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  1. End of year milestone push

    We are trying to grab 39 more cache to be able to go above last years total, but we are all down with the flu so don't know if it will happen or not.... We even missed a chance for a ftf this morning because no one could get up and out....
  2. 52 Week Challenge Complete

    Congrats Donna!
  3. ET Highway

    Be careful if you go for NV oldest cache XKD-380 (somewhere around ET 1150's) My walking stick set off a coyote trap. Looked around and found a second trap close by. Got the heart rate up a bit....
  4. Critters seen while caching

    Saw this tarantula while caching along Bitter Springs back roads near Valley of Fire state park in NV.
  5. Critters seen while caching

    This dead coyote was under the joshua tree near where we parked to walk to this cache today. GC1AF0T It must have been recent - no smell or bloating yet.
  6. Berty Tube Deployment

    We gave one to a local Las Vegas cacher last week.
  7. Texas Writer's FTF Comma Club Countdown begins

    Here you go Brian Just found a cache published in Aug 2013 and no FTF log yet......
  8. craziest caches you've seen?

    This is an awesome cache. We did it in March at 11 pm after an event while it was snowing on us.

    Congrats to TW for 6000 finds.

    Congrats Kenny
  11. August streak

    Just found our last cache to complete the August streak and wanted to thank everyone for all the extra effort of maintenance and placement of new containers.
  12. Houston Control

    Thoughts and prayers are with ya

    Congrats to all on these amazing milestones.

    Congrats OHL!

    Congrats Rich & Lola!