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  1. P&G 58: Happy Mardi Tines!

  2. GSAK Training Session(s) this Saturday

    I really wish that y'all would do the next couple on a sunday!! :-P I quite want to go, but I am forever working on Saturday! :-(
  3. FTF #12

    Sundays are pretty good for me actually. Gonna try to make it. Logged already.... :-P
  4. Dawg's Southern Hospitality of the Caching Stars

    I bet you are already winning. Threatening w free beer and all. Lol
  5. WWFM-IX: Flashmob Sam's Shadow

    My appointment book has filled up at work, and I need the $ so I guess I am actually going to miss this year! :-(
  6. Park and Gab 48 - 4 years of gabbing and geocaching!

    Whats this about new lips?
  7. WWFM-IX: Flashmob Sam's Shadow

    Last yr was cool...and i have was late! Heehee. Gonna try to get it this time..
  8. just now realizing that this is like geofacebook! (facecache?)

    1. pagirlintx


      Grins. Missed you out in the cold & rain today!!!