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  1. GrangerFam added a post in a topic Truth in logging finds   

    I enjoyed it when folks would find my caches and would always be willing to provide clues / answer questions.
    I think folks would rather find an interesting cache with a little help than not find or solve it.
    So, I don't really care if they shared information to either solve a puzzle or find the cache. 
    I don't care if they give credit to others who may have assisted in their logs, but I tend to do that myself.
    I would watch the DNFs just to make sure it was not missing or otherwise broken.  If it's really gone, not DNF'ing it will just delay getting it up and running again, but also understand that there are many reasons for not DNF'ing it too.
    I think the point is to provide caching experiences which allow folks to play the game in their way and, hopefully, enjoy the journey.
  2. GrangerFam added a post in a topic D Force logging trackables   

    Meh.  Live and let cache.
  3. GrangerFam added a post in a topic Longest since last find   

    I understand Larry. I've always appreciated the list you maintain and in the past was active to nab those older caches.  It was fun finding caches which hadn't been found in such a long time. I hope you continue it.  
    At some point, however, I'd rather archive them then maintain them.  I kept them for a while after I moved, just because they were among my favorites.  
    BB's somewhat self-righteous note (no matter how well intentioned) was just the final push I needed to close them down and open up the area for LPCs and shrubbery caches.
  4. GrangerFam added a post in a topic Longest since last find   

    Thanks Bert for reminding me to archive Sleeper Cells.  I had taken all the elements of the cache down in Jan with the intent of archiving it, but I had forgotten to (or more likely - was loathe to actually kill it outright).  I had fun building the cache and reading the logs, so I guess I was a bit slow to actually pull the trigger.   Call me sentimental.
    Your note also encouraged me to archive my remaining caches as they are simply not getting much run any longer.  It's something I've been considering for a while, but this was the impetus I needed.
  5. GrangerFam added a post in a topic Purple Hell is back up!   

    Looks like they lost the domain...
  6. GrangerFam added a post in a topic First Aid kits   

    Here's the link to the thread on snake bites.
  7. GrangerFam added a post in a topic First Aid kits   

    Also, one should consider how to treat a snake bite correctly. I think there are some threads on this topic somewhere, but having seen many cottonmouths in GBP, including watching one slither over my boot at one cache, it's something we all need to consider.
  8. GrangerFam added a post in a topic Unrest - Musical Puzzle   

    I was just perusing this thread again...
    I know it was a few months ago, but which key did she use to make it sound decent?
  9. GrangerFam added a topic in General Discussion   

    Any updates on the FTFC? It's been 2 months and the TB was placed in a still to be published cache a few weeks ago. I suspect there may be some issues with getting it published, but was just wondering.
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  10. GrangerFam added a post in a topic Good bye and Fare Well!   

    Take care team OSC. I've always tried to follow your example and live your motto.
  11. GrangerFam added a post in a topic Crime Alert: Cars targeted in Memorial Park   

    wow you used punctuation in your post im really impressed i couldnt be more pleased.
  12. GrangerFam added a topic in Puzzles   

    And you thought FTFC puzzles were hard...
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  13. GrangerFam added a post in a topic Crime Alert: Cars targeted in Memorial Park   

    Not just Memorial park...

    Use common sense, don't keep valuables in the car - wherever you go.
  14. GrangerFam added a post in a topic New to Geocashing and Texas.   

    Wow...after reading through all of this, I've decided I'm not going to go geocaching anymore! Who knew it was so dangerous? I've only been doing it for 6 years, but I guess I'm a slow learner...

    Although I have eventually learned to avoid faceplants on the banana spider webs. It's amazing how fast you can move once you walk into one of those things...just ask Cliff who saw me in action.

    All of the above post have great points and makes a wonderful list (which we should archive somehow). It will certainly keep you out of any of the rare but potential danger which may exist.