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  1. Maker Madness Event Souvenir

    Maker Madness Event Souvenir     From March 28 – April 7, geocachers around the world will join together to celebrate the people in their community who make geocaching possible. We call this celebration Maker Madness.       I wonder how many events Houston will have?   I bet the UFO event for April 2nd will be a maker event.  What else?
  2. Revise Memorial Mob?

    Well I meant for HC when I give it back to him.  I have only seen him once since I found it and that was unexpectantly.
  3. Revise Memorial Mob?

    Speaking of the can.  I banged on it a bit and it now closes.  However, I would never place it in the wild again.  It might be a good display piece for the garage etc.    Oh and I think I confused myself and R5 with the Memorial Park Mob, however I think it is a good idea and maybe can become a regular monthly or quarterly event.
  4. Revise Memorial Mob?

    How can someone who puts on large geocaching classes not like crowds? 
  5. Park and Gab 69 Cancelled - January 28, 2014

    I may join you.  Maybe the CO wont archive the event and we can have our own liars club......I mean geocache event
  6. Park and Gab 69 Cancelled - January 28, 2014

    Brian no one can be  as hard core as you.  I mean anyone who grabs more than one on a freezing day like Friday is just insane. 
  7. Park and Gab 69 Cancelled - January 28, 2014

    I was actually going to be there......BOO BOO   Safety first come on.  Lets get these people out in an unsafe environment.    Actually to me that is a very good call on your part. 
  8. WWFM XI - Hermann Park - 6/7/14

    Taz and I talked at lunch.  Keeping just the one at least I am not hosting one. 
  9. WWFM XI - Hermann Park - 6/7/14

    We can always have it at SAM again so we can call it WWFM the Dueling SAMS?  Far enough away that neither will interfere with each other as well.
  10. WWFM XI - Hermann Park - 6/7/14

    I have no issues at all with you hosting this alone and I attend.  Less work for me is always a plus.  I was just asking since some dont or cant travel that far.
  11. WWFM XI - Hermann Park - 6/7/14

    It wont be published for some time as PR wont submit an event 90 days prior.  I was thinking of hosting another one on the north year again as I have the past two years.  We had 125 at the event 2 years ago at the Sam statue in Huntsville.   Question is would the northside like for me to host another one this year or lets all make this one a big one?
  12. I got UsMorrows (Sam), The Simplers, Geowyz, and Mudfrog (Glen) but didn't know the other two.  I have about 15 pics.  If you have any from previous challenges especially the early years please email me. 
  13. Well I did get this yesterday and noticed the person in the front right.  It is from the Texas Challenge 2003 
  14. FYI today is the last day to use the discount code!
  15. The Tech guy was traveling all weekend and it appears there were a few issues.  The events page is different on registration than the sight due to some who are not TXGA members but want to register for the event and such.  As far as the meals go there is none for this year.  That is up to the planning committee and they chose not to worry about it.