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  1. Maker Madness Event Souvenir

    I amended the title and submitted it for Maker Madness status.  We'll see what happens.
  2. Count the kianlos in for hunting.
  3. We're interested.  It's a little early to commit but we like the idea.  We thought about it last year but this and that happened and well, you know.   So, what the heck, sounds like a great idea!   Who else in in?    
  4. Will Cache for Food #30

  5. Will Cache for Food #30

    Monday, June 3rd Cafe Adobe, Sugar Land 6-8 pm
  6. Earth Day Cito-Kitty Hollow Park

    Bump.   Yes, both events have published.   Hope to see you there!
  7. Earth Day Cito-Kitty Hollow Park

    CITO: Monday, April 22nd Kitty Hollow Park 5:00-6:00 CG49EDQ     Dinner Event: Work Up an Appetite GC49EED right afterwards at Hogs-n-Chicks    Two smileys     Hope to see you there!
  8. FLASH MOB   When: Saturday, May 4th Time: 12:00 PM Where: Sugar Land Memorial Park (by the dog park)   GC49J90   Come Join the Fun!  
  9. Will Cache for Food #28

    Monday, April 1st   Willie's Sugar Land   Hope to see you there!
  10. Will Cache for Food #25

    Haha! No, we've just been really busy.
  11. Will Cache for Food #25

    Will Cache for Food #25 Fuddruckers in the Fountains 11445 Fountain Lake Drive Stafford TX Monday, January 21, 2013 6 pm until 8 or so
  12. Merry Cache-mas (GC3WJ48)

    Come out to a geo-style Christmas party hosted by the GSIs. Food, geo-gift exchange, cache container decorating contest. Should be lots of fun!!! Saturday, Dec 8th El Franco Lee Park 11:00 am GC3WJ48 Hope to see you there!
  13. Acadiana Geocachers Meet and Greet in TX

    Yeah, I saw that also. Only bad part is it's right outside the Renaissance Festival. I've not been to that in 20 or more years, but I remember the traffic being HORRIBLE. Thoughts anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  14. Keep Jones Forest Beautiful CITO

    Baytown Bert and the word "logical" in the same post? Am I the only one that sees the conundrum here?
  15. And You Thought We Were Nerdy!

    I heard A&M made a great comeback in the last quarter. Led by a freshman quarterback in very impressive style. Oh wait, that's a real sport. Uh, in this thing y'all are talking about, I'm willing to bet that A&M ..... wait for it ...... SWEPT the competition!