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  1. Thanks Kirbydox time to go find them
  2. Thanks for the help I am down to three attributes . Any sugestions wireless beacon uv light required front yard
  3. Thanks I will try that here is a list of the ones I am after wireless beacon uv light required dangerous area teamwork front yard
  4. Is there a way to search caches by the attributes? I am working on a challange cache and we are having a hard time finding some of the attributes Hummer Dude
  5. Its been a year since I was there , But a bike would save you a bunch of time here. It also helped me blend in well
  6. I would love to see a local power trail.
  7. Nothing like fresh Raw Oysters.
  8. Thats a very cool show. And yes it was taped and aired last summer, Snakes are my biggest fear.
  9. The one in sugerland has us stumped.
  10. My top ten fears are 1 Poison ivy(s) 2 Poison ivy(s) 3 Poison ivy(s) 4 Poison ivy(s) 5 Poison ivy(s) 6 Poison ivy(s) 7 Poison ivy(s) 8 Poison ivy(s) 9 Poison ivy(s) 10 Poison ivy(s)
  11. Very cool pictures thanks for sharing them
  12. This sounds like a great idea. Count me in.
  13. Well the my poison Ivey rash has finally cleared up and it's killing me not to go back into the woods
  14. My doctor recommends I find a different hobby and stay out of the woods . I seem to get it no matter how careful I am. I get it bad at least ounce a month. I am now becoming emune to the steroids and other meds. The woods are just more fun than the light polls
  15. I agree with HC in that chiggers don't spread like poison Ivey . I seem to get it every couple of months no matter what I do.