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  1. Excited that several cachers want to do the Smile and Texas as a group!

  2. GC2FDX2 - Texas Challenge 2011

    cool deal will go for it!
  3. GC2FDX2 - Texas Challenge 2011

    so we wanna get some nite caches  any ideas of some good local ones?
  4. GC2FDX2 - Texas Challenge 2011

    WOW!!! This is gonna be a perfect weekend for caching!!! Weather is gonna be splendid!!! looking forward to burning some wood and finding some caches!!!!
  5. Texas Challenge 2011 - Prescribed Burn

    Hello everyone, So after the Hunt Team Mtg at McClendon Park today, I called HSP about having a campfire with wood in the fire pit. The woman I spoke to said that using the fire pit with wood is allowed. She said they had several calls from other campers, and that they are allowing campfires!!!!! SOOOO  BRING YO WOOD!!!!!! Mike
  6. Texas Challenge 2011 - Prescribed Burn

    so i wonder if we have a firebox, can we still burn wood,  or can we only use our grills and coleman's?
  7. Texas Challenge 2011 - Prescribed Burn

    do we know if there is a "burn ban" in effect? mike
  8. So it would appear that most of SETX is at Prarie Creek Site. When we first registered, I got us a spot in Coloneh.  Is anyone else in the Coloneh camping area? Mike
  9. Texas Challenge 2011 - SETX Hunting team

    Count Kajun_Kacher, RicJ amd Daddy'sGirl1999 in as well. Kajun Kacher