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  1. He'ssss Baaaackkkkkkkk

    Hello all my HGCS friends.  It has been a while.  I stopped caching for 2-3 years, but I am dusting off my GPS and learning how to use it all over again.    I probably will not be as active as in the past, but it is a beginning.  I hope to see a lot of you at the challenge.   I am making plans to be there and god willin and the creeks down rise i will be. Two Dog Knight
  2. SFTC NYE Campout VIII/ Camping SETX Style 7

    Is anyone going to the event on the 29th?
  3. SFTC NYE Campout VIII/ Camping SETX Style 7

    I can make this camp out. It is on my way home. However, i will be there on the 29th and stay till January 2nd. IF there are any others out there that want to come early and stay late, it would be nice to have the company. .
  4. SETX Octoberfest 2009

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Davarle, you are so funny. LMAO and Rolling on the floor.
  5. Calling All Southwesties

    I am going to try and make a reservation for approx. 10 people.  The reservation will be under the name of WESTON.  Looking forward to seeing you all there. 11 30am, Olive Garden, highway 6 and Westheimer---West Oaks Mall Area.
  6. Calling All Southwesties

    Yes Lisa, there is a Santa Claus and Yes Lisa, you are invited as well as all the other Westis and Easties.
  7. Calling All Southwesties

    Well, I guess a date is in order.  WEDNESDAY, JULY 15th, 2009 Lunch at the Olive Garden, West Oaks Mall Area, Westheimer and Highway 6
  8. Calling All Southwesties

    Lunch at the Olive Garden, West Oaks Mall Area, Westheimer and Highway 6. 11:30am Soup n Salad, or whatever you wish Conversation There is not a SMILIE for this event, it is just getting together for lunch with SW area cachers, very impromtu.  Kathy of Muddy Buddies and I met in June before I left on my trip.  The others invited had already had other plans, but the two of us decided to have the lunch anyway.  I enjoyed it very much and we talked of many subjects other than caching...and I thought this would be a nice thing to continue in the SW Area.    If you wish to attend, let me know via this forum, or email.  I would like to know how many to get a table for. 
  9. West Houston Meet and Greet

    Dang it! Dang it! I will be out of town for both of them.  However, Westsiders, I already have the place picked out for an event in Sugarland............maybe in July.  Gotta love air conditioning. 
  10. Club UFO Wednesday

    I do not find an UFO event posted for tomorrow May 27th.  So I am claiming and unofficial UFO Event Happening, at 11:30am tomorrow, May 27th, at the Flying Saucer in downtown Houston.  No smiley, but good conversation with really great friends, and for this non-event a really fantastic host.  I was planning on claiming the event as my 1700th cache, but since there is no official event, I will have to claim this non-event as my 1700th, cache and tag it on to whatever is my next cache.    Who else can claim a non-event for a non-smiley in order to reach a non-milestone?  So all you Flying Saucer-ites, see you tomorrow at lunch.  Help me celebrate my non-milestone and besides,  I need my UFO fix. Please reply to this post if you are planning on joining me.  I would like to know how many tables to put together, if any at all. Don aka Two Dog Knight 
  11. What NO UFO event today

    I also checked yesterday for the event...then remembered that Patty told me the next one wasn't till the 27th, I think.  I wish you or Robert would have emailed me, I would have met you all there.  But saw your post too late.
  12. Club UFO: National Kazoo Day 01/28/2009

    Rumor has it right...I was cheated out of being the keynote speaker on Wright Brothers day (My visit to the WB Memorial at Kitty Hawk) and also I had no chance to relate my experience with "Waiter there is a fly in my Soup Day", but it was actually a "Waiter there is a fly in my Lobster" experience..  So, this time I am coming prepared.  I have a slide show, copies of my college disertation, "The Humble Kazoo" and my doctorates thesis "Kazoos, and how they are made".        
  13. Club UFO: National Kazoo Day 01/28/2009

    ...what I do know is that I arrived after 12pm on Saturday and the guy charged me 8.00 to park in the lot across the street.  When I was leaving I saw a sign that said 8.00 before 12pm and 5.00 after 12pm.  :'(  He apparently needs to buy himself a new watch.  I thought the 8.00 was a bit steep, but using my faulty sense of reasoning, I figured the 8.00 was doable for me since I had my Flying Saucer card filled and I was getting my lunch free. Well, that didn't work out either because the lunch cards are only applicable during the week.    Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeee...  :'( And yeah, John, where were you this past weekend.  I specifically asked  NOV64 to post it on a Saturday so those cachers who could not make the regular bi-weekly events could have a chance to experience the Flying Saucer on a weekend. 
  14. January 2009 Birthday Extravganza

    Well, *$@#@* I was looking forward to cruising down the river with you. You will be missed.
  15. January 2009 Birthday Extravganza

    Okay, this event is coming up in about 9-10 days.  I hear that the reservations have been filled.  If anyone has extra reservations that they would like to share, please post.  Crab and Ram have posted today they the reservations have been closed and they could not get reservatons.  I count approximately 15 of us taking this trip.  But that is only including the ones that have posted on the event page that they are coming.  I know for sure that there are others who have not posted an intention to attend.  Also, part two of the January BD celebration is going to be at the Flying Saucer.  If you are planning on attending that event, please post you intent to attend so we can give the restaurant a likely count of how many will be there.