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  1. We're headed to Padre soon and I just thought I'd ask for suggestions. Looking for both caches and fun things to see/do so, let me know. Thanks Andy
  2. Maker Madness Event Souvenir

    I amended the title and submitted it for Maker Madness status. We'll see what happens.
  3. Count the kianlos in for hunting.
  4. Junk Swag

    Bert Does Baytown?
  5. Manofsteel73 Countdown to 1000 FTFs

    Not the entire series. A crew went out the night they published and did the S in the dark.
  6. We're interested. It's a little early to commit but we like the idea. We thought about it last year but this and that happened and well, you know. So, what the heck, sounds like a great idea! Who else in in?
  7. Will Cache for Food #30

  8. Will Cache for Food #30

    Monday, June 3rd Cafe Adobe, Sugar Land 6-8 pm
  9. Earth Day Cito-Kitty Hollow Park

    Bump. Yes, both events have published. Hope to see you there!
  10. "The Drowning House" by local author Elizabeth Black. The main character returns to her hometown of Galveston and explores the death of a family member during the Great Hurricane of 1900. (Cindy) "The Mission Song", by John Le Carre (Andy)
  11. Earth Day Cito-Kitty Hollow Park

    CITO: Monday, April 22nd Kitty Hollow Park 5:00-6:00 CG49EDQ Dinner Event: Work Up an Appetite GC49EED right afterwards at Hogs-n-Chicks Two smileys Hope to see you there!
  12. FLASH MOB When: Saturday, May 4th Time: 12:00 PM Where: Sugar Land Memorial Park (by the dog park) GC49J90 Come Join the Fun!
  13. Thank You! (Texas Challenge 2013)

    Well put, Kenny. We had a great time hunting and got lots of ideas for new cache containers. Kudos to Diane and the rest of the crew who worked behind the scenes. Our team definitely gets a 1st place for team spirit and working together. We had a BLAST! Can't wait for next year.
  14. Will Cache for Food #28

    Monday, April 1st Willie's Sugar Land Hope to see you there!
  15. Will Cache for Food #25

    Haha! No, we've just been really busy.