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  1. He'ssss Baaaackkkkkkkk

    Hello all my HGCS friends. It has been a while. I stopped caching for 2-3 years, but I am dusting off my GPS and learning how to use it all over again. I probably will not be as active as in the past, but it is a beginning. I hope to see a lot of you at the challenge. I am making plans to be there and god willin and the creeks down rise i will be. Two Dog Knight
  2. SFTC NYE Campout VIII/ Camping SETX Style 7

    Is anyone going to the event on the 29th?
  3. SFTC NYE Campout VIII/ Camping SETX Style 7

    I can make this camp out. It is on my way home. However, i will be there on the 29th and stay till January 2nd. IF there are any others out there that want to come early and stay late, it would be nice to have the company. .
  4. Needs an Apartment

    Hi Scott, looking sorta SW, but open.
  5. Needs an Apartment

    Thanks Lyndon. looking into it. Appreciate you reply.
  6. Needs an Apartment

    Anyone have an apartment for rent, or know of a reasonably cheap apartment for rent. I would be interested. Elderly gentlemen, quiet, no pets the perfect tenant and the perfect gentlemen. Two Dog Knight
  7. SETX Octoberfest 2009

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Davarle, you are so funny. LMAO and Rolling on the floor.
  8. I can add nothing to what has been already said except more hope that he will be found and returned to his family and to ours.
  9. Where is your camping spots at Martin Dies.

    I am planning on going but i have not made a reservation....sleeping in my truck as usual. Does anyone have parking at their campsite that i could use? I would also like to go up thursday if anyone going up then has available parking.
  10. Calling All Southwesties

    I am going to try and make a reservation for approx. 10 people. The reservation will be under the name of WESTON. Looking forward to seeing you all there. 11 30am, Olive Garden, highway 6 and Westheimer---West Oaks Mall Area.
  11. Calling All Southwesties

    Yes Lisa, there is a Santa Claus and Yes Lisa, you are invited as well as all the other Westis and Easties.
  12. Calling All Southwesties

    Well, I guess a date is in order. WEDNESDAY, JULY 15th, 2009 Lunch at the Olive Garden, West Oaks Mall Area, Westheimer and Highway 6
  13. Calling All Southwesties

    Lunch at the Olive Garden, West Oaks Mall Area, Westheimer and Highway 6. 11:30am Soup n Salad, or whatever you wish Conversation There is not a SMILIE for this event, it is just getting together for lunch with SW area cachers, very impromtu. Kathy of Muddy Buddies and I met in June before I left on my trip. The others invited had already had other plans, but the two of us decided to have the lunch anyway. I enjoyed it very much and we talked of many subjects other than caching...and I thought this would be a nice thing to continue in the SW Area. If you wish to attend, let me know via this forum, or email. I would like to know how many to get a table for.
  14. brooks lake series in Sugarland. Easy walk, 8 caches. took about an hour or a little over.
  15. West Houston Meet and Greet

    Dang it! Dang it! I will be out of town for both of them. However, Westsiders, I already have the place picked out for an event in Sugarland............maybe in July. Gotta love air conditioning.