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  1. WCFF

    Just a reminder that Will Cache for Food #31 is tonight.    
  2. Will Cache for Food #24

    Hope to see you there tonight. Will Cache For Food #24 Spring Creek Barbeque 4895 Highway 6 South Missouri City, TX 77459 December 10, 2012 6pm - 8 pm
  3. Will Cache for Food #21

    Will Cache for Food #24 has published. December 10, 2012
  4. International Earth Cache Day - October 14th

    We went to one on Monday - South Texas Mine. Nothing like being a day late. On Sunday we were caching around Aransas.
  5. GSAK Training Session(s) this Saturday

    Homework is done and ready also.
  6. GSAK Training Session(s)

    Always fun to sign logs after Muddy Buddies. Where are we going next summer?
  7. GSAK Training Session(s)

    Dang it!!!! We are out of town for these again. We so need to attend.
  8. Anyone have a meeting with projection I can use?

    We can't make crossmages event either and would love to learn more about GSAK!!
  9. February 29 Events

    We attended 3 events and had a great time visiting and caching after a couple of the events. Thanks to all who hosted!
  10. February 29 Events

    Are there plans after this event before meeting up for the UFO event?
  11. Club UFO: It's Sooooo HOT .....

    We will be there. It is so hot..... that we have decided that the best time of day to cache is 11pm.