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  1. Scout Show This Weekend

    Hello to all of the fellow scouters and geocachers out there. This weekend (April 16th) at the AstroHall is the Sam Houston Area Council's Scout Show. Come out and see what the scouts in the Houston region have to show. Included in the Fair are booths on several of the merit badges that the boys can earn while in scouting - including the year-old Geocaching Merit Badge. We'll be there to meet all of our fellow cachers, and scouts new to Geocaching and interested in the merit badge, and will attempt to answer any related questions you may have. Please let us know what you think of the merit badge and if you have any thoughts or concerns regarding the program, and if you know of an advancement chairman for your district, please drag them along to the booth, too. (That goes for any Geocaching merit badge councelors, too.) See you there. Get in the Game!
  2. Calling all Cachers!!! - N 30° 32.164 W096° 13.257 For the BSA's 100th Anniversary Celebration, the BSA is tapping into the outdoor fun and excitement of geocaching and inviting you along for the adventure! This event is for registered Scouts and Scouters attending SHAC Jam's introduction to Geocaching and GeoScouting near College Station. Be aware that anyone wishing to enter the SHAC Jam will have to pay for entry. If Prime Reviewer approves the event for a smiley on the 10th, then we'll try to have a table outside the event for everyone to congregate around without having to pay. SHAC Jam is the Sam Houston Area Council, BSA's 100th Anniversary celebration event. On this date the Boy Scouts of America has its birthday at 10:00am and is celebrating by having a world record setting of the most model rockets launched at one time, the inauguration of the Geocaching Merit Badge, and an attempt at the most event signatures for Geocaching and Groundspeak. Be here at 10am to be part of the celebration on the 10th, and all-day for the 9th. Stop by the Geocaching Section (in the Scout Crafts Neighbohood ) to sign the event log and take a turn at finding one of the geocaches here on the grounds of SHAC Jam!
  3. Howdy all, Saturday, September 25th, 2010, the Sam Houston Area Council will be holding week 2 of PowderHorn at Camp Strake, in Conroe. This is an outdoor event to teach scouters about the available activities for the scouts in their troops, packs, and crews. One of the areas being covered is the new Geocaching merit badge and we are in need of an individual or two - you don't have to be a scouter to do this - to teach 4, 2-hour sessions on how to use a GPS and lead the groups in finding some caches placed in the camp for the "full Geocaching experience." This is to get their feet wet to Geocaching, so is a great time to get new cachers right from the beginning on how to cache properly. Anyone who can spend the day to teach these sessions should send an e-mail to Sherri Moravec at sherri.l.moravec at that gmail place for more information and to commit. Thanks for the look and for the help. SHAC Cachers