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  1. My Last Cache

    Sure bummed about your most recent experience with PR thot. I guess many of us have come up feeling similarly after trying reason in a game where the goal posts constantly move, and the rules change with the weather. i do hope you aren't serious about hiding no more geocaches. I like many of your geocaches (I believe I don't like one or two of your puzzles - but only because I haven't solved them ;). Please don't penalize us! Only once in about a dozen disputes have I failed to "find a way" to get my hide through the system...we just need to get creative...( get with devious people ) or enlist assist of another reviewer for advice. D**kling
  2. My 1k

    Go for a "busy day" challenge including/ending with Galveston web cam. Baytown Nature Center is good place to get a bunch of types. If you can find an event and a cito you'll be set. i always thought Special Tools Required or Four Cache Loop were quite worthy milestone caches. Oh, and advance congrats on your upcoming comma club achievement!
  3. Lake WHAT?!?

    I too believe that "offensive" is determined by individuals. And, I believe it our right to be offended by anything we wish to call offensive. But, it is the effect, reaction, or remedy "imposed" on us at times where I sometimes get rubbed into a rash. Sometimes, I roll my eyes, but other times I feel like we go too far, mostly in the name of PC Police that amount to nothing more than bullies. These bulliestend to be well educated people that live in the Op Ed'smakinga hobby of stirring change to amuse themselves. I have met some of these folks, and there are many more than you might think. Many times it's a game to them, slef-righteously speaking for the unknowing apathetic and silent majority. Man, I hate bullies. My greatest concern is where the line gets drawn sometimes, but mostly I get scared to death over who gets to draw those lines... Nude Art Sculptures or Paintings offend many, and so does Mark Twain, and the image of Robert E. Lee, or Abe Lincoln. It must be tricky to be named Richard on the play ground these days, and just how did slang fora restroom derive from a biblical disciple? Now add foreign languages to the mix and even the color black seems to catch a glance, not to mention hundreds of other words that hurt somebody somewhere. As a collective, this age of PC has really gotten to be offensive to me at this point. I do wish people would just chill.
  4. How Many People Are Having This Problem?

    Thot, 2katz and Iagree about the premium closing off new non-members, but we always keep a percentage of "fun ones" available as non-premium open caches in hopes of converting the newbie to a paid membership. In fact, you've inspired me to put a paragraph in each new open hide from now on, letting them know there is WAY MORE good ones available. I recall being blown away at how full my map got all of a sudden once I ponied up with a paid membership. The thing is, at least up here in NW side of town, the stats don't lie, the non-premium hides just go away more often. Manytimes the containers aredifficult to replace. Many of the prolific CO's up here will no longer publish non-premium hides. I think that is a shame, and makes it harder for us to recruit new blood IMO. We really do need good, fun, interesting non-premium hides to keep refreshing our ranks. We believe this is only an issue in easily accessed, high population/high traffic areas. Jerks are generally lazy and will not work hard to be a _______. They certainly won't spend money to pillage at thisthough. We would never hesitate to keep all ourtrees/trails hides open for all. Unfortunately, they are building another 50,000 homes in our area, with more on the way after the opening of TX-99. Urban creativity is the order of the day around here...and a 10:1 ratio of premium to open cache hides, but you will be replacing it regularly. Also, I concur, that changing the status on a already problematic published cache is much more effective if you also change the hide enough -type and or location -to thwart the goofballs. Great thread!
  5. How Many People Are Having This Problem?

    Semi related: Wehaveproblems only on non-premium hides as a rule. For example, we have one IPS hide on our Like to Bike series in the Fairfield Mall area out westthat I forgot to make Premium when I republished as a change up. It get's found 20:1 more than the others (all premium) hides in the bike series. It also goes missing often. But, to be honest, I find it worth it to keep the status open to non-premium newbies for the time being. For my experience on the NW part of town, in general, if you don't make your hidespremium you must accept that you'll be doing more maintenance along with more traffic. I don't know exactly why. Bored teens? Just clumsiness? Muggles who were curious? FWIW: Our BFF Premium hides that go missing are almost always attributed to Landscaping Professionals, Clear cutters, Construction.
  6. Credit for lab caches?

    I checked my profile and have all ten listed. I cannot explain the anomaly you're seeing. To be honest I hadn't realized they were listed in the stats like that until you pointed it out, so thanks for that
  7. Lone Star Reviewer

    PR getting some more help perhaps?
  8. The Day's trivia is online.I forgot to change a key date to show correctly...but I actuallyposted the new question at 1am the past several days. Sorry about that. You just can't get good help these days. Anyway, the mess up sure hasn't slowed participation any...resourceful geocachers!
  9. It's Terrible to Get Old and Stupid

    And yet another reason I tend not to love puzzle(mystery) caches Some interface changes, like many of the Microsoft product changes, over the years are supposedly rooted in better productivity according to human factors expertspecialists. But, it sure seems likethe folksdoing the testingbehind the new changes messed up somewhere along the way. Sometimes the redesigns are really boneheaded time vampires! Many still haven't made the jump to the MS Office "ribbon" interface and still use old versions as a result.

    mobile friendly event link Good for seminars, and event agenda as well as other stuff.
  11. Needed: Android Smartphone Geocacher !

    I must admit I am amazed we have no android smart phone users who are willing to share how they use the phone for geocaching. I swear if I knew how, I'd do it. This is NOT restricted to SETX geocachers either. ANYBODY from ANYWHERE in the world can conduct this session. The only requirement is that they be at the event, and know enough to help others be more effective.
  12. Win a collectible geocoin by answering trivia about the Texas Challenge The Texas Challenge Trivia contest. Prizes: collectibile geocoins / trackables Mar 3-10, 2016 A new question each day Correct responses entered into a daily drawing.
  13. 2016 Texas Challenge and Geocaching FestivalSeminar / Panel Sessions are very nearly complete. Great slate of topics and speakers/panelists! We have one hole we are trying to fill: Geocaching with a Android Smartphone (possibly c:geo and other apps a bonus) This is intended to be a 30-45 min discussion on how one uses their Android smartphone to enjoy Geocaching. Basics Basics Basics. Aprimer to help folks understand how it works starting with the free app, to why a paid upgrade, handy interaction between apps such with maps and email, then touching on why one might consider C:GEO or other third party caching utilities such as puzzle solvers, etc. It's really easy. It'll be just like sharing your knowledge over a burger at an event...seriously. Pay Rate:uh, good karma? Inquire within. (PM Me)
  14. Voodoo_Chicken

    It's really good to hear that you, Mike, and Fam are still carrying on. Hope you guys are up for a trip to Brenham in a couple weeks (TX Challenge & Geo Fest)! You guys sure made an amazing find team, though this year the table has turned and Terry is hiding em with some of his friends;)
  15. Voodoo_Chicken

    As I recall, there was a tussleinvolvingseveral folks, including Johnny;) Strong opinions and criticism were flying, but then things escalated to personal, and mean barbs, or at least it seemed that way to me. Anyway, once the smoke cleared several folks just never recovered, I guess. Just one of those deals that went too far, cut too deep, I guess. Drama not missed, however. I must admit, things never were quite the same on the board after that, to my mind anyway. This place - HGCS - is akin tomy geocaching "Cheers"