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  1. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

    I went ahead and verified that the link to the malicious code is coming from the geocoinfest site, and then ran a packet capture to get the exact link and location for the code. I do see the spawned connection, and due to what parameters it is passing to the php file it is calling, I'm guessing it is to some sort of ebay ad from for items geocoinfest is selling. requestType=EBayFlashSeller&duration_value=5000&global_id=EBAY-US&itemType=All&itemSort=EndTimeSoonest&maxEntries=5&categoryId=&sellerID=geocoinfest2014&lang=eng&backStatus=white&sizeStatus=skyscraper Checking Sophos, I see that has had some malicious trojans in its javascript in the past, but McAfee gives the site a clean bill of health. So may be fine, but should probably be reported to whomever put the ad on the page. Hope this helps! And we'll hopefully see you for an event or two along the way. (If I could still get registered. Sniff.)
  2. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

    Has the site been poisoned? Going to I immediately get notice that my computer tried to run a known bit of malware from (DO NOT VISIT!!!) I also get the same alarm using any of the navigation tabs which would lead me to think that it is part of a WordPress attack and is attached to the menu structure. (I was trying to register but I was too late it seems. Sniff. I miss you guys.) :-(
  3. Missing TB - what to do what to do

    Of all the "games" within the great game of Geocaching, I fell in love with trackables very early on when I saw my first geocoin. And also in those first months I asked someone very wise how to not worry over the coins i wanted to send out. Their answer was to send out 500 of them, then you will never worry about any one of them. I'm still not up to that number, but the more I send out the less i worry about any one of themand when one jumps to a new continent or shows up again after a few years of being idle, it is always a treat. Also, since I won't be getting to GWXII this year because of PL's health, I do have a bunch that need to move on so I will be hitting some events to get some out of Texas. (I also still have a bowling ball (TB4K6EH) trying to get to GWXII if someone can take him.)
  4. Geowoodstock XII - Anyone going?

    Due to Phoenix Lady's heath we will miss Geowoodstock this year. Could someone that is going please pick up our packets/shirts/etc and (for extra credit) maybe even carry a bowling ball up there? Edited to say, please let me know - I will need to e-mail permission for you to pick up our stuffage. Very many thanks!
  5. Geowoodstock XII - Anyone going?

    Phoenix Lady and I registered yesterday and posted our will-attends. Not yet sure how we are getting there, but we had to miss our first anniversary - not gonna miss our second. :-)

    I saw this today and had to come see if we as a community were aware. Searching didn't find anything, so I will share it here. New game of "Muggling" encourages players to steal geocaches and hold them hostage.
  7. Geocaching Block Party and APE Event

    As long as you follow the instructions on the cache page, you won't need to be a Doctor Who fan to make the find. As to my doctor, that would be Tom Baker as well. I'm lucky in that he was Phoenix Lady's doctor, too though that was her mom's influence - she's really too young to have anything but Peter Davison as her doctor - but it is nice to share the same doctor. Tennant really impressed me (and I am enjoying his Shakespeare on BBC radio - did you know he will be doing a drama called "True Love" with Billie Piper?) and I was sad to see him go. Matt Smith seems to have some of Baker's ability to go from being a foolish clown to being a frightfully old and dangerous foe at the drop of a fez.
  8. ET HIGHWAY...

    Biggest issue with the low numbers - that is the 0001-0800 or so - at night would be hitting a cow at night while "punching it" between the caches - we were told that is 2nd leading cause of death there and there is a memorial cache along the ET highway for a cacher who was killed hitting a cow at night, flipping his Wrangler. We did run over multiple jack rabbits at night, it got less traumatic with each one of the stupid critters - and the only other issue is it's harder to keep the numbers quite as high since you can't see the cache as you drive up to it as easily. We'd have the runner standing in the open doorway of the van with the "portable sun" looking and they would just jump when they spotted it. (Come to think of it, this may be why the reverend kianlo made me vow to bring the cachemobile to a complete stop before my bride exits it in our wedding vows.) We spent an hour or two doing night caching the day we broke a thousand in a day. Or best time was just before night since we were in a panic about how bad it would be once we lost the light. "Cache like it's sunset," has been a battlecry since then. The reality is that we were still turning up good numbers near the end in the dark.
  9. Geocaching Block Party and APE Event

    I just needed to know if it was on the hill or not since I had gone the wrong way around the car to get the cache and missed the plaque. It was muddy as hell and I knew that if i went down the hill, I would not be able to climb it a second time. As it was I slipped coming back down and ended up sliding right down to the plaque. (There might be a spoiler hint there for future finders.) Covered in (sacred) dirt for my trek to the Lilly Pad - and frankly, Snoogans, if you hadn't distracted me by laughing at me so hard I might never have slipped!
  10. Geocaching Block Party and APE Event

    I am considering a business trip to Portland to end that weekend and renting a car from there to Seattle. It probably doesn't fit into your plans very well. :-) I got the original stash plaque and the un-original stash there last time - make sure you get both, and definitely make time for Doctor Who. I believe it's one of the top 2-3 caches I have ever done.
  11. Google Maps works and is the default for all premium members now. Check your preferences for your maps to see.
  12. Memories of GeoWoodstock X.

    David, I know my wife is young and beautiful, but please remember that she is Phoenix Lady and not Phoenix Girl. Also, for those who don't know, that Geo-savvy preacher that David was talking about was our very own, now reverend, kianlo. At some point we will finish catching up on our end long enough to tell a few tales and get back into the swing of the discussions here - at the moment we are seeing how planning a move affects the honeymoon spirit. Also, for those who couldn't make it, some very nice people have been generous enough to upload photos here or you can check our facebook page for the wedding or there is a video (with not-the-greatest audo) here.
  13. How many of these have you seen?

    The world's tallest thermometer on that list is GC436A - Some like it Hot! I found it with Phoenix Lady and frog4peace on 4/19/12. It was our next stop on the same day after the earthcache, GC2V552, where I proposed to Phoenix Lady. Baker calls itself the Gateway to Death Valley, but in our case it was the way out of death valley and towards Route 66.
  14. A GeoWoodstock Wedding

    Well, folks, I have a couple of announcements.... First, while in Death Valley - in the Golden Canyon at sunset with Venus as the lone star above us, to be specific - Phoenix Lady accepted my proposal of marriage. Second, while GeoWoodstock has been a key event in some love stories of cachers I know - like Snoogan's proposal at one - there has never been a wedding (ok, a wedding of people) at GeoWoodstock. At least, not until this year. I met with Bryan while at HQ a few weeks ago, and we got approval tonight that the wedding is a go. Thirdly, Mr. kianlo has accepted the challenge of being ordained as a minister so that he can perform the ceremony. He deserves a beer for accepting that challenge! And lastly, Phoenix Lady would like me to add the following: HELP! Oh dear God, what were we thinking, we need help! Are you going to GeoWoodstock? Can you do makeup, arrange flowers, or bake wedding cakes as a hobby? Want to find a cool cake topper and make it trackable? Yeah, we are going to do this with really no time at all left so if you can help we probably can use it.
  15. A GeoWoodstock Wedding

    The bachelor/bachelorette party event is now published. Come on down a little early... (Also for HGCS and other friends and family, we will probably have some cake and champagne in the hotel after the wedding and geowoodstock...)
  16. USB as Geocache and other type of Geocaches.

    As a penetration tester, when doing social engeneering assessments, I often use this tactic.... OTOH, I would definately take and play with a USB stick to see what was on it - I use a VM that I delete afterwards - but always interested in seeing whats on there. If its new and cool malware - maybe it's something I can use. :-)
  17. Will Cache for Food #17

    I didn't realize i was making an altar call....
  18. A GeoWoodstock Wedding

    Created a facebook page to try to coordinate efforts of people and conversation about the wedding and all. It's at
  19. Will Cache for Food #17

    Come on down!
  20. A GeoWoodstock Wedding

    Aw, thanks for the thought. But just to make sure everyone knows, Monday's Will Cache for Food will be all about the Reverend kianlo, right?
  21. Newbie Question about GeoWoodstock

    As to events around GeoWoodstock, watch this space for the possible announcement of another event. Phoenix Lady and I have been working with Bryan Roth at Groundspeak and he's engaging the GeoWoodstock organizers and... well.. We'll let you know as we find out.
  22. OK, I have my reservations placed for my minivan, but a cacher i know came back and said not to get one - get a SUV instead. I would normally feel better about an SUV, but I also want to break 1,000 caches in a day and know how sore i was just from opening my jeep door 400+ times last time I did a power-trail. Which vehicle makes the most sense and why?
  23. ET Hiway, Here We Come

    OK, I just bought my plane tickets for my April trip to run the ET Highway. And I know that some very wise people have run it before me. But as far as I can tell, there has not been a single thread to collect their collected wisdom - and I could really use some of that wisdom. So I hear the best idea is to get a mini-van with sliding doors on both sides and to leave them open. What is your feedback? I had thought I would stay at the Little Ale'Inn, but some feedback made it seem like it would not be a pleasant stay - nor does the clown motel. So where WOULD be the best location to stay? I used to hear about people doing the ET Highway, and then hitting Route 66 on the way back - with this being the ET v2, is this still possible? We are arriving on a Thursday night and returning on Monday afternoon. What else is a must-do or must see? I heard something about a busy-day challenge out there and I have heard we have some locals with caches out there. This is the place to collect your ET wisdom. I need it - I will be there soon!
  24. ET Hiway, Here We Come

    So what is the best stamp to use on the logs in Vegas - and are they standard film cans on ET Hiway and Route 66?
  25. CLAPS: Keep Clear Creek Green CITO Event

    Reservations made - thanks for the reminder! We ran into him at boondoggles the other day as well. 'Tis the season!