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  1. Eagles1181 added a topic in Cache Maintenance   

    Caches up for adoption
    GC Code       Type             Name                                                              Favorites points
    GC4KXYK     Puzzle           Guns, guns, guns, and more guns                  0
    GC42J6R      Puzzle           5 Simple Puzzles                                             4
    GC36TPT     Puzzle           Basic Ratios                                                    2
    GC36H9C     Puzzle           Windtalkers                                                     8
    GC36EJ5      Puzzle           FTF Hounds (Premium Cache)                       3
    GC2Z3P3     Puzzle           Breaking a Teenager's Code                          1
    GC341M7    Traditional     Broken Promises                                             6
    GC2Z9B8     Traditional    Ancient Traders of the Far East                      10
    GC28K5E     Traditional    GeoPup Randy #2 - Preferred Bank                2
    GC28K51     Traditional    GeoPup Randy #1 - Puppy Chow Run            1
    GC22VDD    Traditional    Tuesday Morning (Formerly)                           0
    GC22K6X     Traditional    Country Village                                                0
    Please shoot me a message if you are interested in adopting any or all of the above.  
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  2. Eagles1181 added a post in a topic Muggled...favorite stories   

    I see the heels as more of an issue than the dress.  However, it also happens to be easier to fix.  Carry a set of dress flats in you car.  The dress, dress flats and a day glow safety vest and I think you could have sold your story.  
  3. Eagles1181 added a post in a topic Texas Writer's FTF Comma Club Countdown begins   

    I am willing to bet he gets those 42 faster than you got your 35.
  4. Eagles1181 added a post in a topic TEXAS CHALLENGE 2016   

    Any thoughts about putting it in George Bush Park?  Would give some of the locals a real home court advantage.
  5. Eagles1181 added a topic in Geocaching   

    Petition to replace Prime Reviewer
    Please sign this if you think Texas deserves better than Prime Reviewer.  Also please spread the word to other groups of cachers.
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  6. Eagles1181 added a post in a topic C:Geo Tips & Tricks & questions   

    Make sure that C:Geo is getting signed into GC.com correctly.  If you are not signed in GC.com will build in a little bit of error to prevent muggles from being able to find the cache.  
  7. Eagles1181 added a post in a topic Thanks Baytown Bert   

    I myself have two caching budies, but normally only one comes along. And yes Dhaulaghiri, I have no doubt that everybody who posted on this thread is serious. Eagle
  8. Eagles1181 added a post in a topic C:Geo Tips & Tricks & questions   

    I believe the map is set to always have up be north and the arrow rotates to reflect direction of travel.  The version of Google Maps that it uses does not have the option (to my knowledge) of locking up as direction of travel.  Only thing I could recommend would be to find a different mapping program and access it under the radar option.  Just a thought.
  9. Eagles1181 added a post in a topic Houston to have massive park that rivals Central Park in NYC   

    I figured that was simply the price for the entire building. Eagle
  10. Eagles1181 added a post in a topic ADOPT A SERIES   

    I might be interested in this taking at least part of the series.
  11. Eagles1181 added a topic in General Discussion   

    Magellan 710 Raffle
    TXGA is raffling off a Magellan 710 to raise money for the education department.  Drawing will be held during Lone Star Round up on Sept 14th.  
    Tickets are $5.00
    If interested talk to Brent, Gray, Patty, Diane or myself.
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  12. Eagles1181 added a post in a topic Perfect Tool for TEXAS series !   

    Minor correction.  What the mayor is seeing is dollar signs.  Any idea what the property tax revenue will be with that being high dollar residential vs. the nothing they got when it belonged to a non-profit?  
  13. Eagles1181 added a post in a topic Streaks   

    I voted no exceptions.  However, with that said I don't dwell on the "physical find" part.  Events count.  So do all other cache types even if they don't have a physical log to sign.
  14. Eagles1181 added a post in a topic TXGA Cache of the Week ~ July 22   

    I am going to put 4 cache loop on the list again.  It should not be neglected just because it has an AWESOME Co.
  15. Eagles1181 added a post in a topic Best TB resurrection story   

    I had my Rackateer Geocoin reappear after 7 months.  I gave it to somebody at the 12-12-12 12:12 event.  Never got logged, and was officially still at the event.  I had given up on it.  Then over the weekend I got an e-mail saying somebody had picked it up at McKinney Falls, and will be dropping it at Pedernales Falls next week.