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  1. Google Earth Pro?

    Pro allows users to following tracks over terrain to preview a path from a fixed height. It is somewhat useful and I make movies to preview hikes sometimes. Since it is free, all it takes is a short download and install it to get the extra features. There is the web version too. It is does not have as full of a feature set, but will do some usefull things. It is expected to improve before the app's service is terminated one day.
  2. Looks Like a Great Event

    To keep you in the dark. Why else.
  3. fainter & fainter

    It's been a long time since I've been here or since I've found a geocache. After the group cache hunting get togethers became so infrequent, I just kind of stopped. And anyway I run a weekly hiking group now and we don't stop for caches. The only reason my GSAK data is up to date is because the scripts I wrote to download data have held up over time. I've even thought about dropping my groundspeak membership. It was a fun time but I just don't go hunting any more. I am happy that Jason has kept the forum up for the occasional times I drop by.
  4. Retiring my caches

    I have stopped caching for the most part and don't seem to find time to maintain my own caches. So I have decided to retire my hides. If anyone is interested in adopting some or all, please let me know in the next few weeks. .
  5. Retiring my caches

    Dropped the rest of them to you today.
  6. Retiring my caches

    I'll get them transferred to you as soon as I figure out how to. Some are missing containers contact me is you need any help with them. ETA: I sent one adoption request to you. If I did it right and it goes through I'll transfer the rest of the On Location caches.
  7. Retiring my caches

    One of the things about geocaching is that it has always been a community. Something each of us has in common with others everywhere in the world. I've always appreciated the contributions that have allowed me to explore my surroundings by caching. So it is the least I can do to withdraw my small contribution with the same spirit that prompted so many of the great caches I have found. Some of these caches are in good spots, if someone wants a spot rather than a cache, I'd be happy to make the transfer or coordinate the delisting.
  8. 5th Annual CLAPS Moonlight Paddle Event 12/6

    Ya, that is something you can do for your own party, but not for a spouses. Thankfully, my wife works with interesting people that, when pressed, can talk about something other than office politics.
  9. 5th Annual CLAPS Moonlight Paddle Event 12/6

    Bummer for me. The wifes company christmas party is the same night. So I'll be drinking mediocre wine and eating buffet horderves instead of paddling on the festive bayou waters.
  10. 5th Annual CLAPS Moonlight Paddle Event 12/6

    Your generosity in this matter outshines even your reputation for magnanimity. It's on the calendar.
  11. Need help hosting event for out of towner

    This is the place. Post an event and they will come.
  12. Revise Memorial Mob?

    "But officer, the cache is just on the other side. And it is sucha long way around." And there was also the trip to the emergency room for one of the cachers whose previous fence climb had been in childhood.
  13. Revise Memorial Mob?

    I was part of a memorial Mob day or two. We started with a "breakfast" even of a box of donuts on a tailgate. The day included spending an inordinate amount of time finding the smallest container I had seen up to that time. Then there was the fence. My map of Memorial park used to be all smileys. That has has been a while so I am up for another day of caching there.
  14. BB's Nov 16 Flash Mob in the Pines!

    I'd love to go along but we have plans for the RenFest. That is unless it is raining too heavily, in which case we'll skip the RenFest and.....
  15. MidTown Bike Trail possible gunshots

    My two caches aren't on the trails over there. I tried to put one near the new rail track but Neal had used the area for the final of his multi. My two caches are on industrial streets, Home Furnishings Warehouse is in a pretty much abandoned block but there are a few houses near Saftey Follows Wisdom. I haven't felt unsafe at either location, but each has a daytime only attribute and a daytime warning is prominent in the description. The hints contain the specific location for each container. I did worry a bit about feral dogs on one visit. I am a great believer in practicing situational awareness and liberally applying discretion when geocaching.
  16. Anybody Else Had This Happen?

    Was it a 60CS 60CSX IIRC.
  17. GC Login Trouble

    I had loads trouble with my overnight GSAK refresh and there was some chatter on the GSAK forum about spotty service from an errant server at GC. The refresh macro is running fine right now so the problem must be fixed.
  18. Anybody Else Had This Happen?

    I feel your pain, that is what happend to mine. I never could get it reglued properly and that led to its ultimate demise from water infiltration. Fortunately it was my backup GPS by then.
  19. inflatable kayak opinions?

    From every time I've been on the water with somebody in one, that is pretty much the way they are. They are good for playing around on still water or going on slow moving water. I will say the one's REI carries are the best I've seen. If you get the full package, the kayak can be set up as a singly or tandem has a metal backbone that keeps it rigid. Compact for transport and storage, but for the price, you could by a medium priced hard side boat. For $1200 you can get some very nice light hard side boats that weigh 40 lbs. And there are various rack options that are cheaper than Kirbydox's nice setup that also minimise lifting.
  20. It switched to the Buffalo Bayou is under redevelopment excuse after my shoulders got well enough to paddle. Much of the work in that proposal has been done or is underway. The last bridge, the Jackson Hill crossing near Waugh is practicality complete. If I had put out a cache series, the containers would have been ripped out with the removed vegetation. It is still on my mind but I don't cache as much as I used to so I am not making any promises. For anyone that has not been along Buffalo Bayou recently, it has changed to a wonderful place to go. The trials are wide and there is lighting under the bridges. It is particularity welcome in the area that used to be known as the "catacombs" for over grown vegetation and the dark and dank atmosphere. I was cycling along the bayou Friday night after watching the bats leave and the place was pleasantly busy with other cyclist and foot traffic. The current construction appears to be adding a separate foot and bike paths in places, which will be quite welcomed since being buzzed by bikes just as disconcerting as wandering pedestrians. If you want to do a fun short kayak trip , put in at Sabine Street and go upstream to Waugh to watch from the water while the bats emerge at sunset. Just don't get under the bridge like I did.
  21. Groundspeak Update

    I don't see the new menu you posted. I opened a few caches in FF 21 which had the normal menu then updated to FF22 with no difference. Maybe you caught some test code that is not yet meant for use.
  22. Garmin Montana

    See my comments above. The screen resolution alone makes the monterra"ble"? a poor if not unusable android device. Well that is an awful mess, You don't need a retina display, but really. Look at what the new Google Nexus 7 tablet does at ~ 1/3rd the price. At least they are looking forward. It is just too bad they are unable to make one with reasonable specks at a reasonable price.
  23. Garmin Montana

    Well I take that back about not developing a new GPS. Garmin has a wifi enabled Android GPS that promises many features I want. The Monterra for $650 list. That price is not within my allowance right now, but at least Garmin is trying to keep up.
  24. Garmin Montana

    I've found the 62s to be as physically robust as the old 60 and having the cache information in the GPS made it worth the upgrade. is not as accurate as the 60 or as my iPhone 5 in taking coordinates. The last cache I moved, was posted with iPhone coords. On our recent vacation, I did all my caching with the iPhone, because is it fits in my pocket when walking around town and I carry it all the time, so why grab a second, bulky, piece of electronics for urban caching in good weather, And a battery pack is much less bulky If long long run times are needed. I fear that Garmin may stop development in sport GPS' because of falling sales volumes rather than find a way to bring WIFI so we can load caches without plugging in to a computer. It would be very nice to be able to tap into Dropbox to load caches and custom maps rather than use clunky programs and cables. The worse fear though is that Garmin might leave the business altogether, which would be as shame because I really want to have a rugged GPS in my bag for long days in the field or on water.
  25. VIEW CARRE '

    We were in NOLA two weeks ago and I saw that it had been archived. I had hoped to take the family there even though I already had a find. It was interesting to look out on NOLA to see the large swaths of green that had recently been housing. It was very generous of the building owner to permit the cache for so long.