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  1. SETX Hunt Team T shirts 2014

    I'd like an XL. Catwoman10 wants a 2X.   Thanks!
  2. SETX Hunt Team T shirts 2014

    I like it! I personally like gray better.
  3. I'll be hunting again! I can't wait! And I'll hopefully be bringing along a couple newbies.
  4. Add me to the list. I'm looking forward to my 4th TX Challenge!!
  5. WE WON!

    Is there a state park in Port A?
  6. WE WON!

    I had so much fun!! Everyone was awesome and cached like mad people! Despite the crappy day that was today (read the post by thacatfish), I had an awesome time this weekend!
  7. Friday Night Potluck at Challenge

    Thanks you HoustonControl for letting us pop our tent in your area! I'll be bringing something for the potluck, just not sure what yet....
  8. Weekend Weather Outlook

    Dang, Jason!
  9. Friday Night Potluck at Challenge

    So, I'm good to cancel my current spot? Whoever has room to spare, please send me your info (phone #, when you're arriving at the park, what I have to do when I get there, etc) to You are all awesome!
  10. Friday Night Potluck at Challenge

    Could we share dirt with you?? Could you send me an email with your phone number and when you're arriving at the park?
  11. Friday Night Potluck at Challenge

    Does anyone have enough dirt for one tent to spare? We'd like to stay with the group that is getting spots together. Email me at Thanks!
  12. Weekend Weather Outlook

    Oh, we're still going. Just gonna play it by ear as far as camping.
  13. Weekend Weather Outlook and are reporting potential for heay heavy rainfall on Saturday. Looks like I'll be looking at hotels. I'll cache in the rain, but I'm not tent-camping in the rain.
  14. Weekend Weather Outlook

    This is the forecast that Catwoman10 just sent me. Not looking good.
  15. When and where is the planning meeting going to be?