plus with his trackable...Alas it would be a spoiler, but I'll be able to show it privately next time we see each other in person Here's an entry for his trackable: "This award winning Trackable was truly Number One at the May 25th PnG event in NW Houston. What a treat to have it's owner Mr. Parker Plus display this multi-purpose human trackable. I have what is sure to be one of the finest photos EVER of the Owner flashing (flipping?) his trackable, but I am unable to post it since it would be a spoiler EPIC as Always Mr. Parker! Thanks so much." Anyway, it was a great turnout, thanks to all who made the long trek to the NW side, it was a treat to see you all!
  2. Challenge Caches coming back with changes

    I really need to get out more...I had no idea that Challenges had been "suspended" In any case I'm glad they're back. Nice tip on project-gc too. Great stuff!
  3. How to add a link to your cache for this forum

    { Off topic : I'm only recently made aware of the shout box. All these years, I've used a bookmark link as a shortcut in my daily workflow that just shoots me to unread posts directly. But, to be honest, it doesn't look like I've missed too much that's important anyway. I think one of the greatest things about HGCS Community are the forums. They may be searched, they have context, and provide a window into topics over time that chat-like services do not fill for me personally. Anyway, I will continue to ignore the chat box, not because I dislike it, but because the forum(s), to me, are superb...even when, especially when, I don't agree with a post. If it's worth saying, please say it in a Forum post....please End off topic }
  4. Trackable Event Wed May 25th, 2016

    DOH! I knew I forgot something. Thx
  5. Trackable Event Wed May 25th, 2016

    Hey, 2katz and I would like to personally invite all of you (lurkers too) to come fondle some trackables at the Willowbrook Mall Fuddruckers from 6-9 on Wed 25th. We're giving away some sweet new trackables and we plan to enjoy swapping some stories, hints, and laughs between the discoveries. We wouldn't mind fondling some of your trackable stash or private collection if you haul it over. It's been awhile since Georeyna held her last one so we thought it was time for an encore. Hope you can make it!
  6. Pet Lovers

    Wow. Never heard of such a thing. I hope the little dog will be ok. I wonder what recourse one has in a situation like this?
  7. Do you have a good explanation?

    Wow, I wasn't aware of the free premium membership offer...that's terrific! Thanks. It might be worth printing up some small business card size paper listing the offer along with particulars. Thanks Donna
  8. Do you have a good explanation?

    Like many others, BFF 2katz and I have had our fair share of LEO encounters, mostly positive. With PoPo we tend to be rather proactive rather than wait n see. For example: When we finally qualified for the CLAPS Challenge, we lost track of time after an event at Clear Lake Park, not realizing park was about to close. That explained the Patrol Car tailing us into the park, towards GZ, even as all others were vacating...which must've looked suspicious. Normally, we would have probably waited to SL, but WE WANTED THIS NOW ;). Long story short, we sped up, jumped out near GZ w motor running, lights (and headlamps) on and doors open long enough to dive into brush, SL only to find, as expected, a VERY curious LEO waiting in his car with window down... After we showed him the App and used the "high tech treasure hunt" approach, he was intrigued and introduced to Geocaching. He also wanted to go home, and needed us to leave so he could lock the park gate :-/
  9. As an aside, I noticed WCG added the Zika Virus Research to the list of projects looking for cycles too. I'm surprised more people don't step in. FUD I guess. It's a shame.
  10. Thot: you just gained some serious cycles for the team! Traditionally, computers (or cluster, or grids) get names...what shall this potential cure for Cancer be named Jason?
  11. Hello I'm a Newb!

    Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Your faux pas has been committed by nearly all of us too. It's part of the learning process. One thing I learned from these wonderful people is that they can be quite creative and so the cache is usually there, especially if the difficulty is high and previous finders comments suggest it's tricky. Anyway, we're all over the area, but there are kid friendly caches all over the place. I suggest parks as a good general place to focus. Learn to research the caches in your area by favorite points and with recently found logs to minimize the caches that may have gone missing. My last piece of advice is be sure to input your home location on your profile with so you get the weekly newsletter. In it you'll see new geocaches as they publish which include events. EVENTS are terrific! They are a fantastic way to meet some others and to get answers to questions, etc. Events are held all over each month, some are regularly scheduled so be sure to look for them. Look forward to seeing you in the logs!
  12. [GPU envy emoticon goes here]
  13. A Jeep must have

    The only "stuck" FJ I ever saw was in traffic Random memory: I recall some football lineman tipping over old surplus Willys, and CJ's for amusement years ago...kinda like cow tipping, but not. It only took a couple of em at a time, and they got really good at it. The good news is that tipping back again was pretty easy. That always made me wonder about the stability of the old WWII units under fire on curvy roads.
  14. What, no intergalactic GPU's laying around ?
  15. Sounds like an event possibility