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  1. I knew it was bound to happen eventually. The best app for geocaching on the iPhone may be down for the count with the latest IOS 10 update. On my iPhone 6s Plus, I tried to log a few this am and the process seemed okay from the app perspective, but when I checked GS, my logs weren't there. Also, other functions seemed to be misbehaving too even though the map, compass and geocache filtering still seemed to be ok. This REALLY stinks, even without updates for the last 3 years, Geosphere outperforms groundspeaks piece of junk by a fairly wide margin. What to do? What to do...
  2. LOL great event title. Doubtful for this one, but will definitely try if other commitments permit. The Fall cannot come fast enough for us!
  3. Well, at least you didn't get tagged with the needs archived flag! Great post. Some of the newbies have been rather sour and belligerent lately. Bummer. But they still don't cancel out those wonderful logs that show up from appreciative visitors now and then. I understand about the premium thing, but I also would urge you to pick and choose a percentage of good, easily maintained caches you own stay regular and accessible to the newbies. In our densely populated area, rich with hides, publishing as premium has become necessary because of some bad apples. Premium tag is not fool-proof, but it does help with jerk vandals and bored teens. However, I also agree that it is essential that we have a selection of geocaches, good ones, available to the newcomer. The barrier to entry to play this game is still pretty high when you consider the need for tech to play, but it's gotten better with GPS enabled smart phones. Having a good selection of free geocaches must be maintained to help recruiting IMO.
  4. I keep hoping to see one like this in person sometime. I have trouble enough keeping water out of my " sealed" yak, I can't imagine trying to keep up with one like this out on the flats all day. But, it sure makes draining easy!
  5. GS doesn't like to promote other events. So it's just a matter of publishing without mentioning the piggyback event. We've had same issue before with CITO and Trashbash. It seems pretty dumb, especially when talking about CITO, but that's their policy. Just edit your CITO submission creatively and you're golden.
  6. They'll have to catch ya first !
  7. Love it or hate it, this App is likely to have a billion dollar plus valuation worldwide by end of the month. Think about that. Geocaching is a microscopic blip comparatively speaking. Big ad agencies, and corporate sponsors are all over it.
  8. HC....don't listen to him. I think you NEED one of these
  9.!jetangler/c1qs3 A JET YAK Baby! 32 mph... zoom zoom. Might be useful in GBP or Bear Creek after next "500" year rain storm too. I think HC should get one so I can try it out!
  10. I believe many of the locations were seeded from Ingress, another of the developers games previously mentioned.
  11. Released 7/6/2016 Web sites and media all over it, so you should have little trouble learning what u need to know.
  12. FYI~ In case you haven't seen em yet, be prepared to find families and young people running around town following their smartphone just like geocachers do, only they're not looking for geocaches...they're looking to "catch Pokemon". It's caught on like wildfire, at least for now. The apps have been introduced on smartphones and I for one think it's pretty cool. Perhaps we might want to sweeten the deal on our hides and ensure that our coordinates have a Pokemon awaiting too.
  13. Ah yes, Summer at Bovay. Take lots of water, wear light color clothing, and a wet towel around the neck helps too
  14. How's the vegetation situation these days? Launch / access issues or tips? We pretty much need em all again with refresh so CLAPS are all in play for us!
  15. Me too...