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    Any thoughts about putting it in George Bush Park?  Would give some of the locals a real home court advantage.   Eagle
  2. Welcome to the West Side - Under New Management

    Real life job. Something in the Woodlands. Says it will save him better than two hour a day in commute time. Eagle
  3. http://coord.info/GC4CP8V   June 12 11:30-12:30   As most of you know, Log Dawgs took a new position and won't be able to continue these.  I offered to keep them going at least for a little while.  Nothing is changing, same food, same great group of cachers (san Log Dawgs) same place and time.  Hope to see everybody there.   Eagle    
  4. Geo Woodstock XI 2013 Roll Call

    Don't go giving people ideas. Eagle
  5. Good Luck to SETX!

    Round up is Sept 14 in Tyler. Challenge next year is at Bastrop State park. They are trying to return to there normal weekend in March but did not announce it because it is not official until we get contracts in place. Eagle
  6. Will Cache for Food #28

    Come on, I was just having some pun.
  7. Will Cache for Food #28

    Your not foolin' me are you?
  8. Texas Challenge XI

  9. I know there will be a few for sale at the event. Not sure of the total number but I know they did order a few extra.
  10. P&G 58: Happy Mardi Tines!

      In which case the north side holds nothing on the west side.  Everybody took the time to push their chairs back in.  West side chairs would have gone flying every which way.  Just saying.   Eagle
  11. FTF 16

    Sam's Deli Diner Corner of Kirkwood and I-10 Tonight (1/3/2013) 6:00 - 8:00 http://coord.info/GC42TCY Eagle
  12. TX Challenge Registration

    The two are seperate systems. Also I believe they wiped the records last year so you will have to registrar. Eagle
  13. 3G event today

    I had hoped to make it, but the boss decided to do the company "end of the year" lunch at the exact same time. See you next year. Eagle
  14. Keep Jones Forest Beautiful CITO

    An amendment to the law in the early-2000s prevented local and state governments from posting signs like this on their properties. The only state or local locations where CHLs are now lot allowed to carry are those specifically stated in the law (court houses, jail ect...) Eagle
  15. Keep Jones Forest Beautiful CITO